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Get your Missouri insurance license using an America’s Professor online training course. Our comprehensive video lectures, review questions and study guide will help you learn, and retain, the material needed to pass your Missouri insurance license exam the first time!

Start your path to success today! Please take a look at our Missouri Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses below for Property, Casualty, Life and Health:


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Missouri PC + LH Pre-Licensing Course Package: Combo

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  • Missouri Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course
  • Missouri Life, Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course

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Combo Course

Missouri Life Pre-Licensing Course

Average 5 out of 5 stars

Student Feedback


March 23, 2023 -

I came into the world of insurance with absolutely no knowledge…followed Jack’s courses and passed P&C and Life and Health license exam on my first try! Thank you so much!

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March 16, 2023 -

I took the Missouri Property and Casualty test and passed the first time thanks to Jack’s phenomenal teaching style! He does such a great job of explaining everything. I love that he provides tools and his own notes to help you remember the material. I also enjoyed all the funny scenarios with wife Nancy.. they really helped! I will be taking the Life and Health exam next month and have no doubt I will pass thanks to America’s Professor.


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March 3, 2023 -

Wow! What a great experience. Passed life on first attempt. Was able to complete in half the time allowed. So much easier than the previous course for my P&C test. Would recommend America’s Professor to everyone.

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March 3, 2023 -

I just passed the P&C and then the H&L in the past few weeks here in Missouri. Americas Professor was recommended to me and I am so glad I listened. I did a 4 day deep down VE Day and night with videos and book and took test on day 5 and was able to pass. The lectures by Jack are really great. I was an Educator before and I really appreciated how he does examples and stories with Nancy and his family to make it fun. While taking the test the stories help remind you of the best choice. Thank you for the lessons!

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March 1, 2023 -

Thank you, thank you Jack Morton!! The courses you have produced are phenomenal! I was able to pass both my Missouri Life Insurance Producer as well as my Property and Casualty course the first time I went to test. On both of them!!! I love the way you teach with both writing for us to read, and verbally hearing you explain everything.

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February 9, 2023 -

i took both the property/casualty AND the life/health insurance portions of this course. i loved it. professor was fun and engaging and helped me remember A LOT of stuff. engaging and easy and fun to watch was important since i powered through allllll of the videos in a matter of 6 days at about 12 hour days with minimal breaks.
courses were set up well and i utilized the quizzes several time. it was nice to see the average grade for the course as well as the current grade for quizzes. I DID PASS!! FIRST TIME! both tests!
Thank you!!!

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February 3, 2023 -

Came into insurance without any knowledge.. followed Jack’s courses and passed my Exam! The courses were easy to follow! Thanks so much! Now I am onto the life and health courses!

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February 2, 2023 -

I think you are great. The way you talk about your poor wife, Nancy. I find it really easy to learn from you and you actually make me laugh out loud sometimes. I never would have thought having fun while learning insurance. But somehow you make it fun. Keep up the great work.

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December 1, 2022 -

Course was extremely helpful and very easy to follow along. Thank you, Jack, for helping us get this completed. Ready for the next adventures in Employment

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November 4, 2022 -

This course made studying for the life exam much easier to manage. Jack’s stories put the concepts into perspective so that you understand each term clearly. I passed on my first try and was very prepared with this course. I also used americas professor for the property and casualty exam and passed the first try as well. I would highly recommend.

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October 7, 2022 -

This course is top notch! Jack was very thorough, covered everything that was on my exam and I passed the first try! I especially enjoyed his examples and funny stories to help understand concepts so that you get a true deep rooted grasp of what you’re going to be tested over. I will be purchasing the life and health course next. I would definitely recommend.

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August 21, 2022 -

Professor Jack’s approach to teaching is engaging. He’s succinct yet thorough. I was able to study at my own pace, which was a big plus to me as I juggled this course with my personal and professional commitments. AP was quick to respond with no questions asked when I needed to request an extension. I followed APs suggestion of highlighting the book as topics we’re covered in the videos and passed the state exam first try! Highly recommend this course!

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July 20, 2022 -

After going through the property and casualty course, I took the exam and felt almost over prepared! It probably contains more info than you’ll ever need to know, but if you just do what the course tells you to do you will pass easily!

Was this review helpful? Yes (0) No (1)
May 12, 2022 -

This school is so amazing and helpful! They were there for me so much when I needed. Calling and emailing was very easy.

Was this review helpful? Yes (2) No (0)
May 3, 2022 -

I passed! the course was easy to follow. the professor video were great. I didn’t felled asleep to him.

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April 17, 2022 -

This is the second course I have taken with America’s Professor. I took and passed the Missouri Life Insurance state exam last month and just passed Accident and Health today. It took less than a week to get through the lectures quizzes and final. I immediately took the state test on OnVue as recommended while the material was still fresh in my head and passed on the first try again!

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April 8, 2022 -

If you’re stuck on which website to order your course materials from, look no further! America’s Professor is truly a life saver. My life is super busy & hectic, I don’t have loads of time, I had no insurance background at all, but I still passed my Missouri Property & Casualty Exam first try! It took me about 3 weeks from when I started studying to take my exam. But you work at your own pace; finish quicker if you have more availability or ask for a free extension if you need more time to study. Jack’s teaching style is incredible. He’s humorous & give you real life examples that stick with you (I personally loved wife Nancy & cousin Eddie references). He makes the course enjoyable, instead of long/dreadful. He’ll specify the important things, makes you aware of what might be asked on the exam with his test tips, and even tells you how the layout of the questions might be. The practice quizzes are also life savers. I love that you’re able to re-take them as many times as you need to & study the correct answers/go back to them whenever you need to as well. Not to mention, if you ever need anything, they get back to you SO fast. An absolute HUGE thank you to Jack & his team. You guys are amazing & I couldn’t have done it without you!

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March 21, 2022 -

I could not be Happier with this course. I was able to pass My Missouri Property & Casualty test the first time. I will be signing up for the Life and Health next. All the stories and illustrations made it easier to comprehend. I have friends that took other courses and had to take their test several times. With this course I was able to do it the first time. Thank you!

Was this review helpful? Yes (1) No (0)
March 7, 2022 -

Excellent course format. Took the Missouri Life Insurance Exam and passed the first try in less than a week!

Was this review helpful? Yes (2) No (0)
December 17, 2021 -

I just passed the Missouri Life exam about an hour ago. It was my first attempt! I chose America’s Professor because I learn better with lectures. Although I find the subject of life insurance interesting, parts of it can be quite dry. I would have not been able to prepare for the test by reading only. I enjoyed watching Jack and highlighting the text along with him. It was a great way for this 61 year old to learn. I will be purchasing the health exam prep from America’s Professor next. Thank you for providing a quality course.

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How to Get an Insurance License in Missouri

There’s no getting around it: The Missouri Life insurance exam questions are challenging. So are the Property & Casualty exam questions. But the rewards of passing your exam and becoming a licensed insurance agent are huge.

Insurance sales agent jobs are in high demand, and the industry is expected to grow by 7% through 2030. There’s no time like the present to start a career in this stable, lucrative industry.

The best way to prepare for your exam is to enroll in a pre-licensing course through America’s Professor. We offer the most comprehensive exam prep courses in the industry, and 95% of our students pass their exams on the first try.

Below we’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions about the Missouri insurance license requirements.

Is the Missouri insurance exam hard?

Each insurance licensing exam is challenging in its own way.

In general, students find the Health insurance portion of the Life & Health exam more difficult. This is because health insurance policies are more complicated than life insurance policies.

The Casualty portion of the Property & Casualty exam is more challenging for similar reasons. Casualty insurance deals with more conceptual topics, like liability coverage, while Property insurance deals with easier to understand topics, like floods and earthquakes.

Both exams will challenge you with questions about the different types of insurance policies, how they work, what they cover, and how they are regulated at the state and federal levels. There’s no way to know this information without studying.

How many questions are on the Missouri insurance exam?

The number of questions varies for each exam. For example:

  • The Missouri Life exam has a total of 105 questions (90 scorable questions plus 15 “pretest” questions that don’t count toward your score).
  • The Accident & Health exam has a total of 105 questions (90 scorable questions plus 15 “pretest” questions that don’t count toward your score).
  • The combined Life, Accident, & Health exam has a total of 170 questions (145 scorable questions plus 25 “pretest” questions that don’t count toward your score).
  • The Missouri Property exam has a total of 105 questions (90 scorable questions plus 15 “pretest” questions that don’t count toward your score).
  • The Casualty exam has a total of 105 questions (90 scorable questions plus 15 non-scorable “pretest” questions that don’t count toward your score).
  • The combined Property & Casualty exam has a total of 165 questions (140 scorable questions plus 25 non-scorable “pretest” questions that don’t count toward your score).


See the test content outlines for more information about the topics covered on each exam.

What score do I need to pass?

In Missouri, you need a score of 70 to pass each exam.

The exams are divided into two sections: a state-specific section and a national section. The state-specific portion is much more granular and deals with state laws and regulations. The national portion is more general (and usually easier).

Your exam will be scored on the spot. If you pass, you will simply see “pass” on your exam. You will not be told which questions you got right or wrong.

If you don’t pass, you will receive a score report that includes a numeric score, diagnostic, and re-testing information. You can sign up to retake the exam after a mandatory 24-hour waiting period.

Can I take the exam online?

Yes, you can take a “proctored” exam online through Pearson VUE (the company that administers the exams). Proctored means someone monitors you through your computer’s webcam while you take the exam. Learn more here.

You can also take the exam in person. There are testing centers all over the state, in Cape Girardeau, Carthage, Columbia, Joplin, Kansas City, Maryville, Poplar Bluff, St. Joseph, St. Louis, Springfield, and West Plains.

See the Missouri licensing handbook for all test center locations including locations in neighboring states.

What’s the best way to study for the exam?

In the past, most people would enroll in a week-long, live course to prepare for the insurance licensing exam. These days, most test-takers have transitioned to online courses.

There’s no doubt that online exam prep courses are more convenient. You don’t have to take time off from work or school, and you can study on your own time, at your own pace.

But you still have to put in the work.

Studying for a full week (7-8 hours per day for 5 days) is the best way to prepare for the exam. If you can’t do this because of work or school, put yourself on a strict study schedule—and stick to it.

It takes the average student around 35-40 hours of studying to be reasonably prepared for the exam.

If you work or go to school full time, aim for 3-4 hours of study time each day. Start studying at least 10-14 days before your scheduled exam date. Study right up until the day of the exam to keep the information fresh in your mind.

Enroll in an Exam Prep Course

Don’t settle for low-quality “study guides” or practice quizzes you find online. These materials simply don’t provide the foundational knowledge you need to pass your exam. The best way to prepare is by enrolling in a course specifically designed to teach you what you need to know to pass the exam.

America’s Professor is a leading provider of pre-licensing education. We offer single line courses and combo courses, taught by our award-winning professor, Dr. Jack Morton.

Each America’s Professor course gives you access to streaming video lessons that are accessible 24/7. You’ll also get a comprehensive hardcopy textbook to complement the online material along with plenty of practice quizzes—all backed by our outstanding customer support.

Our courses teach you everything you need to know to pass your exam on the first try.

We hope this information helps you understand how to become an insurance agent in Missouri. Read what our students are saying about our courses and enroll in a Missouri exam prep course today!