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Accident & Health (Disability) Insurance License: What You Need to Know

Health or disability insurance is also known as accident and health insurance in some states (ex. Missouri, Montana). America’s Professor offers comprehensive pre-licensing courses to help you pass your state exam and become a licensed accident & health insurance agent/producer.

What Is an Accident & Health Insurance License?

This license grants insurance agents the right to sell this particular type of insurance to the public.

Who Is Required to Carry an Accident & Health Insurance License?

Sales agents are required to obtain a license in order to sell insurance policies. Additionally, in many states Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) or other administrators who discuss and/or makes changes to insurance policies may also be required to maintain an insurance license.

What Types of Policies Do Accident & Health Insurance Agents Sell?

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) policies
  • Individual health insurance
  • Family health insurance
  • Disability Income
  • Long-Term Care
  • Indemnity plans
  • Critical Illness plans
  • Medicare Supplements

Requirements for an Accident & Health Insurance License

  • Research state requirements: Each state has its own standards, so you will need to become familiar with the rules that prevail in your community. You must get a separate license for each state where you will be practicing.
  • Pass the state test: The exam requirements vary by state, but generally you can expect anywhere from 50-200 multiple choice questions, and the exam will be timed. You may also be required to pass a background check.
  • Get fingerprinted: There is usually a fingerprinting technician on-site where you go to take your exam.
  • Apply for the license: If you pass the test, you can apply for your license. It will probably take a few weeks before you receive it.
  • Fulfill any continuing education requirements: Your state may require you to take continuing education classes—every two years is typical—or otherwise demonstrate your understanding of current laws and procedures.!

Health Insurance License

What Steps Must I Take to Maintain My License?

License holders must comply with any Codes of Conduct that prevail in the state where they practice.

How Often Must I Renew the License?

It varies. Every two years is common.

How Do I Study for the Accident and Health Insurance Exam?

Many states require you to take a pre-licensing course to help you prepare for your exam. This is where America’s Professor comes in. Our courses include:

  • Detailed video lectures featuring in-depth content to help you prepare for your state’s exam, accessible 24/7
  • Free, comprehensive textbook to help you study, shipped to you free
  • Hundreds of sample questions and quizzes
  • 45-day standard subscription period, with extra time if needed at no charge

America’s Professor is your trusted resource for pre-licensing courses. Enroll in a course today and take the first step toward becoming a licensed accident & health insurance agent!

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