Why Choose AP?

When it comes to your insurance licensing test, make sure your insurance exam prep is the best. America’s Professor offers the most comprehensive self-study insurance pre-licensing courses—online, on video, and right on target for your goal.

There Are No Shortcuts When It Comes to Preparing for Your Exam


We can’t stress this point enough. Skimming material or memorizing practice exam questions is no substitute for the comprehensive, in-depth knowledge you’ll need to pass your insurance licensing exam.

Whether you’re going for a property and casualty insurance license or a life and health license, these exams are designed to be challenging and to throw you off. Why? Most insurance licensing exams are written by third-party companies that have an incentive to make the exams tricky—the more times you have to take the test, the more money they make.

This is why it’s so critical to enroll in a comprehensive pre-licensing course, like those offered by AP, so you’ll be completely prepared for any and all test questions they send your way.

Pass Your Exam the 1st Time

Our insurance education combines in-depth online video lectures with an easy to read textbook and access to our online test question bank. Courses average 20-23 hours of teaching time to help you learn all you need to know and thoroughly absorb the information. We also offer insurance practice exams if you are just looking to review before the big test. Be sure to check your state page for available products!

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Why Choose America’s Professor?