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Mike Atallah Verified Student

Course Taken - Texas General Lines Life, Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course

2 out of 5 November 26, 2019

I passed the exam today, but I’m sad to report that the videos were a big waste of time because I was retaining the info by simply reading the book. The book on state specific information was a total disaster. Like a stream of thoughts/slides with no organization or flow or outline for 64 pages.

Then the big shock at the real exam where the questions were very different from those I practiced in the online course.

Yes, I passed because I’ve been studying and practicing on my own for two weeks, but I don’t recommend this online course

AP RESPONSE: Sorry to hear that you didn’t care for our course, Mike. Glad to hear that you successfully passed your exam on the first try though. Our course is meant to be used as a book + video + questions solution for people who prefer visual learning. When it comes down to summarizing thousands of pages of state laws and regulations it’s sometimes difficult to perfectly organize what the Test Content Outline (TCO) dictates has to be taught (but I’d say we do a pretty good job). It sounds like you are a “book only person” when it comes to consuming that information and our course isn’t a good fit. Also please keep in mind that review questions are there to test your knowledge of what we taught you, not the actual questions you are going to see. If you would like to return your materials for a refund, please do so. It’s not often that we get a review left like this so it’s kind of shocking, but different strokes for different folks. We appreciate your feedback. Good luck to you in your career. 

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Sak Verified Student

Course Taken - Washington State Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

2 out of 5 September 17, 2019

The book could be more professionally written. would trim down on confusion on concepts and shorten length.

AP RESPONSE: Hi Sak, I suppose everything could be a little more professionally written… but we are constantly trying to improve our course to make pass rates better. One thing I’d like to remind future students of is that we follow the Test Content Outline (TCO) provided by each state we operate in. We HAVE to teach everything on that outline. We do our best to insert information into the course in the least confusing manner possible. We are sorry if you are not satisfied with your course. Good luck to you in the future. 

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Judith L. Verified Student

Course Taken - Georgia Adjuster & Public Adjuster (PC) Pre-Licensing Course

2 out of 5 June 6, 2017

The P&C was not a good representation of the adjusters license exam. There were many more adjusters questions on the Georgia exam that were stated. More emphasis should have been put on the adjusters for as well. Your question review were simple you really had to apply knowledge in a different format.

AP RESPONSE: Hello Judith, If you compare the Property Casualty (PC) and Adjuster Test Content Outlines provided by Pearson VUE you’ll see that there is one additional section for Adjusters that is comprised of 9 different questions. We cover this content in the Adjuster supplement. The requirement in Georgia for Adjusters is to take an approved Property and Casualty (PC) course as 91% (91 questions) of the Adjuster exam is made up of PC questions/content. If you failed your exam please feel free to contact us and send in your fail sheet so that we can go over your course reports and give study recommendations. We are here to help! 😉

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jen Verified Student

Course Taken - Idaho Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

2 out of 5 June 6, 2016

absolutely horrible and very dissatisfied. I started taking my first tests beginning of may and it is now almost mid June and every time I have gone into test I have only passed one out of the two and now I am taking my casualty for the third time. It says In the book we don’t go over farm coverage’s because they aren’t needed for the exam however I had farm coverage questions which I then after had to go back to my own works pamphlet to look through. Biggest waste of money and even more of an expense paying 60 bucks a test each time I am having to take it. Yes I watched the online videos and did the tests. this was a joke im glad there was another book even though its from years back that I could study and actually pass property. I don’t recommend this book series for anything.

AP Response: Hi Jen, Sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with your course… we will refund your money ASAP. Unfortunately, you did NOT watch all the online videos and complete the chapter quizzes.  In order to successfully pass the insurance license exam it is imperative that you complete the entire course before testing (ex. 33% is not sufficient due to the difficulty of the PSI exam). Not completing your course before taking your licensing exam is definitely setting yourself up for failure and extra test fees. 🙁  The content you are referring to is covered in your course. It’s also important to remember that we are here to help with content questions if you have them. We realize many people have full-time jobs and other responsibilities to attend to and that’s why we stick with you until you pass your exam, helping with extra course time and weekend support if needed. Good luck and we hope you find a pre-licensing solution that works well for you.

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