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You can browse our questions by category below. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for send us an email (info@americasprofessor.com), and we will reply ASAP.

General Questions

Why should I choose America’s Professor?

  • AP gives you the knowledge you need to pass your insurance licensing exam.
  • AP teaches everything you need to know using easy to follow online videos lectures, not skimpy tutorials.
  • You talk to a real person when calling customer service.
  • AP doesn’t try to up-sell you every step of the way – the lecture videos, the online accessible PDF materials, the textbook, the review questions, and shipping are all part of the prices listed.
  • Complete the course at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.
  • Get started right now with downloadable PDF chapter printouts (textbooks arrive 2-5 days via US Postal Service Priority Mail).
  • Need more time to complete your course? Not a problem! We give you as many free extensions you need to get through your licensing exam.
  • Our instructors will answer your questions and provide assistance every step of the way.

Still not sure? View a demo and see part of a real America’s Professor course, or read our testimonials.

Can I use my iPhone, iPad or Android device to complete a course?

Yes! By default, our courses are designed to be completed on a desktop computer but you can complete them using most mobile devices. Please contact us if you have any questions.

I want to get my insurance license. How do I get started?

First, check with your state’s insurance department to see if there are any insurance pre-licensing requirements before you take the licensing test. Some states do not have a pre-licensing course requirement, but some do. Those states that do require a course typically have a list of approved courses that meet a certain hour and education requirement. Make sure that if you are taking this course to fulfill your state’s pre-licensing requirement that America’s Professor is on their list of approved courses (you can also call to verify). If you have already fulfilled your state’s insurance pre-licensing requirements by taking a different course and only wish to take our course as “test prep,” that’s okay too. We have many students who use our practice exams and/or course videos purely as supplemental material for their other course.

While most students live in states that do not require any type of insurance pre-licensing education, states that do require pre-licensing education make education providers go through an approval process. We continue to go through this process state-by-state so please check back to see if we have added any new courses for your state.

After you have finished our pre-licensing course (scoring at least 90% on your review quizzes) it is recommended that you take your state’s insurance license exam as soon as possible. Don’t get your state’s insurance license exam confused with our course’s final exam. We recommend calling your state’s testing provider and setting up your exam time over the phone. This state specific information is provided in much more detail inside your course under the “Licensing Exam Information” section.

Does America’s Professor have a guarantee?

Not exactly. However, our goal is for your educational experience to be a positive one! If you are dissatisfied with your pre-licensing course, please let us know as soon as possible. We will make it right. If you haven’t started your course and return the book unmarked in new condition, we will provide a full refund. *Refunds will be credited to the original payment method.

If you are unable to pass the exam within your course subscription time send us an email or give us a call at 1-800-870-3130 and we will extend your subscription until you pass, for free. If you are not successful on your first exam attempt, email us your failed exam report and we can provide customized study recommendations and guidance for your next attempt. Please only send these reports in if you have completed your course 100%. We will not provide recommendations if you have not completed your course.

We are committed to getting you through the insurance licensing exam!

How will America’s Professor use my information?

We don’t share any of your information with third-parties. However, if your course was purchased by someone else, like an employer, they will be able to see course completion information. Please read our Terms of Use/Legal Stuff for more information.

What system requirements do I need to take your course?

  • If you pass the Online System Check tests then you’re good!
  • High speed internet connection (check demo to see how videos load). If you do not have a fast internet connection our videos will take longer to load.
  • Adobe Reader – Free Download (To view the online textbook).

What are your Terms of Use / Site Policy?

Please see our Terms of Use and Site Policy here.

Purchasing Questions

Can multiple students use one course? No...

AP courses are single-user courses. We can’t feed our families if everyone uses the same course. But, if you have purchased from America’s Professor before you are entitled to a Repeat Customer Discount. Please contact us for more information or login to our LMS and click the Repeat Student Discount Course link.

We do audit/monitor course usage. Please play by the rules. (Terms of Use)

Employer purchasing or purchasing for someone else

Our shopping cart now allows employers to purchase courses for others using a purchasing account. We ask that you create your own account, or use your existing account when starting the checkout process. If you are logged in as yourself and purchase a course for someone else (be sure to check that box during checkout) you will then have a “Manage License” area to manage and assign your purchased courses/licenses. (more info)



I have a discount / promo code! Where do I enter it?

If you, or your company, has used America’s Professor before we offer repeat student and company discounts. In order to get your discount please use the search bar at the top of the page to either search your company or “Repeat” and then select your state. You will then enter your authorization code to be able to receive your discount.

Need course materials sent to different locations?

If you need course materials sent to different locations, please complete those orders separately with different shipping addresses for each order. This is sometimes the case if you are purchasing more than one course and need the books sent to each student’s location.

Does America's Professor offer payment plans?

No. Our payment processing system doesn’t allow payment plans or split payments.

Course Related Questions

When does course access begin? How long do I have access for?

If you purchase a course for yourself, you will have instant access right after you purchase. You will start with an initial 100-day subscription. If you need more time to pass your exam you can request a free course extension.

If you are purchasing a course for someone else (option selected during checkout), access to that course begins when you start it. If you are an employer or purchaser who bought courses for someone else, you will use the “Manage Licenses” area to send out course invitations. Once your student accepts the course invitation, they will be enrolled into the course with an initial 100-day access period. If they need more time to pass their exam, they can request a free course extension.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Typically students will have around 40-60 hours of study time into a combo course (Property and Casualty OR Life and Health) watching videos, taking quizzes and general studying. Our hope is that you can get through the course within a week or two and test immediately.

Many of our students have full-time jobs and complete their course during the evenings and weekends. If you take an extended break (more than a week) in the middle of the course, we recommend you start over with the video lectures as reviewing quiz questions isn’t enough to regain the material you will undoubtedly forget. If you run out of time in your course just ask for a course extension.

If I purchase a package course combo, when does the enrollment time start?

If you purchase a package course combo (Property Casualty and Life Health) you will be enrolled into both courses at the same time and start with a 100-day access period for both courses. Since we give free course extensions until you pass your exam, don’t worry about the second course’s time running down. Simply request a course extension WHEN you are ready to start the second course and we will get you going. It doesn’t matter if the initial time has completely run out. We will stick with you until you pass! 🙂

I learn best with questions, do you have a ton of quizzes and exams?

Here’s the deal… America’s Professor TEACHES the content students need to know to pass their license exam. The lecture videos are the heart and soul of our courses. We only use questions as a tool to gauge how well students understand the material they have been taught. Chapter quizzes, on average, have around 20-40 questions. After each chapter, we get one chance to test your knowledge to see what you know. The first time you take a quiz gives you a pretty accurate assessment of how well you know the information in that chapter. If you scored 50% you probably know 50% of the content in that chapter (better go back and rewatch the lecture videos!).

Memorizing the answers to the questions you got wrong and then retaking the quiz doesn’t mean you know and understand the content you missed. You will fail the license exam if you simply just try to memorize questions. Their questions will always be differently worded but over the same content. Knowing the content well enough to be able to teach it to someone else is the best way to prepare for your exam. Please trust our proven path to success. 🙂

Is the course available in Spanish?

At this point our courses are only available in English.

How do I login to my course?

You can access your course by clicking the green student login button at the top right of the screen. Log in with the username and password sent to your email after purchasing your course.

How do I get a course extension?

All students start with an initial 100-day subscription period to access their online course (a few more days may be included for shipping course materials). This subscription period starts when the course is purchased, unless the course was setup by someone else (e.g., employer) who may have initiated the enrollment (starts subscription period). You can check how many days access are left on your course subscription when you login to your America’s Professor dashboard. If you have not passed your exam and need an extension to your course access, please use our Contact Us form to request an extension. Please include your name, order number, and the course name you want to extend with your request.  Note, to ensure compliance with our Terms of Use, we do monitor course usage and we will not extend a course once you have passed your exam and obtained your insurance license for the course taken.

What if I forgot my password?

Go to your login page and click Forgot Password.

What if I fail my exam?

If you don’t pass your exam, please send us a copy of your fail report to info@americasprofessor.com. Our Content Specialists will gladly take a look at your score report and make recommendations on which chapters to study given your areas of weakness on the report. Please only send these reports in if you have completed your course 100%. We will not provide recommendations if you have not completed your course.

I failed using another course, will yours help me?

We get a lot of people who have failed their license exam using another provider’s course. They might have failed by 1 point or 50 points but those students usually feel discouraged and wronged. We do our best to keep our courses up-to-date and dialed in to teach students the content required to pass their exams. Unfortunately, we don’t know how well students actually know the material when they come to us from another provider. For this reason, we request all students study our course as every other student would, following our course study guide from the beginning and learning all the material in the course.

It’s not realistic to think our course, or staff, can accurately see all gaps in your knowledge from your other course and make specific study recommendations. Even with a failed grade report it’s difficult to really determine what you know and don’t know. If you decide to purchase a course from America’s Professor, please use it as it was designed and fully complete it before taking your test again. We know you already have a lot of time and resources into the old course, but that old course unfortunately didn’t work. Hopefully you were able to get your money back and invest into a teaching course like ours that will work for you. Please give us a call at 1-800-870-3130 if you have any questions before purchasing.

Will your course satisfy my state’s pre-licensing education requirement?

States that do require a pre-licensing course typically have a list of approved courses that meet a certain hour and education requirement. Make sure that if you are taking this course to fulfill your state’s pre-licensing requirement that America’s Professor is on their list of approved courses (which is on your state’s website).

We will do our best to keep the course descriptions up-to-date on whether they do or do not have a pre-licensing requirement but you still check with your state’s website to confirm.


Where is the study log located for my certificate of completion?

Students who are required by their state to earn a certificate of completion are required to fill out a study log. The study log (time sheet) will be sent with your books but is also available as a PDF inside your course.

Technical Questions

How do I know if I can run AP courses from my home computer? If you:

  • pass the Online System Check tests then you’re good!
  • have a high-speed internet connection (check demo to see how videos load). If you do not have a fast internet connection our videos will take longer to load.
  • have Adobe Reader – Free Download (To view the online textbook).

I forgot my password!

Go to your login page and click Forgot Password.