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Montana (MT) Insurance Exam Prep Courses

Get your Montana insurance license using an America’s Professor online training course. Our comprehensive video lectures, review questions and study guide will help you learn, and retain, the material needed to pass your Montana insurance license exam the first time!

Start your path to success today! Please take a look at our Montana Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses below for Property, Casualty, Life and Health:


Montana Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

  • Includes Surety exam information
Reviews (64)
Price: $279.00 Order
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Montana Multi-Line Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course

  • Test prep for the Montana Multi-Line Adjuster Exam (Pearson VUE Exam #24)
  • Test prep for the Montana Public Adjuster Exam (Pearson VUE Exam #17)
Reviews (2)
Price: $279.00 Order
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Montana Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

  • Includes Surety exam information (Montana Bail Bondsman)
Price: $169.00 Order
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Montana Limited Lines Credit (LLC) Pre-Licensing Course

  • Required license to sell GAP Insurance or Credit Life & Disability Products
Price: $149.00 Order
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Wyatt K.

I took the Montana Property & Casualty course with zero prior experience in the insurance world. Jack made the course fun and entertaining with this anecdotes and commentary on what would have otherwise been a less than thrilling topic. Having watched the lectures, taken notes along with Jack, and then reading the textbook over after each chapter, I was confident going into my test and averaged a 90% between the two tests I took. I highly recommend this course to anybody wanting to pass their exam.

Jun 11, 2019


I am completely new to the insurance industry. The AP P&C course was the only tool I used to prepare for my exams. I passed the Property, Casualty and Surety exams the first time with high scores. The professor's mnemonic devices were incredibly helpful; I could hear his little hints in my head as I was reading the questions. Highly recommended!

Mar 18, 2019

B Skinner

AP Team, I just wanted to say hello and give a Huge Thank You for your excellent training videos and text books. On each of my first State Exam attempts, I have passed the following exams in Billings, (Property, Casualty, Surety, and Life). Not only did I pass them on my first attempt, I passed them with flying colors😊 That in itself would be good reason for this email, but it’s not the reason, I’m very excited. About 2 years ago, I got my Health Insurance License, but it took me four, yes four attempts to pass the exam. It was very frustrating to say the least. I was using one of your competitors, “ExamFX”. This time around I am extremely happy that I went with the AP team! Your videos and text books were outstanding and it could not of prepared me more for the exams! Here are my general and state exam scores on first attempt.

ExamDateGeneral ScoreState Score
MT Property1/25/20199298
MT Surety2/1/2019NA100
MT Casualty2/6/20199899
MT Life2/20/201910090
Thank you for delivery such great training material. You blow away your competition!

Feb 22, 2019


I am new to the insurance industry and was very nervous about taking the exam. I struggled with retaining the information and spoke with Annie who was very supportive and gave me great advice. I took my life insurance exam and passed the national with a 99% and the state with a 86%! Thank you Jack for making the material relevant and understandable. Now I am off to take the health portion!

Feb 22, 2019

B Skinner

AP Team, I just wanted to say hello and give a Huge Thank You for your excellent training videos and text books. On each of my first State Exam attempts, I have passed the following exams in Billings, (Property, Casualty, Surety, and Life). Not only did I pass them on my first attempt, I passed them with flying colors😊 That in itself would be good reason for this email, but it’s not the reason, I’m very excited. About 2 years ago, I got my Health Insurance License, but it took me four, yes four attempts to pass the exam. It was very frustrating to say the least. I was using one of your competitors, “ExamFX”. This time around I am extremely happy that I went with the AP team! Your videos and text books were outstanding and it could not of prepared me more for the exams! Here are my general and state exam scores on first attempt.

ExamDateGeneral ScoreState Score
MT Property1/25/20199298
MT Surety2/1/2019NA100
MT Casualty2/6/20199899
MT Life2/20/201910090
Thank you for delivery such great training material. You blow away your competition!

Feb 22, 2019


Crushed it on my 1st try! Wouldn't have been able to pass so easily without this course. I was well prepared from both the on-line lectures and the practice questions. I would highly recommend this course to anyone taking P&C. Jack's quirky examples stick with you and make test taking time easy-peasy. Thank you Jack and everyone at America's Professor!!

Feb 12, 2019


Great course! It really helped and Administrators were great about giving me an extension. I would highly recommend to anyone studying for any insurance licenses.

Jan 10, 2019


Whew! I passed! There is a lot of information packed into this exam prep. All of the review questions throughout the course are helpful and explains the right answers at the end whenever you miss something. The customer service is excellent. The videos were entertaining and funny at times and because of that I was able to retain lots of information. I can't imagine a better way to prep for the exam! The America's Professor staff is also extremely kind and very helpful! Thank you all so much!

Dec 03, 2018


In the last 2 weeks I took both the property & casualty and life & health courses. I did the P & C course and testing first, followed by the life & health. Jack does an amazing job as instructor and makes the content memorable. Although you are allowed 40 days I really liked his suggestion that the sooner you take it, the more you will remember early on! I watched the videos, took the tests, simply reviewed my high lighted materials and took each exam, passing immediately. I also wanted to mention that I had several interactions with Pat over the phone and he was just as fabulous to deal with! Highly recommend, 5 stars!!

Oct 04, 2018


The course and material were really easy to follow and taught in ways to help remember. I passed my MT Life & Health on the first attempt. Thank you America's Professor for your help in preparation. The practice tests after each chapter and every section made me feel confident and ready! Thank you!

Jul 16, 2018


I used some other study material before trying America's Professor and I wish I just did this first! I failed the Health exam two times before passing it with flying colors after using America's Professor! Thanks Jack

Jul 16, 2018


This course was a God send. I remember that Mr. Morton said that if will come to you when you need it. It did. I passed on the first try! Now I am working on my Life only producer license. I would highly recommended this coarse to anyone who wants to put the work in and pass the very first time. It was a perfect mix of reading; highlighting; lecturing and plenty of questions to make it stick in your brain.

May 23, 2018

Jesse C.

Mr. Morton did an excellent job of simplifying terms and relating ideas/stories on how to remember certain criteria. I found this course to be very beneficial in the testing process.

Apr 09, 2018


Great preparation course! The teaching is well planned and designed. I especially appreciated the extra 'tricks" to help remember points. It worked, I passed both exams on the first try! I was not able to complete all of the training in a short amount of time and so spending time reviewing earlier topics was VERY important. I would definitely use this resource again!

Mar 23, 2018


This program again was helpful in me passing my P&C and Surety tests, I have taken tests in Wyoming and now in Montana. The only part that was more of a challenge was the Surety test, I passed the 2nd time but the questions were not what I was ready for. There were things asked on the exam that I don't feel were covered in the AP course. Maybe need a little more for the Montana folks that have to take it on its own. Overall I would recommend this course to anyone needing to take the Insurance licensing exams for any state.

Dec 28, 2017


The online lectures, text and review tests were excellent. This program made a very complex and difficult process managable. Highly recommended. Passed first try after 4 days of preparation with this course. Cannot imagine how I would have succeeded without it.

Dec 04, 2017

Kat M

I returned to the insurance field after a 25 year break. The course was instrumental in helping me learning the material as well as how to take a "test" again!

Nov 13, 2017

Mark S.

Just finished the test. Passed the first time. It was a little tougher than I expected, but by reviewing all of the review tests after each major section and by taking the final practice exam, I was ready. Thanks for a great learning experience.

Oct 21, 2017


Excellent courses. I was worried sick. Passed first try. Jacks right about not thinking you can remember all that material in such a short time. Trust your self. If you take the course and the practice questions. A little review just before your test. You will pass!

Oct 03, 2017


Great course!!! Took my exam yesterday and passed! I would definitely recommend this to anyone he teaches you exactly what you need to know!!

Sep 24, 2017

Lisa T

I had ten days between purchasing the course and having my exam scheduled, and it went so smooth! Jack Morton is a great teacher, and of course love that he's from the lovely state of Montana! This course had me well prepared for my exam, I even scored a 100% on the general Casualty program! Love it!! Would highly recommend.

Sep 11, 2017

Joe H.

The material presented in chapter videos and reviewed through chapter and section testing was more than adequate to pass the licensing exam easily. I had very little time to review anything more than once (except the section tests) and felt like after I left the testing center that I had been prepared very well for the Test. I would highly recommend America's Professor to anyone looking to take the licensing exam in any state.

Aug 14, 2017

Jennifer C

I passed the first time - again! Life and Health AND Property and Casualty. Your course prepared me very well for the tests. Thank you!

Aug 08, 2017


Passed on first attempt with a lot of time to spare. Very easy to follow and understand. Thank you so much!

Aug 07, 2017


Gave up my life license 17 years ago. Studied for 4 days and got 100% on the national, 89% on MT (my bad, not Jack). Really tight and to the point material. Chapter tests were much harder than the actual licensing test. I expected much worse results but was totally prepared. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 07, 2017


AP People do pass! I passed the first time, and really thoroughly enjoyed Jack and his wacky sense of humor. Thank you!

Jul 31, 2017


Passed Life & Health with scores in the 90's thanks to this course and Jack's lectures. Had the same result two years ago for the Property & Casualty. Your study guide and Jack's lectures are professional work that I seriously doubt anyone could improve. Thank You for your assistance.

Mar 29, 2017

K. Sanders

Everything was great and easy to follow. Just wish the state section was broken up a little bit more instead of a straight 3 hour section. This was the part I struggled on the actual exam, after getting a high score on the practice exam section.

Mar 03, 2017


Excellent resource, followed directions and passed the Montana State Property and Casualty tests the first time. AP people pass yo.

Feb 22, 2017


Passed the test on the first try! The test was almost identical to the study guide, for most sections. One thing that was a little different is the MO Laws and ethic questions on this database was slightly different that the questions on the on the Exam. For the most part I knew the answers, but there where some questions I was stumped on. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends and anyone else who is trying to get their license.

Feb 14, 2017


The video's helped significantly!! When I called to get the number for Pearson VUE, I asked for an extension on my videos. The man who helped me was so sweet and so amazing I almost teared up. I was beyond nervous and he left me with his name saying to call him personally if I needed help or had questions. He could tell how nervous I was. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos as well. I wish I could have been in the class itself.

Feb 08, 2017

Randy M

Passed easily on my first try. Very good course. Jack keeps you focused on exactly what you need to know. Very few questions on exam that he didn't cover.

Jan 21, 2017

Tiffani T

Professor Morton made this class so easy to understand. The outline of the class is great and it is very structured. His online lectures along with the book and practice quizzes make the real exam very simple if you understand the concepts. I highly recommend America's Professor for insurance pre-licensing.

Nov 11, 2016

Katie S

I used America's Professor for my property, casualty, surety, life, health, and limited lines and successfully passed them ALL on my FIRST try thanks to this course! Following along with him, and taking all those tests really helped me succeed. It really is essential to take the exam soon after finishing the course. Things are fresh in your mind. He does such a great job at keeping the course interesting and captivating. He's not monotone or boring at all (which is nice considering your listening to him quite a bit!). If you are wanting to pass these exams THESE are the courses to take! The questions on the course are very closely worded to the actual exam questions which makes studying that much better!

Oct 12, 2016

Joel D.

I followed the directions of the course professor as much as possible. I completed the course work with at least 90% on the course reviews before moving to the next chapter. I passed all exams on the first try! Thank you for the good prep material for my exams!

Oct 11, 2016

Diane Brien

Thank you so much Jack Morton. The lecture videos along with the manuals you created were invaluable to passing the Montana Property and Casualty tests along with the State and Surety exams! Your examples made such a difference. Passed all the tests with scores in the high 90s.

Oct 10, 2016


Thanks, Jack! Your examples seemed kinda corny at the time, but they sure helped the concepts stick. I took all the chapter and section tests at least twice, got 90%+ on all of them, and took my state exams while the material was fresh. Aced them, thanks to you.

Oct 07, 2016


Good course, but please, please, please stop telling people NOT to read the book. Reading the chapters is required, as some of the questions in the review areas are not covered in the lectures alone (Chapter 13 is a good example). Reading of the material is also required for a complete understanding of the subject matter. AP RESPONSE: Thanks for the suggestion Darla. We want to make sure that students complete the video lectures at a bare minimum as they highlight the crucial information students need to know. By all means read the book for further clarification. We see student's first-time pass rate significantly drop if they do not watch the video and only focus on reading the book. In the event we see a new material popping up on the exam we will add it to the chapter review (before re-filming) so at a bare minimum you are aware of it. Thanks and have a great day!

Sep 19, 2016

Jim D

Second time using AP and I passed AGAIN on the first try! 75 was passing and I scored 96. Great style of teaching. He is able to make the most BORING content somewhat tolerable! Great sense of humor as dry as it is and it still comes across even online! Thank you very much, Great value. One suggestion? Modernize it a bit technology wise. Time for a real mobile version. How about converting into podcasts for sales people on the go with hours of windshield time? Go Griz! AP Response: Great score Jim! A mobile version is right around the corner but unfortunately the lecture doesn't convert well for for audio only (lots of pauses while Jack is writing). Since the point of the course is to emulate a live course, it's imperative that students consume the information as if they were in a live class with their full attention given to the instructor. Also, prior trials of audio only components showed that many people skipped the core videos and tried to skimp along with only the audio (we are all so busy these days). So, we will more than likely stick with the same deliver options and see the same great results but you never know... Thanks for being a great student!

Jul 11, 2016


Jack did a great job of preparing me for both of my MT Property & Casualty exams. His teaching methods aided the overall understanding of the material needed to pass the exams. Thanks Jack!

Jun 27, 2016


I used both Kaplan and this course to assist with my Federal and State Lic. test. I caught myself saying "thanks Jack" several times during the actual tests. I averaged a 94% over the four tests. This program works!! The support staff are unreal and go above and beyond to help their students Thanks Pat!! I wish they had a Series 66 and Series 7 program. Follow their program, call with questions and I can not see how anyone can not get the same results I did. Thanks

Jun 06, 2016

Ray Christiaens

We started using AP for all of our new agents and we love the course. The success we've had and the instruction for 1st time insurance agents make this our only choice for training. Thanks Jack You have a great product here!!

May 05, 2016


Fantastic course! Jack was easy to understand, efficient, educational, and has a unique sense of humor to keep students engaged and interested. Took the test on March 11th, 2016 and passed on the first round. Thank you for the easy to understand material and study materials!

Mar 28, 2016


Fantastic product! I passed the first time.

Mar 21, 2016


I passed my P & C tests on the first try. The videos were well done and the quizzes helped tremendously. I appreciated that I was able to take the quizzes as many times as I wanted. Thanks AP!!

Feb 23, 2016


America's Professor was so very, very helpful! I truly believe I wouldn't have passed the L&H exams with just the books, the lectures were extremely helpful. Thank you!

Jul 13, 2015


This class was great! Mr. Morton does a great job of getting the pertinent info that you need to know for the exam to you! Happy to say I took my test yesterday and passed!!! I would definitely recommend this studying to anyone getting ready to take their exam!!

Jun 30, 2015


Your pre-licensing lectures, book, and quizzes were soooo helpful! I passed P&C the first time I took them! Thank you! Thank you!

Jun 23, 2015


Professor Morton did it again! This past fall I took the MT Property & Casualty exams and passed the first try. I just finished the MT Life & Health exams and passed again! I could not be more satisfied with the course structure and Professor Morton's teaching style. I was the first in my office to take the course in this way opposed to the in class sessions and have had by far the greatest success. If you are looking to start your insurance career, this is the place to go.

Jun 05, 2015

Rikkie J

I am so happy with the courses!!! I passed my MT P&C on the first try and a Year later I have now passed my MT L&H. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Jun 03, 2015


I really liked the way that this course was set up. I feel that I was able to understand and retain the information being presented by being able to follow along and highlight my own text and then be able to take the review questions multiple times really helped. The only thing that I believe would make this course better if there was an audio CD to go along with, as while driving I would play the videos off my phone to listen to before taking the exam.

May 18, 2015

S. Rasmussen

I have been taking all my pre-licensing through America's Professor and every time I need more time on my online course I call and ask for an extension and they give it to me without making me feel bad. They obviously want to get students passed, because they go above and beyond for me every time I need help!

May 04, 2015

Brian Sather

The customer support was most excellent! Could not have passed the test without this course and the additional support that I received from America's Professor. Will be back for Health and Life real soon. Thank you VERY much for a well taught course and for helping me get it done.

Apr 20, 2015


I used America's Professor for my PC exam. I passed on the 2nd try. They were awesome and very helpful! Definitely worth the money!!! 5 stars!

Apr 03, 2015

Jacquie S

I used Americas Professor to study for my National Insurance Exam, and I PASSED!! I am very pleased with the way AP prepares you for the National Exam . With Prof. Morton's fun lectures, easy to use study guides, and review tests, I HIGHLY recommend using Americas Professor!! Thank you America's Professor for fulfilling your promises and guarantees! "AP PEOPLE PASS!"

Apr 01, 2015


I've taken both the P&C and Life&Health exams and passed on the first try using America's Professor! That's huge for me, especially with "0" knowledge of these products ahead of time. I recommend this program to everyone, whoever mentions they want to be Insurance Licensed. Thank you America's Professor!

Mar 12, 2015

Ann Marie

It was a great course and prepared me for the exam very well. I passed my three insurance exams on the first try. A lot of information to retain, the instructor did a great job refering to material previously learned to help keep it refreshed in your mind while learning more information.

Mar 12, 2015

Evonne K.

Just wanted to say how I passed my health exam on the 1st try!!! I already have 3 licenses that I took thru another course this was by FAR more Interesting with the lectures. And Jack NANCY must be a saint to put up with all your picking on her. No Really that made the course Interesting. Thanks Jack and Nancy keep drinking that wine and shopping at Target. A happy Montana resident.

Nov 19, 2014

Allie N.

Professor Morton is a rockstar! I passed the first try with very high scores and am so glad I chose his course to get my Property/Casualty/Surety licenses. I actually understood the content and learned about the industry rather than just memorized the information to hopefully try to pass the exam. I was the first in my office to take the course online with America’s Professor and had a much better experience than those before me who attended classroom courses with a different company. Thank you America’s Professor for helping me to start a career that I can be proud of and enjoy!

Nov 11, 2014

Ken Armstrong

I took the Montana Property and Casualty course in earnest after "playing with it" during the first two chapters, and completed it in three days. Jack Morton has been one of my favorite professors since I took my first class from him in 1972. Then, as now, I found his material to be very well organized, logical, and imaginative. His dry humor and homespun wit almost lull a student into a sense that his questions will be easy and straightforward, when actually they emulate the actual test questions in their challenging, problematic, thought-provoking answers. Yes, I passed the test after studying in earnest for three days, memorizing his acronyms, and following his suggestions as best I could. To sum it up, the course works very well!

Sep 21, 2014

Paul B.

Jack Morton is a great instructor. His teaching style and emphasis on important facts along with his wit and humor, fit me perfectly. I was able to Pass the Life, health and Accident exam on the First attempt. Was not an easy exam to take, 3 hours long, and I passed.

Jul 12, 2014

Stephen D.

Jack, having spent so much time on your lectures, I feel like we are lifelong acquaintance. I posted a review on your Facebook page and want you to know I believe your lectures and the two booklets were a great help. PearsonVue now provides actual test scores and not just passed 75. I scored 85 part I Property and 88 on state. On Casualty Part I 93 and 96 on Part II.

May 26, 2014

Vickie W.

Thank you so much for the on line course!! It is so much easier to be able to stop, go back and listen again. And the quiz at the end of each chapter to make sure we have the information down before going on is ideal. I think I was just overwhelmed in the class setting after being out of school for 25 years. It was a lot to take in all in just a few days time. Also I really appreciated the convenience of being able to call for help and getting a real person who cares on the other end of the phone. Not something that many companies offer. Very nice program and I am so glad I am able to use it. I will recommend it for sure!!!

May 22, 2014

Jill W.

I started Prof. Morton’s video’s and the book on Monday and passed the MT Life/Health & State tests on Saturday! Thank you and I would not have passed with out taking this course!

May 03, 2014

Heather D.

Thank you Jack Morton! Passed all three exams on Monday, Property & Casualty and Surety. Wonderful course and your stories definitely helped me when answering certain coverage questions as I was taking the exams!

Mar 06, 2014

Erin S.

I used Americas Professor for L&H and P&C. I passed all of my exams on the first try and felt as if I really understood the information vs. just memorizing it for an exam. Morton’s examples were entertaining and really helped me grasp the concepts. Thank you so much for this great course!

Feb 27, 2014

Billy D.

Thank you so much for the help with the study. I have 6 kids and all but 1 is still in school, with 3 of them in elementary school. I am the only one that works in my family, which means I work a lot of hours each day to make ends meet. I really wanted to take this next step so I can have a great career. My wife is also a full time student and she is studying to be a registered nurse. I really had a hard time finishing the study at times. You had help to give me more time and because of that I was able to finish everything and pass all the exams that I had to take. I just want to say how grateful I am to Americas professor for the help that you gave to me. As for the studies, I felt that I got to know you more through your stories and I even found some of them funny. LOL. This is a must study for anyone that needs to take these exams that you offer. I plan to work hard in the Insurance business and through it I can help many people so they will be protected in case anything happens in their lives. Thanks again.

Dec 02, 2013

Shanda T.

After a flurry of confusion and taking the property and casualty consultant and that not being the test that I was supposed to take..... I am here to inform you I passed the Property and Casualty 03/04 and state laws test with high scores. I know that book inside and out and can spout of things off like Rain man! Thank you thank you. Have a great day. Thanks for being patient with me.

Nov 20, 2013

Kelly W.

Took P&C and passed it the first time. America's Professor is a great engaging course that works.

Nov 12, 2013

Andrew G.

After studying with America's Professor for three weeks (I couldn't get an exam date scheduled before that) I passed my Montana Life, Health and Disability (or just plain 'ol Disability as Montana calls it) first time through. Not only did I pass it, but out of the 4 tests there was only 1 that I did not score at least a 92 on. 94, 93, 92, and 85. I was jazzed! I would recommend using the AP course to ANYONE who wants to pass their exams on the first time out. Jack was easy to listen to, entertaining in his instruction, and the review tests helped immensely! Thanks AP and Jack for your super instruction course!

Jun 24, 2013

Jennifer Y.

Thank you for your class! I took another course to start off with and wasn't successful. After taking your course I passed both the MT Life & Health exam on the first try. I couldn't have been happier and I wish that all study material was as relevant as your was. It has everything you need to pass. Thanks again for all your help!

May 14, 2013

Amy B.

I just wanted to thank you for the best test preparatory class I've ever taken. I'm happy to report that I easily passed the Montana Life and Health exams today after your class last week! It is a GREAT feeling to walk out of a test center after passing an exam! If only America's Professor offered CPA exam test prep classes, I would certainly enroll!"

May 27, 2012

Neil D.

I took these courses for both p&c and l&h and I passed all the exams because of the fine job the instructors does in covering the proper material.

May 21, 2012

Jodi B.

I found that this was a good online course for completing C&P and surety.

Apr 16, 2012

Mark M.

America's Professor does a terrific job of detailing the course material in a fun to follow, flexible format. I would recommend it to anyone!"

Mar 31, 2012

Erin H.

The Professor was great and had a really nice presence about him. Funny stories!

Mar 22, 2012

Erick A.

I felt that this course was ideal for preparing me for my Life and Health exams. Jack Morton kept me engaged and also entertained, while allowing me to absorb the material and pass my exams!

Mar 19, 2012

Christine N.

I love this course. I tried a different one before this one, and it was so confusing that I almost gave up... I'm glad I didn't because America's Professor saved me, and saved the career that I am excited to start. Thanks America's Professor!

Mar 12, 2012

Paul B.

Mr. Morton does and excellent job making the topic of property and casualty insurance engaging and meaningful. The course is the perfect course to prepare for the Pearson Vue test. Thank You!

Feb 18, 2012

Sandra C.

Jack makes this course easy to get through. He is entertaining while still pounding home the course material so that it sticks in your head. Thanks to Jack there are parts of this course I will carry with me for the remainder of my career! Thank you Jack!

Feb 14, 2012

Selinda T.

I think the course was a very good value and it's really nice to know you are all a phone call away should you get hung up on something! I think the navigation made sense, however it seems like it takes longer than originally stated, I studied for at least 32 hours on the course total before I got completely through it including the testing and videos!

Jan 20, 2012

Brooke M.

This was an engaging, user-friendly, very helpful course. It prepared me well for the exam, which I was able to pass the first time! Thanks America's Professor!

Dec 30, 2011

Bryce B.

Thanks Jack. I passed the first time. Your class is very helpful, and I love your teaching style.

Dec 17, 2011

Jamie H.

It was great!

Dec 12, 2011

Olle F.

A very great way to learn about a very boring subject. I don't think you can make this subject more interesting. You guys have done a good job with it.

Dec 02, 2011

Teri P.

This class (I have completed both L&H and P&C) has been the most helpful class I have ever completed. The presentation style is excellent - stories and examples make it all come together. Pat has been so helpful to support my retaking of the P&C and help drive success. What a great team!! Thanks to all!

Nov 22, 2011

Tim U.

I passed life, health, property and casualty all on the first try. If you take Jack's advise and follow his instructions, you can't fail. Amazing value! Thank you.

Oct 08, 2011

Steve W.

I did enjoy Jack's sense of humor.. the material is a bit of a slog to get through, so I appreciated his effort to make it as interesting as possible. If I were asked whether I would recommend the course, I certainly would.

Sep 20, 2011

Merrily M.

Thanks..for a new career..good thing for an older intelligent individual..I love the commercial part of insurance.

Apr 15, 2011

Naomi H.

Jack's little memory tricks were helpful.

Apr 15, 2011

Tracy N.

I loved course. It was easy to follow. And I loved all of the tests to practice on.

Apr 12, 2011

Michelle C.

Best on line class, best part you can learn at your own speed and go back and revisit chapters that didn't sink in the first time. Practice test are a must!!

Apr 03, 2011

Pete K.

I don't know if this is necessarily a testimonial, but I would like to thank you for the interpretations of the information to enable me to pass the test on my first attempt. Thanks.

Feb 25, 2011

Elizabeth W.

I am very impressed with the course, the quiz pages are great learning tools..I'm confident I will pass my test Sat.!

Jan 06, 2011

Mike A.

Jack and his "Cousin Eddie" were great teachers and were able to "knock a hole in my head" big enough for the information to fall in. No Med pay or liability claim will be submitted for the hole in the head!

Jan 04, 2011

Rick O.

It was straight forward. Good value for the price.

Dec 25, 2010

Geralynn B.

I am very impressed with this course!

Dec 19, 2010

Larissa O.

Never felt disengaged, the quizzes and reviews were great.

Nov 22, 2010

Roger T.

I did pass the test and it was for the multi-line adjuster. The video was very helpful and the little tips to remember things!

Nov 02, 2010

Phillip M.

America's Professor is the best online course I have ever taken. Prof. Morton made the material very easy to understand and grasp for the national and state exam. I will recommend all others who are looking to study Insurance to take this online course.

Oct 16, 2010

Jeff S.

The online course was a great way to go, and allowed flexibility with my work schedule. Jack kept the topics interesting, in an entertaining way. Thanks!

Oct 01, 2010

Michelle C.

You did a great job making insurance kind of fun. I like being able to replay a chapter and really being able to understand the information.

Oct 01, 2010

Sandra C.

The course is very easy to navigate through. It is a great value for the price. I was fully engaged as a learner with this course.

Sep 28, 2010

Richard T.

The perfect course for passing the exam. The course was very instructive and yes, I passed the exam on the first try.

Sep 23, 2010

Mary G.

I think we need to meet Nancy! All kidding aside, the course is very professional and the staff at the office when phoning in is superb! I always had my questions answered quickly and they were so willing to work with me and helpful. I also enjoyed Jack and his stories. I am glad that I waited until it went "online" to save me time and money.

Sep 20, 2010

Tracy M.

Jack, I feel like I know you and your whole family! You did a great job. I have been out of School for over 20 years and I was very hesitant at first. I passed my exams the first time. Thank you for being a wonderful instructor.

Sep 16, 2010

Robert F.

I will highly recommend this course to others. I passed the first try and was confident going in because of the instruction and instructor.

Sep 14, 2010

Mike R.

WOW - What a program. As an outsider new to the industry I was so impressed how the course was taught in a way that it was so simple and easy to digest the content. The material covered everything on the test - passed with ease on the first try.

Aug 30, 2010

Leah M.

The course was great. I passed my exams on the first try and I'm grateful to have that behind me. Thanks!

Aug 30, 2010

Richard T.

Great course. The course material and practice tests were very helpful.

Aug 29, 2010

John W.

Great course, passed the first time. Thanks a bunch. And yes, those practice test lessons were very helpful.

Jul 15, 2010

Lindsay C.

Overall the course had good point in regard to the test, I am a person that takes a while and a lot of studying to absorb the information. I like that you can go back as many times as you want to review the test tips and highlight the most important parts.

Jul 06, 2010

David S.

Telephone support was quick and complete and the course was very beneficial to preparing for the exam content.

Jun 25, 2010

Ian C.

I was very satisfied with the life and health course, I am usually terrible at studying and taking standardized exams but this course kept me on target and gave me confidence on the test day.

Jun 23, 2010

Cecilia K.

I passed my Property, Casualty and Surety Licensing Exams on the first attempt. This class contributed to my success!

Jun 14, 2010

Thomas C.

This online course was very easy to go through, you can stop and review sections that didn't stick in your mind, and you can work through it at your own pace. I really got a lot out of the class by taking the practice tests and then going back through the chapter to review each one. I took this course in 5 days and was still able to participate in the day-to-day activities of the office. I would definitely recommend this way of learning to anybody that has a hard time grasping information on a first time trial. Thanks AP for helping and preparing me for the exams and allowing me the opportunity to pursue my dreams in the insurance industry.

Jun 01, 2010

Meghan M.

I enjoyed every minute of this study material. Even the dullest material is brought to life by Jack Morton. After completing the entire book, and all video lectures, I took the exam for the first time the following day and passed!

May 24, 2010

Scott M.

I crammed this material for 3 days straight. It was do or die. I felt my new career was on the line if I didn't pass the test... I passed!

May 24, 2010

Kay W.

Very good course and I really understood the material more after listening to the online info compared to just reading it. Jack's presentation just made me understand and remember the material better.

Apr 25, 2010

Michael S.

I easily passed the exams. The comments that appear with some of the quiz questions help to understand complex concepts. Thanks!

Mar 01, 2010

Deric N.

This course helps you pass your exam. Jack makes the confusing jargon easy to understand. Very recommended!

Jan 30, 2010

Travis S.

I took the test twice. The first time I used examfx to study and I spent maybe twice the time to cover the same material. Needless to say I failed the first time and passed the second time, with the help of America's Professor. America's Professor presented the material in a very straightforward manner and made studying much more time efficient.

Jan 11, 2010

Troy M.

Great course! I just wish you also had a course for series 6 and 63 securities.

Oct 12, 2009

Corey J.

I have taken classes from Professor Morton in college, real estate and now P&C L&H. He is a great teacher!!! He ties all of the material together so masterfully. I will recommend AP to anyone.

Sep 20, 2009

Deana W.

You are simply amazing! This is a great web page and class. Your service is outstanding! Thank you for everything!

Sep 03, 2009

Jose M.

This is a great tool for people who want to pass the exam the first time around; out of 24 candidates, I was the only one who passed both exams the first time. The videos helped me to retain knowledge, prepared me for the test and were taught in a fun way, not boring at all!

Jul 13, 2009

Lauren S.

The true test will be passing the state exam, but I feel that I've never been so prepared for an exam before taking this online course. Thanks America's Professor!

Jun 08, 2009

Scott S.

The course was fantastic, I passed all three tests, Property, Casualty and Surety with flying colors!

Jun 01, 2009

America's Professor Guarantee

Our goal is for your educational experience to be a positive one! If you are dissatisfied with your course, please let us know as soon as possible. We will make it right. If you start the course and realize it’s just not for you, let us know and return the materials and we will provide a full refund.

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Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions! 1-800-870-3130

Please also check our frequently asked questions about the Montana Insurance Licensing Exam.

How to Pass Your Montana Insurance Exam

Whether you want to get licensed to sell insurance for the first time or you’re going for an additional license to expand into a new market, America’s Professor gives you everything you need to pass your exam on the first try.

Our Montana pre-licensing insurance courses have been carefully developed by AP’s founder, Jack Morton, who has 30+ years of experience helping students like you with insurance exam prep. Jack makes learning complex insurance concepts and terminology fun by weaving in amusing stories and straightforward examples into the course material. See for yourself—view a demo.


Steps to Getting Licensed

Deciding you want to sell or discuss insurance is just the beginning. Here are the 3 main steps to actually getting your license:

  1. Prepare: You must know the material inside and out come exam day. There’s no “winging it” when it comes to insurance licensing tests. This is where America’s Professor comes in. Our courses include everything you need to prepare, including a hardcopy textbook that covers everything you might encounter on the exam, 24/7 access to our online suite of streaming videos (45-day subscription, with extensions at no charge, if needed), and our first-class customer service.
  2. Pass: In Montana, you must be licensed to sell or even discuss insurance with customers. Getting licensed means passing the exam. Passing the exam means getting a score of 75 on both sections of the exam—the national section and the state-specific section. America’s Professor will prepare you for both parts.
  3. Apply: Once you’ve passed your exam you’ll need to do a couple more things (discussed below), including formally applying for your license. Once you receive it, you can start selling or discussing insurance!


Exams & Scoring

Montana has exams for the 4 main insurance lines as well as several limited insurance lines (see chart below). There are two parts to each exam: a national section and a state-specific section. You need a score of 75 on each part—the two scores are not averaged together.    

exam codes for montana prelicensing tests


Exam Registration, Testing Centers, Fingerprinting, & Licensing Application Fees

  • Test Registration: Pearson VUE is the company that administers the insurance licensing exams in Montana. Call the company at 1-800-274-8906 to schedule your exam date; calling at least 3 days in advance will ensure you get the date of your choice.
  • Testing Centers: There are several testing center locations in Montana; there’s also one in Spokane Valley, WA, for those who live on the western end of Montana. See the chart on this page for more information about testing center locations and exam frequency at each location.
  • Fingerprinting: You must get fingerprinted in Montana as part of the insurance licensing process. Pearson VUE has contracted with MorphoTrust USA™ to provide digital fingerprinting on-site at the Billings, Missoula, Helena, and Spokane testing centers. Visit the MorphoTrust USA website at https://pearsonwest.ibtfingerprint.com/, or call 1-866-761-8069, Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Pacific Time) to schedule a fingerprint reservation at your Exam Center. You MUST schedule an appointment with Pearson VUE for the insurance examination PRIOR to contacting MorphoTrust USA™ for the fingerprint appointment.
  • License Application: Once you’ve passed your exam and had your fingerprints taken, you must officially apply for your license through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). There is no fee for a producer license in Montana. View any fees you will be assessed and apply for your license on this page. This is the final step in the process. Once you receive your license, you can get to work!
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