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Arizona (AZ) Insurance Exam Prep Courses

Get your Arizona insurance license using an America’s Professor online training course. Our comprehensive video lectures, review questions and study guide will help you learn, and retain, the material needed to pass your Arizona insurance license exam the first time! Start your path to success today! Please take a look at our Arizona Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses below for Property, Casualty, Life and Health:


Arizona Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

  • Test prep for the AZ Property and Casualty Insurance Producer (commercial and noncommercial) Exam 13-34
  • Combo Property + Casualty Course
Price: $159.00 Order
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Arizona Life, Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course

  • Test prep for the AZ Life, Accident and Health Insurance Producer Exam 13-33
  • Combo Life + Accident and Health Course
Price: $159.00 Order
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Arizona Life Pre-Licensing Course

  • Test prep for the AZ Life Insurance Producer Exam 13-31
Price: $125.00 Order
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Arizona Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course

  • Test prep for the AZ Accident and Health Insurance Producer Exam 13-32
Price: $125.00 Order
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Student Reviews


I followed the instructions in the packet. I read chapters and listened to the lectures. The lectures really reinforce what you read in the chapter. I took the GA P&C and Adjuster exam on the same day and passed them both on the first attempt. Thank you America’s Professor.

Feb 15, 2019

Sammy 787

Amazing program!!! Way more than what you expect from a online class. Amazing custumer support and easy to read and understand!! I have a new fav teacher 💚 I past my test in 28 minutes this program will give you all the tools you will need to pass the test!! Thank you so much, till the next time!

Feb 14, 2019


I started studying w/ Exam FX, I was given all the study materials and had access online, but found that relevant information was either found in the reading or the videos, meaning I had to read the book and watch the videos in order to get all the information. What I like about America's Professor is that Jack walks you through each chapter, divides them into manageable chunks, tells you what to know and highlight, and explains concepts and terms to help you better understand the material. Although I was studying prior to America's Professor, Jack and his videos helped me to better understand everything within 5 days of studying. I can't thank you guys enough for the help.

Feb 14, 2019

Philip McQueen

Thank you!!!! Your course prepared me greatly for the GA P&C exam. I finished my course on Tuesday I was able to schedule my test for Thursday. I walked into testing center thinking I can always take the test again. Not only did I finish the test in 40 minutes, which terrified me! When I walked out the nice folks at Pearson Vue handed me a sheet of paper with the words Congratulations you PASSED!!! Once again Thank You for having me SO prepared for my exam!!

Feb 12, 2019


Crushed it on my 1st try! Wouldn't have been able to pass so easily without this course. I was well prepared from both the on-line lectures and the practice questions. I would highly recommend this course to anyone taking P&C. Jack's quirky examples stick with you and make test taking time easy-peasy. Thank you Jack and everyone at America's Professor!!

Feb 12, 2019

Steve S

Finished the course on Thursday February 7, 2019. Registered and took the licensing test on Saturday February 9, 2019. Passed the test on the first try. This course was well designed and very helpful in preparing me for that exam. Thank you to everyone at AP.

Feb 12, 2019


Very thorough. Not "short" but I cannot imagine anyone actually completing the entire course, including taking the practice tests (incredibly helpful) and NOT passing the exam. I generally hate online courses, but felt like it was my best option for right now. Was pleasantly surprised how painless this one was. Jack is pretty entertaining and gave me a good chuckle at least once every few chapters. Customer service has been A++. No one around on the weekends, which might be an issue for some, but received prompt, knowledgeable, and FRIENDLY help every time I called. Great folks to deal with! I'm signing up for another course tomorrow. Wouldn't consider trying out another option. BTW, easily passed the exam on first attempt... ADHD and all! :)

Feb 12, 2019

Jenn Twilley

Thank you! I had previously taken the 40 hrs through a different online course. I had taken the test 3-4 times prior and had failed. I took the America's Professor course, and passed my test this morning. Would highly recommend to anyone!!!

Feb 05, 2019

Mehjabeen Malik

With this Great Great online course I have successfully Passed my Texas Life accident and health insurance exam. This is all because of great professor Jack. The way he taught in all videos the insurance concept was worked so well. Thank you America's Professor. Great team and outstanding professor. And above all Thanks Jack.

Feb 04, 2019


Morton did a awesome job on teaching property and casualty! Video and text book was so helpful, I’m so happy to chose the America’s professor! Highly recommended

Jan 31, 2019


Jack made the course material interesting and that is an accomplishment for insurance. Pat was available every time I called. He kept me from going over the edge just before the exam. Thank you so much for knowledge to pass P&C for the state of Georgia.

Jan 30, 2019

Prosper Claims

The course does what it promises. The content and especially the questions ensure success! Good job AmericanProfessor. Allow 3-4 full study days, 2 if you are really smart ;).

Jan 30, 2019


Thank you very much. I'm enjoyed learning this prep course. I just passed the exam. I have no background of insurance, but with this course, I'm very confident to take the exam. I've completed the course within 2 weeks with 3 hours each day. Test tips: Make sure to know materials and do all the practice tests at least 90%.

Jan 28, 2019

Crystal Calhoun

Where do I begin, from the moment I started course here i have had a great experience. Jack is a wonderful teacher, he gets the point across for us who know nothing about insurance. I feel confident enough to apply for a job insurance. I went and took my test immediately after the course and passed with no problem. Even Pat is amazing, helped me get enrolled for the GA adjuster as well, so thank you all for your help. Jack is the best, no need to reconsider if you should take courses with Americas Professor or not because the answer should be yes this is the right thing to do, take your insurance pre licensing course HERE.

Jan 25, 2019


Jack's teaching methods are extremely helpful. I love the way he gives you the main parts of the subject making the material easy to memorize for the exam. After taking the course Jack walks with each student and gives advice if failing the exam to make sure you pass the next time. Thanks for your help!

Jan 25, 2019

Karen in Texas

This is my first time using America's Professor and I passed on the first try. Not just passed but killed it! Also, when I first bought the course I had a bunch of things go on in my life that needed my immediate attention and I contacted AP for extended time with the course and they gave me all the time I needed without blinking which gave me the luxury to dive in when I knew I could focus 100%. The online course was easy to engage with and the practice questions were spot on with what I dealt with in the actual exam. Thank you so much AP!

Jan 25, 2019


Passed!! First time!! Jacks method of teaching works for me. His experience in teaching is there for all to see. Just follow the recommended way of learning and do the questions. Review as much as possible and you should do well. This is the second course i did with Americas Professor and I won't hesitate to recommend these courses to anyone. Thank you Jack (and Nancy) and the Americas Professor team.

Jan 24, 2019

Cameron Hopkins

I have used multiple platforms to take a variety of different licenses, and America's Professor is by the the best studying platform i have used. They take the extra time to explain things in a way that is easy to comprehend for anyone. Thanks again for setting me up for success! I passed my test easily the first time thanks to America's Professor!

Jan 24, 2019

Candice P

I felt very prepared for my exam. The material and the tests made sure that I had a good understanding of the material as well as how to apply it. Passed in on my first try!

Jan 24, 2019


Firstly, I'd like to thank Jack and the AP team for putting together a very interesting and attention-attainable course. Secondly, let me echo what he says regarding the importance of the videos and the minutiae regarding the way Pearson VUE will use vague and many times, unorthodox questions and wording. I found there were a number of questions that weren't necessarily covered in my prep - but I'm convinced - as Jack states - there's no way to potentially prepare for all without understanding the reasoning behind the subject matter and preparing for All possibilities. That said, there were complete areas of the national subject matter that weren't covered on my exam at all. The "state specific" questions were nearly dead-on. There's no way I'd have passed my first attempt without this course. My advice is Prepare for Everything; Don't get Target Lock on the Pearson VUE answers - immediately after you read the question. The answers I had the most confidence in were ones that I looked for key words - then eliminated other potential answers after I located the keys. Much obliged. AP RESPONSE: Congrats on passing your exam! You bring up a great point in that the actual exam can pull a lot of different questions from different content areas and each time you take the exam the focus may be in different areas. This is why we try to teach everything you can possibly see. Granted the trial questions they use (but don't count) can get you questioning your preparedness! Some think they are being over taught but we think we are just doing it right. :)

Jan 24, 2019


Took the Exam 1-22-2019 for Texas Life, Accident and Health and scored an 85. I spent at least 80 hours taking and retaking the AP tests to the point I almost had them memorized. My test score averages were between 91 and 100 on America's Professor final exam, section exams, and chapter exams. I had some working knowledge of insurance from prior business experience, however, I also do very poorly on standardized testing. I figured test-retest was the way to beat my test anxiety and it sure helped. Right off the bat, the state exam asked about +/- 12 questions that AP's content didn't cover to my knowledge. I freaked out and went blank as usual, then took a deep breath and re-read the questions and applied the best logic I could. Some questions were just common sense questions but I went back and started reading the questions two or three times to make sure I understood the question. Doing this re-reading of the questions helped me undo some wrong answers. The majority of the State's exam questions were very similar to Jack's test writers content questions. I am very happy I took America's Professor's course work and test prep. if you expect to score a 100 on the Texas State Exam be prepared to be humbled unless you are a prodigy like Jack. Thank you, AP, Jack, Nancy, and Cassey.

Jan 22, 2019


America's Professor was AMAZING!! Courses are easy to follow and get you prepared for the state exam. Passed the state exam first time taking it. Highly recommend this school and their courses. Everyone in customer service was very helpful and courteous.

Jan 22, 2019


America's Professor was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Everything about it was great. I had previously done the same course with a different provider and failed 3xs. I tried with Americas professor and I learned the material so well that I finished my exam with still an hour remaining. The book literally talks to you. It doesn't overwhelm you with information just exactly what you need to know. The chapters aren't that long and the chapter exams help you soooooo much. Recommend this course 10/10.

Jan 22, 2019


I felt totally prepared and passed the test! The videos were helpful and the test quizzes and tests were great to give me an idea of what to study and what the questions would be like. Thank you Americas Professor!

Jan 22, 2019


Made me feel ready for the exam. Good course i am taking the exam this week. Jan. 19 2019.

Jan 21, 2019


Thank you Jack! You are worth more than 5 stars! Passed my test the 1st time attempting it!

Jan 21, 2019

E Ward

Okay what shall i say but Thanks!!! I was prepared for the test with the teaching tools and review questions. The instruction was truly effective. Invest in yourself and you can never go wrong!

Jan 18, 2019

Steve B.

I completed the Georgia Property and Casualty Course through America's Professor. The self-study program was easy to follow and prepared me extremely well for the exam. I reviewed the text book, watched the videos and completed the practice quizzes just as the program laid it out. While I was taking the exam I was surprised at how prepared I was to answer all of the material. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is self studying for their exam.

Jan 17, 2019


Americas Professor has been amazing they are very reliable and helpful through the study I am so grateful I decided to study my P& C Course with them , they make sure you pass! I Totally Recommend it!

Jan 16, 2019

Ralph Weidler

Well, I passed my Georgia Adjuster exam today on the first try! I am pretty excited. I could not have done this without America's Professor! Jack and all the staff are wonderful and have such a cheery attitude. Thank you everyone. If you need a course like this use America's Professor. You will not regret it.

Jan 16, 2019

Brian S

I started with another course from another company and was having a hard time getting through the chapters without falling asleep. I am so glad I found America's Professor. Jack made it so easy and much more interesting. I took my VA Licensing exam today and passed first time. Thank You Jack!

Jan 15, 2019

Gabriela G.

AP students pass! Well, the slogan is true. I took my property and casualty exam and I passed. It took me about an hour to get through my exam, and needless to say it was a breeze. I did go over the 45 days to get through the material due to other commitments, but they extended the time for me. Videos and books are well structured and the questions and quizzes are a great practice. I highly recommend this course.

Jan 14, 2019

Coach P

The material and repetition reinforces the key concepts. Worked through the material over two weeks and then as suggested, immediately took the test. Aced it!

Jan 14, 2019


This program was the perfect course for someone who knows nothing about the insurance industry. After completing the course, I studied hard and passed the test the first time. Everyone I spoke with at American Professor or emailed with any questions (Annie) quickly responded and were so nice!

Jan 14, 2019


I took the exam and pass one time. What helped me the most were the ability to retake the quizzes and the readings for each chapter. I also like the review exams for life and disability, as well as the state law section.

Jan 14, 2019

Kayla Huffmaster

Absolutely the best program out there! I passed my exam the first time and felt confident going into the exam. The lecture videos are key along with all the course material. Great teacher! Thank You!

Jan 14, 2019

Brooks C Page

Very good detailed information.

Jan 14, 2019


Very well presented and thorough course material. The ability to take the tests over and over helped me the most, and I score higher on the test than expected. Thanks.

Jan 10, 2019


This America professor program is great. The videos has great examples pay attention to the videos and material you can definitely pass the exam. I passed my GA property exam first time. I really appreciate the fantastic teaching. Thanks pat and jack.

Jan 10, 2019


Great course! It really helped and Administrators were great about giving me an extension. I would highly recommend to anyone studying for any insurance licenses.

Jan 10, 2019

G Martin

This course took rather dry material and made it much more interesting. Very helpful and was able to pass the exam first try. Would recommend to anyone.

Jan 10, 2019

James Richards

A bit long winded at times, but I was very well prepared for the exam and made an 87 on my first attempt!

Jan 10, 2019


I took this type of pre-licensing instead of a cram session n a Motel 8 conference room as I'm a dad of 2 and work full time. Very glad I did as I just passed the GA Public Adjuster's test the first time. I felt confident walking into the text and although the results were either pass or fail, I feel I got at least a 90 on it. I only regret I dedicated more time to studying so I would get it done quicker - took me 2 months. Very happy with this program. At the test I did recall odd facts and Jack Morton gives excellent memory tricks for recall.

Jan 09, 2019


This online course is all I needed. It worked perfectly for me. I listened to the video and followed the textbook closely. Some of the chapters states that you should read the chapter prior to watching the video, please make sure you follow this instruction. There are tons of information, it took me 3 weeks to complete the course. I did not rush but keep in mind that waiting that long might not be helpful because you could forget what you learnt. 2 days prior to my exam, I started reviewing my notes and retook the quiz starting from chapter 1. The quiz at the end of each chapter is very helpful. It helped me on how to answer the question on exam day. I carefully reviewed my answers and the comments. I also learnt the process of elimination which was very helpful on exam day. Overall, I am very satisfied with this course and will recommend it. And oh, the professor talks too much but it helps a lot. The different examples and acronyms are well worth it. His talking helped me personalized a lot of the concept. My favorite was the bear analogy.

Jan 08, 2019


He wasn't lying when he said that although it may feel like I haven't learned anything, the knowledge would be embedded in my brain. Great teacher, great program. 5/5 would watch again.

Jan 08, 2019


I finished this incredible course and today I took the Exam from Pearson Vue. The test was difficult but fair. I passed thanks to America Professor. This was a great course to take to prepare for the exam! Thank you, I really appreciate the fantastic teaching. So grateful for your preparation for the exam! Mary

Jan 08, 2019


Used AmProf for both my P + C and my Life + Disability and would 100% recommend them to anyone. The videos had great examples and taught me what I needed to know to pass. They also sent my Pre-License paperwork back exceptionally quick when I needed it. Thanks Pat and Jack! (and all) - DC

Jan 08, 2019

Rachael Brewer

So I was skeptical about this program at first. I couldn't find any reviews that weren't on this site, and that concerned me. I've held other insurance licenses in other states before, and have never heard of this program. But I was in need of something, time was short, and decided to take the plunge. Part of my decision was the fact that I could get an extension if I didn't pass my test. I ended up having to get an extension, as Pearson Vue scheduled my exam way out due to availability. I took my exam on 12/29/2018. I passed with flying colors the first try!!! Keep in mind, that I am a mother of 4, I was studying during the holidays, and had constant interruptions and distractions. I was very stressed and concerned about being able to pass. But thanks to Jack, and this course, I was far better prepared than I thought I was. I had previously purchased the Exam FX program, but it was so cumbersome, boring, and hard to do; I couldn't finish it. Which is what led me to search for another program. The videos are about as entertaining as they can be, and Jack is very knowledgeable. Having a hard copy book to study both the national and state specific made a huge difference to me. If I wasn't watching the videos and following along in my book, I was carrying my book around and reading it whenever I got the chance. I wish more people knew about this program. I personally will not use another program if I ever have to get another license again. Thank you Jack so much for this! I can't recommend this program enough!!!

Jan 07, 2019


I just took the state exam and passed with flying colors, the states exam is almost identical to the practice exams offered in this course. I would recommend to watch EVERY video, it is time consuming but will really be helpful in the learning process. Big thanks to these guys for helping me pass!

Jan 07, 2019



Jan 07, 2019

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