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Mark Verified Student

Course Taken - Utah Life Pre-Licensing Course

1 out of 5 July 12, 2023

Imagine my horror of sitting down in the testing center and finding questions and material that didn’t even remotely look like the online lectures or books! I could not believe that I was forced to select answers on pure speculation because it wasn’t covered. I feel disappointed, angry, and ripped off. The online lectures seemed old and dated with anecdotal examples that missed the mark. State specific information was breezed over with a “this will be on the test” (almost none of them were). Next time I will be using a more professional test preparation company (Kaplan?). So if anyone has taken the time to actually read this, your probably thinking “he’s just mad because he didn’t pass”. Wrong! I did pass, no thanks to Americas Professor!

AP Response: Sorry to hear our course wasn’t right for you Mark, wish we would have know a little sooner but glad to hear you passed your exam! It’s a lot of material with a lot of potential exam question combinations. All we can do is teach the incredibly exciting topics of insurance and hope they stick with you for the exam, which it sounds like they did. Again, congrats on passing your exam and good luck to you in the future. 

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Ohanny N. Verified Student

Course Taken - Georgia Life, Accident & Sickness (LAS) Insurance Pre-Licensing Course

1 out of 5 June 8, 2022

I don’ recommend this course. The Georgia Life, Accident & Sickness exam is very hard and different from what I learned in this course. I didn’t pass the exam in the first attempt because the terminology in the exam is very hard to understand and confuse it. I don’t understand why this course has so many good reviews. Believe me, you will not find in the Georgia State exam, any concept or question from this course. This course is not helpful, it is waste of time and money. I felt bad because I spent more than 10 days and more than 40 hours studying and preparing for Georgia Life, Accident and Sickness exam, I was thinking that this course was helpful and worth the money.. Sorry, but it is better that you avoid this course and looks to another best course.

AP RESPONSE: Hi Ohanny, Sorry that you have a bad experience. Could you please send in a copy of your fail sheet? I have a sneaking suspicion that you took the wrong exam, not the Producer exam. But, if you would like to return your materials we will provide a refund. Thanks and good luck to you.

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aislyn Verified Student

Course Taken - Arizona Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

1 out of 5 January 18, 2022

My review is based on the customer service I received from this company. The individual I spoke to “Ally” with no last name (as she mentioned) was beyond rude and in addition hung up on me. She showed a lot of frustration, impatience, and lack of understanding of students needs. I was interested in other packages and instead of being helpful she was irritated and failed to comprehend what was needed. She would constantly interrupt as I was asking questions which made it very difficult to communicate exactly what was needed. I was very excited for the course I paid for, the reviews were great but the treatment of students is horrible. I did well on my exam. I did not pass my first attempt, mostly due to the recent updates. I feel confident for the second attempt. However, it’s unfortunate that someone so unprofessional is the point of contact for Americas professor.

AP RESPONSE: Hi Aislyn, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are sorry you had a bad experience and we’ve appreciated speaking/working with you since the incident. We have fixed the problem. You, nor anyone else, will be speaking to this individual going forward. Customer service is a major part of America’s Professor experience. Again, thank you for being an AP student.

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TERRY Verified Student

Course Taken - Georgia Life, Accident & Sickness (LAS) Insurance Pre-Licensing Course

1 out of 5 October 7, 2021

THEY KEPT MY MONEY!!! I wasn’t able to make my exam date due to a family emergency! They put me through the ringer just to try to get my exam rescheduled. I gave them a DR. note just like they asked for and it STILL WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I had to go through my credit card company to get a REFUND! I wish I could give the ZERO STARS! I studied 34 chapters for no damn reason! WHO KEEPS PEOPLES MONEY AND NOT GET THE PRODUCT??????

AP RESPONSE: Hi Terry, I think you are confused. We (America’s Professor) are your course provider, not your exam provider (Pearson VUE). The exam provider, Pearson VUE, kept your exam fee because you didn’t follow their protocols (below). As we mentioned in the email correspondence, we do not schedule or reschedule student exams, nor have we ever done so. The “guy at the testing center” was incorrect in saying we are the ones to contact to reschedule. You are responsible for making those arrangements. Sorry if Pearson VUE didn’t answer the phone. I recommend you try contacting them again and if you don’t find a resolution contact the Insurance Commissioner’s Office. Please feel free to return our course materials and we will happily give you a refund. Good luck to you in the future.   

Pearson VUE’s Candidate Handbook page 13:

Candidates should call Pearson VUE at (800) 274-0488 at least forty-eight (48) hours before the examination to change or cancel a
reservation. Candidates who change or cancel a reservation with proper notice may either transfer the fee to a new reservation, or may
request a refund. Candidates who change or cancel their reservations without proper notice will forfeit the examination fee. Refunds
for credit/debit cards are immediate, while refunds for electronic checks and vouchers will be processed in two to three (2-3) weeks.
Candidates are individually liable for the full amount of the examination fee once a reservation has been made, whether paid individually
or by a third party.


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Kerri Verified Student

Course Taken - Virginia Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

1 out of 5 November 12, 2020

I went through all the material and did not help me pass the test at all. Highly disappointed. Still have not passed my test. Wasted money

AP RESPONSE: So sorry to hear that you did  not pass your exam. We would HIGHLY recommend that you follow that study guide in your course, watch the video lectures, and understand the material well enough in each chapter to score at least 70% on your chapter exams. Please also keep in mind that we are here to help you with any questions you may have over the content. Feel free to send in your score reports and we will give study recommendations. We’re here to help! 😉 

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Steve Verified Student

Course Taken - Arizona Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

1 out of 5 February 10, 2020

The course is incredibly disorganized. The videos provide no information that isn’t in the textbook. Jack’s examples are so out of the realm of possibility that there is no way his examples will help on the test. The fact that there are so many addendums to the chapters show that they don’t cover the material well the first time and have to go back and add stuff in and present it out of order. I don’t understand how this class has such high reviews, while being laid out in such a jumbled manner. In chapter two there’s even a part in one of the videos where he says he can’t teach you this one concept so you’ll just get the answer wrong! Not what I want to hear from someone I paid to supposedly teach me.

AP RESPONSE: Sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with your course. It’s unfortunate as you are only into Chapter 2 but if it’s not for you we will provide a full refund. Most of the reviews you read are from students who have completed the course as recommended, appreciate Jack’s sense of humor, gained a sense of the enormous amount of ever-changing material we have to teach (using those addendums and videos you are watching) and have seen success with passing their license exam. The whole structure of our course is to teach to what is in the book and elaborate on the more difficult topics. Some states do test more heavily on certain items which is why we add the addendums to some state’s chapters. It may feel a bit disorganized but know it’s something we are always working on to improve. Good luck to you in the future. 

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