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Washington State (WA) Insurance Exam Prep Courses

Get your Washington insurance license using an America’s Professor online training course. Our comprehensive video lectures, review questions and study guide will help you learn, and retain, the material needed to pass your Washington insurance license exam the first time!

Start your path to success today! Please take a look at our Washington Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses below for Property, Casualty, Life and Health:


Washington State Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

  • Combo Course (P+C) Package Discount
  • 40-Hour Washington Approved Online Course (Provider # 300202)
Reviews (90)
Price: $159.00 Order
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Washington State Property Pre-Licensing Course

  • 20-Hour Washington Approved Online Course (Provider # 300202)
Price: $125.00 Order
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Washington State Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

  • 20-Hour Washington Approved Online Course (Provider # 300202)
Reviews (1)
Price: $125.00 Order
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Washington State Life & Disability (Health) Pre-Licensing Course

  • Combo Course (L+D) Package Discount
  • 40-Hour Washington Approved Online Course (Provider # 300202)
Reviews (57)
Price: $159.00 Order
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Washington State Life Pre-Licensing Course

  • 20-Hour Washington Approved Online Course (Provider # 300202)
Reviews (15)
Price: $125.00 Order
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Washington State Disability (Health) Pre-Licensing Course

  • 20-Hour Washington Approved Online Course (Provider # 300202)
Reviews (2)
Price: $125.00 Order
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Cassie B

Bought this course and studied over the course of 2 weeks while working full time and being a full time mom to 2 kids. I went in to take my tested and failed the 1st time by 2 questions. I sent in an email with my exam report card and Pat emailed and called me with the chapters I needed to go over again before my retest. Had to wait 1 additional week to test and I am glad to say I passed this morning on my 2nd try. This course was fabulous and loved how it flowed and I felt prepared when I went into my exam.

Jun 17, 2019

Evan T

I put in 48 hours over seven days of watching the videos, and making sure that I passed the quizzes at 90% or better, with the exception of the final quiz (86%). While I initially took notes in a separate notebook as well as highlighting and making notes in the textbook, I soon moved to only highlighting and taking notes in the textbook along with Jack. I also started watching the videos at 1.5 speed to expedite the process and took separate notes on all the questions that I missed on the quizzes, as well as the questions that initially stumped me. I took my exam the day after completing this course, without additional study time due to availability, and still scored an 88%. While I didn't feel prepared during the test, my score was more than enough to pass, just like Jack prepares you for. I highly recommend this course as an efficient and effective way to prepare yourself for your Property and Casualty Insurance Exam.

Jun 13, 2019

Katy C.

I highly recommend America's Professor! I started the study course for WA P&C pre licensing on June 3 and passed the exam on my first try today June 12! Jack and the videos were a huge part of me retaining so much information that is required for the exam. His examples made it easier for me to understand some things that I initially had a hard time grasping. Thanks for putting together a great study course. Keep up the good work!

Jun 13, 2019


I took both the life and health course as well as the property and casualty pre-licensing course through America's Professor. I passed both on the first try easily! I highly recommend America's Professor, all the lecture videos are very helpful. What really helped me were all the practice questions and doing them over and over. Everybody at AP was quick to respond in getting me my certificates, answer my clarification questions, and much more. So happy with AP and highly recommend.

May 28, 2019


A big thank you to America's Professor for helping me pass the WA State P&C course with a 90% pass rate! Watching Jack's videos were extremely helpful by using examples to help clarify concepts while also giving the student tactics to remember key items needed to know. If I'm needing Life & Health, I'll definitely order again from AP. Good job AP!!!

May 16, 2019


I took a long time to finish my training. It wasn't because it was difficult or anything like that, it was because I had very little time to set aside to do it. On the day that I write my review, I've taken and passed my exam! I passed it the first try. I was quite nervous going into it because my co-workers (who did NOT use America's Professor) had to take their exams more than once. One of them had to take it 5 times. I should have been filled with nothing but confidence because the courses were both thorough and easy to understand. I'll definitely be recommending America's Professor to any future co-worker and anyone else that needs these courses. Thank you for helping me pass my exam on my first try!

Apr 29, 2019


I loved the course as a whole. Great practice, manageable, and I could go at my own pace. I passed it this morning and I'm really happy about the way this course was set up. The lecture videos are also great, as he highlights test questions or what concepts will be on the exam. 10/10 recommend.

Apr 29, 2019


I took this class because of the reviews that others posted and now I know why people will post such positive reviews. The course material was great and Jack's videos are extremely helpful. His hints on how to memorize coverage's and his humor in describing situations helps recalling those coverage's when taking the tests. I highly recommend this class to anyone preparing to licensing.

Apr 29, 2019


Excellent course, highly recommend. I have taken other online courses and this was by far the best. The study materials and videos are extremely helpful and I recommend doing both, I passed in two weeks on my first try!!!! I really like how the instructor gave scenarios and took the time to really explain each one in simple terms. GREAT JOB!! Thank you, Jeanelle

Apr 23, 2019


This is the second course I purchased and by far the best. Jack has real world examples to help with the courses "click". The videos had such great personality. I'm not a test taker, i get anxiety pretty bad. But I passed on the first try with flying colors. Thank you so much!!!

Apr 16, 2019


America's Professor offers an excellent value. The course allowed me to go as fast as I wanted. I passed the WA state Property & Casualty exam scoring over 90%. I had no previous experience and logged only the minimum 40 hours of study time. Americas Professor was super fast to respond to my emails. I highly recommend Jack's courses.

Mar 29, 2019


Passed L/D and P/C first time! It was easy to spot correct answers even with the different wording in the state exam. i took your advice and took exam right after course completion and completed test in about 1 hour! thanks again Jack!!

Mar 27, 2019

Shaina Jones

I wanted to take a second and give a huge shout out to Pat!!!!!! he was such a saving grace during this process he was available for every question every late night phone call I had!!!!! the night before my test I started getting a ton of anxiety and he could hear it in my voice! at that time he told me to put the books up and go to bed! I was sooooo excited to call him after I PASSED!!!!!

Mar 26, 2019


The course videos and quizzes were extremely helpful to know what to study and how the exam was going to be administering the questions. It helped me to prep for the test and pass very easily.

Feb 22, 2019


I really enjoyed my AP experience. I found the videos to be very engaging, with the info presented with fun and relatable scenarios that made it easy to recall and understand. I passed the exam in less than a third of the time allotted. Thanks for preparing me, AP!

Feb 22, 2019


AP was very easy to follow. I took the state exam 3 months after finishing AP and passed with 86%. Format and examples make it easy to retain information. Thanks Jack! AP RESPONSE: Congrats on passing your exam! 3 months is a very long time to wait and retain the material (not recommended) so an 86% is a very high score. Nice job!

Feb 20, 2019


I have to say that this course was a great one! I feel like I really got the most out of the pre course that I could possibly get. I finished the course on a Tuesday and took my State exam on a Wednesday and I passed. Jack made it very easy to understand and the customer service I received from Pat was great! Thank you America's Professor!

Feb 18, 2019


I felt totally prepared and passed the test! The videos were helpful and the test quizzes and tests were great to give me an idea of what to study and what the questions would be like. Thank you Americas Professor!

Jan 22, 2019


I took the exam and pass one time. What helped me the most were the ability to retake the quizzes and the readings for each chapter. I also like the review exams for life and disability, as well as the state law section.

Jan 14, 2019


Used AmProf for both my P + C and my Life + Disability and would 100% recommend them to anyone. The videos had great examples and taught me what I needed to know to pass. They also sent my Pre-License paperwork back exceptionally quick when I needed it. Thanks Pat and Jack! (and all) - DC

Jan 08, 2019


Jack makes even the most complicated topics of insurance interesting and fun to learn! I feel like I have not only learned everything to pass the exam with confidence, but I have also gained so much helpful knowledge about insurance in my life!

Dec 28, 2018

Jeremy Short

Absolute professionalism in every aspect! Although the teaching and videos are superb and not at all convoluted, the customer service is THE most impressive aspect of America’s Professor! They even answered the phones over the Holiday season so I could complete the exam the day after Christmas which of course I passed - thanks to Jack and Nancy! Thanks everyone at AP!!

Dec 28, 2018


The course layout is easy to navigate offering online text to follow with the video lectures, hard copies of the book, and a variety of section review questions. Watch the videos and complete the review questions multiple times. The day after I completed the course, I took the examination and passed with flying colors. I've already recommended this course to a fellow colleague. Many thanks!

Dec 13, 2018


This program is great for people that don't have a professional background in the insurance industry. To be honest, I was worried I would not be able to learn all of the material. But, I passed my exam the first attempt with an 85!!! The program definitely works if you stay committed to the lecture videos and materials. The practice tests do make a difference and will help prepare you for the exam. I highly recommend AP!

Nov 21, 2018


What a great course! I enjoyed it a lot, it was setup well, and got to the point of those notable areas you will need to know to pass your exam. Thank you so much, as I passed my test no problem, due in large part to this course!

Nov 10, 2018

Tricia N

This course was great! So easy to understand and Jack taught some great memory tricks as well. When I went to take the test I found that those memory tricks were running through my head as I answered questions. I passed my first time taking the test and I am sure that it is from the great way this course was taught.

Nov 08, 2018


ALL the reviews are true. I am a tough customer, believe me. In 12 days I took the exam and passed easily [93%]. Watch the videos, do ALL the practice questions, repeat. If you listen to Jack, you will pass! Thanks again for a great product from great people. All were great, but Pat was exceptional.

Oct 25, 2018

C. Flores

I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in getting licensed. I took the Property & Casualty combination class, and will later be using this company to take the Health insurance course. They are responsive when you have concerns or questions. I recommend getting the book along with the video/online courses, it's well written and helps for studying!

Oct 24, 2018

Emily M

I just passed my Washington P&C exam today on the first try with an 83%! I am so thankful that I decided to use America's Professor! After I ordered the course, I received my text book right away (1-2 days) and even had the option to start using the E-Book while I waited. My correspondence with the team was always speedy and they took care of my questions and requests with ease. The course materials made sense with lots of great examples and tricks to help memorize certain details. I made lots of notes in my textbook and used them to go back through before my exam and restudy by scanning the chapters and retaking the chapter quizzes. If you're shopping courses, I definitely give this one an A+

Oct 22, 2018

Moises B

Thought the P/C course was well put! Helped me a lot sense I have dyslexia and I have a difficult time learning off text. I didn’t pass unfortunately my first time but they worked with me closely to see the areas I needed help with and second time around passed!!! Amazing work and well worth it! I plan on getting my L/H course soon.

Oct 10, 2018

Melody L. Tejeda

I highly recommend America's Professor!

Sep 25, 2018

Linda H.

I highly recommend America's Professor courses--the materials are well written with informative and well produced videos. The materials made studying for my combination Life and Disability exam an enjoyable read. If I had a question, it was answered immediately. I felt very much supported while working my way through the study materials. I am so happy that I chose America's Professor courses for my training!

Sep 11, 2018


Review material was very relevant. The text and videos together help make the information stick. Practice Test questions are a great resource for test prep. Passed on my first try with flying colors!

Aug 24, 2018

Sean P

This was the only insurance course I've ever taken and passed the state exam on the first try. I enjoyed watching the videos with all the stories as relatable examples. I needed some extra time to finish the online course and given an additional 30 days, which really helped to focus on some of the more challenging chapters. I would recommend this course to anyone in the Insurance Industry. Many thanks!

Aug 21, 2018

Tracy M

The P&C Course took me 7 days to complete including extra study time, I felt confident taking the test and passed with an 87. My advice - stay focused on what Jack is telling you, do not move to the next section until you score a 90% or higher, know all the terminology especially the Washington specific information, and read the actual test questions carefully. Thank you Jack and Cousin Eddie! Highly recommend.

Aug 10, 2018


I have taken the P&C exam through another course and regret not ever trying this course first. Passed my health test first go round. The material is easy to understand and videos help a lot. You also get reading material, which is a bonus. All their promises on their site are met! Really do recommend this program!

Jul 17, 2018


I am finished now with the course--passed the state exam solidly--and I can say without equivocation I am extremely impressed with the whole outfit at America's Professor. The instruction was fun and efficient (Thank you, Jack, for helping us circumvent the chaff of the test!). A huge debt of gratitude to the staff at America's Professor for their very personal attention. I was amazed at the detailed, personal care they had for my particular situation. These are exemplary human beings. Anyone who is thinking of taking the exam should order America's Professor!

Jul 05, 2018



Jul 02, 2018


I would recommend this to anyone for a home study course. They are very prompt and easy to work with. They responded quickly when I had a question! I'm pretty sure I will pass the test the first try! (I hope I didn't jinx myself!) :)

Jul 02, 2018


Very simple and easy course!

Jun 12, 2018


Great teacher, humorous and engaging. comprehensive content, easily managed. would have given 5 stars- but i think the website lacks a little intuitive navigation construction- cannot find the 'course evaluation'! could just be me though... Best of luck to everyone taking this course of study! AP RESPONSE: Hi David, the home page of your course has the course evaluation on it. ;)

Jun 11, 2018

Maria Landon

Thank you !!!! Very easy to follow and understand

Jun 06, 2018


Very satisfied with my 91% score on first attempt with Life and Health in WA. It's hard to make some of this material interesting, but Jack was very thorough and I felt prepared. Thanks!

Jun 06, 2018

Jennifer-Spokane, WA

I studied for the combination Life and Disability (Health) license. This program was wonderful! Gave me lots of examples to remember and made what was a very dry study enjoyable. I would recommend it to everyone. The state exam was hard-lots of legalize, but I still scored an 86%!!!

May 29, 2018


Couldn't believe how helpful this program was. I was really worried about doing this coursework and taking the test, but the lectures, the examples, and all the quizzes really prepared me. Thank you Jack and America's Professor.

May 29, 2018

Marc Resseman


May 17, 2018

Octavia J

The text and videos were really easy to follow. I'd recommend this program to anyone.

Apr 28, 2018

Geovanni Z

This course was highly recommended to me by soon to be co workers. Jack is a genius with his teaching methods, allowing me to pass the exam on my first try. Definitely will look forward to passing Life and Health on the first try when I complete the next course.

Apr 18, 2018

Tanya Ausman

Professor was great! Very thorough made things easy to remember and Jack has a great sense of humor which helps keep you motivated. Great Course!

Apr 05, 2018


AP Course prepared me very well for the test. The chapter videos were extremely helpful in triggering my memory and also supported further understanding of the concepts than reading the material. The test questions were very tricky, but with the great understanding of the concepts, I was able to sort through to find the correct answer. I highly recommend AP Course for future license seekers.

Mar 05, 2018


Everything about my experience with America's Professor has been great. The study guides, video lectures, supplemental information and quizzes were all presented in a straight-forward and easily digestible manner. I felt extremely well prepared for the test and passed on the first try. Whether you have used online courses before or not I wholeheartedly recommend!

Feb 23, 2018


Excellent results. Passed state exam 1st time. Jack really explains everything you need to know to pass one of the most difficult state insurance exams in the country. Thanks America’s Professor!

Feb 21, 2018

Dimitry Makhanov

It's been a great long time since I've taken an exam, and just got a great opportunity at an awesome firm. I promised to have the exam in hand. I ordered this course- and the firm decided to change directions- after a quick email with Pat, they switched the coursework for me. I read the material, watched the videos, did the quizzes. If I got less than a 90%- I reread the material. I passed the exam with a 93% on the first attempt! Thank you so much!

Feb 14, 2018

heejin park

It really help me. Thank you for such a great online teacher experience.

Feb 08, 2018

Chad M.

I passed the tests with flying colors. The format made it very easy to study. I made short note cards that I used as my primary study method outside the videos. Practiced them so much I got bored with the note cards. The practice exams were a good representation of how the questions were asked on the exam. I will be using America's Professor for Life/Health here shortly!

Feb 07, 2018


I took America's Professor for PC and passed the test first try. It really helped me understand concepts and not just memorize material. My husband also used America's Professor and passed both PC and LH first try. I recommend only them to everyone looking to get the testing done.

Feb 06, 2018

Lee Eunok Kim

America's Professor is the best of best !!!

Jan 11, 2018

Victor C

Thank you for the expedited certificates, I was able to take the exam this morning and passed with an 87%. It was a great prep course.

Jan 05, 2018

Ryan Domingue

Straight forward, no complications. Exactly what I needed to help me achieve my goals. I would absolutely recommend America's Professor!

Dec 22, 2017


The lectures and text books were really informative and easy to follow. I liked that he seemed to put more emphasis on what parts are more important. Haven't taken the exam yet but feel prepared and would totally recommend this course.

Dec 01, 2017


I selected America's Professor over a few other providers because the video format and examples are terrific. You get the "talking head", the white board and your text book so it replicates more of the traditional classroom setting. The examples were fantastic as were all of the quizzes in between. I found the average weighting of the quizzes really helpful and my state exam score (which I passed on the first try) was very close to what the test quiz average weighting was. I highly recommend AP for anyone who can't attend a live session. Plus it is great to be able to replay the videos for those areas where you are "weak"! Plus I got great customer service - much more responsive to than other providers for eLearning that I have used.

Nov 29, 2017


This course was easy to follow along with and was very informational.

Nov 13, 2017


Easy to follow!

Nov 13, 2017

Kathy Hawkins

Great class. Easy to follow!!!!

Nov 10, 2017

Kaitlynne Tisdale

This course was very thorough and straight forward, I feel like it prepared me for my exam with the flexibility I needed!

Oct 11, 2017


Excellent courses!!

Oct 09, 2017

Sonya S.

Highly recommend. Courses and online review questions were very helpful. I felt prepared for the state exam and passed first time.

Sep 26, 2017


Very organized material, easy to study! Customer service 10/10 highly recommend!!

Sep 26, 2017


I studied for three weeks and took the exam and passed it on the first attempt. This program was very accurate to the exam from the style the questions were asked to the verbiage used. I recommend this program for all.

Sep 25, 2017


I studied the material for 3 weeks, took the quizzes multiple times and I passed the exam on the first attempt. The questions on the practice quizzes and exam were very similar to the questions that were on the State test. I felt confident and prepared.

Aug 28, 2017


You guys are great, I have used you for all 4 lines and have done well on all 4 thank you Jack for the class I will recommend this course to anyone needing to take the exam.

Aug 03, 2017

Katie Smith

The class was easy to follow, and the Professor highlighting in his book at the same time as lecturing was very useful. The practice exams are also extremely appreciated.

Jun 19, 2017


Wonderful course and information. I love Jack's examples and explanation. Enjoyed taking your pre-licensing course. Thank you for the opportunity.

Jun 12, 2017


I liked Jack's teaching. His funny comments made easy to remember. I passed the test at first try with good score. Thanks! Only thing I did not like not to have back to course button after each chapter review questions.

May 15, 2017


Excellent customer service! Jack makes the material so easy to comprehend. I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the high accessibility to ask Pat and Devon questions. Scored 89 on the first go-around for the Washington state life and disability combo. (The WA state portion alone is quite detailed.) I highly recommend to anybody looking to master this material!

May 03, 2017


Great course! Jack has put together a user friendly on-line program with the feel of a classroom setting. His humor, illustrations and examples as he follows the book information adds life and clarity to the massive amount of material. The staff is super helpful at answering questions and providing support. Thank you so much!

Apr 13, 2017


The information provided throughout this course was helpful and I passed the Washington State Property & Casualty licensing exam the first time. Thank you for all of your excellent help!

Feb 27, 2017


Took the exam today and passed with 88% got 135 questions correct out of the 150. The study material and especially the videos covered all the material tested! I don't have one example of a test question that didn't recall a familiar Nancy story! Thank you!

Feb 20, 2017


Purchased this course for the WA Life and Disability Combo test and passed the test on my first try. Highly recommend this course! Covered everything I needed to know and really like the fact that the course came with videos a textbook. Made it easier to comprehend the material. Thanks for everything!

Feb 20, 2017


This program was great. Easy to follow and learn with helpful tips and quizzes. I'd definitely recommend it.

Feb 08, 2017

Destiney H.

I passed the property and casualty first try! I truly appreciated all that I got from America's Professor! They were able to extend my time to ensure I was able to review and review again everything I needed to know in order to pass the test! Thank you!

Jan 15, 2017


The course was fantastic! Jack makes it easy and entertaining to follow. Walked into the exam with plenty of confidence and passed first time.

Dec 09, 2016


Passed the Exam on the first try! Great course content & Jack's great examples on videos that make you remember what you studied. I have taken WA Life & Disability (Health) / Property & Casualty Pre-licensing courses and have passed both!

Dec 08, 2016


I cannot speak highly enough about America's Professor. I went through the P&C 3 years ago with Jack and now the Life/Health pre-licensing. Both times, passed the first time! All it takes is watching the video lectures, and taking and re-taking the chapter quizzes to refresh. Professor Morton has a way of using examples that make learning the material easy and interesting. Thank you America's Professor for helping me pass!

Dec 02, 2016


I think Jack does a great job teaching. I think the material provided in the books is great. The state laws are tricky and the exam had quite a few of those, they're unavoidable! I studied so much and I passed my exam. I recommend studying this a lot, even if it gets annoying. Thank you Mr. Morton and team!

Nov 30, 2016


From the beginning, the purchase of this course became an invaluable investment! Not only for the obvious reasons pertaining to my new career but for the outstanding level of customer service which truly made all the difference. Every one that I came in contact with provided me with amazing guidance and really easy to follow instructions. However, I would like to give a special thanks to Pat for going above and beyond my very demanding expectations!

Oct 27, 2016


I am completely new to the insurance industry, so I was nervous about taking a passing the P&C exam. After taking this course I was able to pass the exam on my first try! This course really does work, especially after hearing all the horror stories about how many people fail the exam and how many times they have to retake it. I would recommend taking this course to anyone looking to get licensed in P&C.

Oct 12, 2016

Yuni~^.^ 💞🍪🍷


Oct 10, 2016


Passed first try on life and disability combo exam (87%). Would recommend for anyone trying to obtain those licenses.

Oct 05, 2016


The course covered everything on the test very well. I enjoyed the lectures. The examples and ideas he presented made it easier to remember the information during the test. I got a 89%!

Sep 21, 2016


Your course was very helpful, informative, easy to follow, and I liked Jack's sense of humor. I would highly recommend AP, and would use it again!

Sep 17, 2016

Brent Reitmeier

I had the wild idea to become an insurance agent into my mid 40s. Studying and passing both my Life & Disability and my Property & Casualty, I am certain if I can study and achieve it, anyone can. America's professor's 'Jack' was very informative and enjoyable to follow as a knowledgeable instructor. I would highly recommend Americas Professor to anyone who finds themselves in a position where insurance licensing is needed. I am very satisfied student and would like to say thank you to AP.

Aug 22, 2016

Daniel Illan

Alright so check this out. Jack, you were right, I did pass my test the first time around. But I made a mistake: I took the property/casualty course together, watching you talk on the monitor over ten hours a day, completing the 24 chapter course in just six days... do you know how annoying that is? Watching you for over ten hours a day? I started to despise dear old Jack. I started to hate him, just talking and talking and talking. But look, it was my own fault. This is supposed to be a two week course and I did it in six days. I'm proud of that. But thank you Jack. If it wasn't for you I would not be where I am now. To everyone out there, don't watch Jack ten hours a day like I did... he gets annoying. Oh and one more thing Jack, you said that if there was something wrong with any of your videos it was your wife Nancy's fault because she goes over all of your videos, well I just wanted to let you know that there are a couple mistakes in your WA PC course videos and book, a few spelling errors, nothing serious. But all that aside, even though I disliked you, I am grateful for your help and deeply impacted by people like you, who understand that some of us don't have the luxury of going to college to get these kind of classes. So, from the bottom of the hearts of my family, we thank you.

Jun 27, 2016

A Swenson

I was absolutely impressed with this course and highly recommend it. The format was organized and easy to follow, Jack does a fantastic job of making the material understandable and tells stories that bring insurance to life (tough to do) and really helped me remember answers while taking the test. I called the 800 number a couple times for various reasons and the staff was extremely kind and accommodating. What a truly amazing service. Oh, and I passed my P&C exam the first time with flying colors!

Jun 22, 2016

Diana Renner

I really appreciated the lectures and way the material was communicated. The way that you presented the material allowed me to retain the information needed to pass the exam. I passed the exam the first time! Thank you.

Jun 01, 2016

Joyce MC

I passed the first time thanks to AP! With everything you learn an example is given to help you better understand. The key to passing is learning the material not memorizing what you read. The state exam questions will be worded completely different.

May 09, 2016

M Stenhoff

Jack and the entire team at America's Professor are outstanding. The lectures and texts provided allowed me to pass my WA Life and Disability exam the first time. I feel like I really got to know Jack and his forgiving and patient wife Nancy, as well as the course material. Be assured that if you invest in this course, Jack and the team invest in you. They give you everything you will need to succeed on the test. Thanks Jack!

Apr 11, 2016

Kevin, Everett, WA

The course was very well organized. Jack is a good lecturer. I liked the text being to the point. Also, and importantly: I had to call them for support on a couple of items I messed up on and Pat and Devon were very helpful. Thanks guys.

Apr 05, 2016

Christopher B.

The Life and Disability test is difficult, but I felt well prepared with the America's Professor course and passed the first time. I highly recommend it!

Mar 23, 2016


The on-line tutorials were great, they really helped to explain the concepts behind the material to be memorized. I managed to pass the first time with a score of 85.

Feb 26, 2016

Patrick U

Thanks to everyone at America's Professor. Pass my WA P&C Insurance exam on first try with 88%. I found the video's to be engaging and the test exams very helpful in my preparation. They were very quick at responding to all my various inquiries in a very detailed fashion. Highly recommend America's Professor. A++++

Feb 22, 2016


Yes! Praise the Lord!!! I passed the exam in a first try!!! Even with my English as a second language! So people, you can do it for sure with AMERICA'S PROFESSOR just follow given instructions. The videos and silly examples ? was very helpful to understand material and quizzes helped me a lot to remember information. I hope for the same results for Life & Health exam! Thank you Professor Jack Morton! You are the best! AP PEOPLE PASS

Jan 27, 2016

Alex Thulin

This company is amazing! If you are trying to pass an exam the first time use America's Professor!!! I took Property and Casualty with Intellipass and failed the test twice. After I took the class with America's Professor I passed the exam the first time. I registered for the Life and Disability class with America's Professor and passed the exam with 90%. I have recommended them to everyone!

Sep 04, 2015

Enyi V.

Passed my P&C and then also my L&D. I am now an Insurance Producer in the state of Washington! America's Professor is amazing. They have a great team!!

Sep 04, 2015


WOW! I started in April took my test 10 weeks later and passed on first try... I highly recommend America's Professor take your chapter tests over and over and your will do it...

Jun 22, 2015

Bob S - Seattle

The video's and text were broken up into logical sections, with just enough humor to actually make them fun to follow. The course was very complete, and I especially appreciated the extra effort to ensure the Washington State sections were up to date. I had no trouble passing the WA Life exam. Jack has a very engaging teaching style, I'm glad I took this course and highly recommend America's Professor!

May 13, 2015


I had to take the WA state Life and Health insurance exam. After going through all the video and chapter test's for the Life exam I am proud to say that I passed both the national and state exam the first time. I am very glad I chose America's Professor as my for my online exam preparation. Not only were the video and chapter test's helpful, so were all the wonderful people behind the scenes that were answering all the questions and requests that I put through. Everyone there was great and answered my emails in 24 hours or less. Thank you all.

Apr 08, 2015


I have just passed my P&C test. 93% on the general and 91% on the state. 120 questions on the general and 50 on the State part. Your course must be good, the test scores prove it.

Apr 07, 2015


I wanted to say Thank you! I passed on the first attempt taking my Washington state P/C exam. Boy, you sure were right about the “stump the chump” type questions! Thankfully, I was prepared! Again, Thank you! Your program is AMAZING, will recommend to everyone! Shawnnessey Horn

Mar 14, 2015


After researching the success rates published by the Office of the Washington State Insurance Commissioner on their website (http://www.insurance.wa.gov/for-producers/get-education/first-time-license/exam-pass-rate/) I chose America's Professor for my PLE provider. I was extremely happy with both the online content and the books. The AP staff was great to work with when I had technical and course content questions. After completing the course and dedicating an appropriate amount of time to studying, the exam was very comfortable to take. I was extremely happy with my scores which significantly exceeded that for minimum passing.

Mar 03, 2015

Mike R.

I passed the P&C test last weekend. Thanks for the course and materials. I have no background whatsoever in insurance but I was able to pass the test by simply following the program.

Jan 05, 2015

Chih-Fong E.

Thank for extended the time for my course. I just passed my exam (Life & Disability WA) this weekend. Thanks. Happy New Year!

Dec 28, 2014

Tony N.

Hey Guys, I passed 85 for national and 95 for state. Thanks.

Nov 03, 2014

Desiree P.

I just wanted to say thanks for being so flexible with the time allowed to complete the course. In your marketing materials mentioned that extensions were allowed, and that was one reason I chose your course. I knew it would be tricky to complete it one session between quarters and with a full time job. A special hats off to Pat who was available to fax in my completion forms on my test day when I discovered they were not with my other confirmations! Nothing like a little added stress before an exam. In any case, I passed the national part with 90% and the WA part with an 84%. Thanks for a great learning experience.

Aug 27, 2014

Juanita J.

I am extremely satisfied with this course! Jack’s explanations gave clarity and detail, making it easy to follow along in the book. The way Jack would give “hints” and suggestions on how to memorize certain specifics were very helpful, not only in grasping the concepts, but in retaining the information. I will highly recommend this course!

Aug 20, 2014

David J.

I took my P&C exam on July 3, and passed on the first attempt. P&C General - 83% Washington State P&C - 80%

Jul 12, 2014

Paul B.

I studied, I tested, I passed. Thank you America's Professor. Your self study course enabled me to pass the WA exam on the first try. Still a lot to learn, but I've a solid basis of knowledge now.

Jul 05, 2014

Mary H.

Just want to give an extra big thanks to America's Professor - took the Property & Casualty license exam today and passed!! I got 94% on the General Knowledge and 84% on the Washington Laws & Rules. For Washington students, I would recommend extra time on the Washington-specific section; there was a whole section of the exam dedicated to Washington law, rules and regs. I spent most of my time on the regular book. Thanks much for a great exam prep. the videos were especially helpful.

May 21, 2014

Larry M.

Just completed testing and scored 96% and 95% on first try. Felt like at least 85% of questions were very easy to recognize from the study materials and most of the others seemed logical. I was glad that Jack had warned of the possibility of some questions not reflected in the materials, so I didn't get concerned as I came across those. Thought the program was excellent, although I probably studied harder than needed!

May 08, 2014

Renee R.

I wanted to let you know I passed yesterday and give you feedback. The chapter questions were very similar to the same ones asked on the exam MUCH more so than they were for the P&C test. This time around the state questions were very convoluted and harder. But at least I passed... Thanks so much for the great course.

May 01, 2014

Michelle D.

Hi, I just want to tell you that I am so grateful that I found your course! I just took my Property and Casualty exams and I got 94% and 91% on them! I was totally prepared for the exams using the practice tests and course material, and I am so pleased with how smoothly the class went. The information is laid out in a very user-friendly format, and all information is relevant to the tests. Thank you so much! I plan to take the Life and Health course next, and expect to be fully prepared for those exams when I go to take them.

Apr 14, 2014

Lauren D.

I am very supportive of this program and will spread the word to others! I passed the state exam (April/14) with no problem on the first try! Great teaching with real-life situations that made the concepts easy to grasp! :)

Apr 10, 2014

Lauren M.

Passed my exam this morning! The Washington State section proved to be a bit trickier than I was prepared for, but I passed nonetheless.I really think the course put in place by America's Professor was extremely helpful! I felt very prepared going into the testing facility this morning.

Mar 28, 2014

Lisa M.

Thanks Devon for all your help and encouragement. I have passed all my tests thanks to your great program.

Mar 10, 2014

Andrew H.

Excellent course. Just finished the P&C course for Washington and loved your teaching style. Thank you for making the learning content so bearable- I did my Life & Health thru Pro Schools and I now wish I had taken your course instead. Cheers.

Mar 10, 2014

Clark C.

I passed on my first attempt yesterday for the Washington Property Casualty Exam and it was definitely in part to the self study course I took with America's Professor. This has provided me a new opportunity with my career and I want to say thank you for your help in me achieving this goal. The course was fantastic and I will make sure to recommend it to anyone I can. The testing site coordinator was very impressed with my scores so I even made sure to tell them I took an America's Professor course!

Feb 27, 2014

Cathy P.

I took the WA state Property & Casualty test on Saturday and scored a 93% on both national and state tests! Professor Morton’s video lectures were the perfect format to learn the material. I really appreciated that I could stop and replay any time I wanted. I also found that Professor Morton had a clever way of explaining the material that made me remember it. I would highly recommend your program to anyone who asks. Thank you!

Feb 18, 2014

Stephen S.

Please pass on to Jack my appreciation for his great course. I passed with a 91% on the state and a 86% on the national exam. His teaching style and concept approach was fantastic. This is a big complement coming from a life long dyslexic who typically barely passed most academic tests. Thanks!

Feb 13, 2014

Wayne S.

Just wanted to say thanks again. I took my exam on Monday and got a 92. Great course and easy to follow. Thanks!

Feb 12, 2014

Curtis H.

Thank you, I passed on first try. The lectures are great, relatable, and easy to follow. I have recommended this class to all my new producers.

Feb 01, 2014

Brandon B.

Thank you again for all your support. You guys have been nothing but amazing.

Jan 30, 2014

Steven P.

I just wanted to drop a line and say that I am extremely satisfied, actually that is an understatement, with the service that you folks provide! The course material has been awesome, the video instruction has been very helpful, and the instructor has been enjoyable to the point of being entertaining...Poor Nancy...lol I had a few setbacks in my training, family issues that needed more of my attention and I came to the end of my allotted time period and panicked! Thought I would lose all of my progress. Well, I have to say that I have rarely been as happy with a company that stands behind its product and commitment to help its customers. I called in, left a message on Monday Jan 20th. Did not hear back, thought because it was a holiday, Martin Luther King Day, so I recalled on Tuesday to find out that I had been reset, and to have a pleasant conversation with an employee that assured me and made me confident that I had all I need to take my test and that I was reset at no charge (was assuming that somehow it would cost me) and was overjoyed to realize that I now have not lost a minute of my time and can continue to get to my near term goal of passing my test!! Thank you for your GREAT customer service!!!

Jan 21, 2014

Anni O.

Hey AP, I just wanted to let you all know that I took my WA P&C Exam yesterday and passed. I got a 93% on general knowledge and 91% on State Laws and Rules! Thanks so much!

Jan 03, 2014

Rob M.

I was able to pass both tests for National and State Insurance on Life, Health and Disability at the one sitting. It’s not that I’m so bright either, more that over the years in my field of Information Technology I was required to take dozens of certification tests periodically to advance in my career. America’s Professor assisted me to learn and retain enough information about a very exciting industry that I had no idea existed prior to taking the course.

Dec 29, 2013

Tony K.

I want to thank you for teaching me what I needed to learn to pass the Life and Health exam in WA. I scored a 92 on the National exam and 88 on the WA exam. I studied to learn dates and numbers but all the questions on the national exam were general and did not ask for specifics. I felt well prepared going into the exam with the time I put into studying. The WA exam was a shock with the way questions were asked. The review questions taught me how to look at the question and weed out what does not belong to the question, which made me successful. Again, thanks for teaching me what I needed to learn to pass the exam. I feel very comfortable with what I learned to start an insurance career.

Dec 27, 2013

Bonnie S.

I surfed the internet and found your course offering very easily. I found the study material easy to use and clear on content. The best explained auto policy material I have ever seen. I took the exam and passed it the first time around with plenty of room in the pass/fail numbers to call the test easy. If I had to take a self study course for anything they offered, I would choose Americas Professor again in a heartbeat.

Dec 26, 2013

Greg J.

Hello AP, 91% and 97%

Dec 19, 2013

Conor H.

I thought the videos were very engaging and helped break-up the dense course material. I like Morton's sense of humor and his use of examples to help with memorizing. The quizzes were very similar to the actual test questions. I felt very comfortable with the format of the test after having gone through this course.

Sep 28, 2013

Jennifer M.

Thanks, I enjoyed the course and passed all four of my tests the first time.

Aug 08, 2013

Denisha D.

I loved the course, I felt like the instructor made insurance easy to understand and his examples were very helpful with remembering the information.

Aug 06, 2013

Jennifer M.

This course gave me what I needed to pass the exam. Little funnies from the professor helped me to remember certain facts :) Thanks for the instruction and now onward to my life health videos :) Thanks

Jul 24, 2013

Stephen B.

Thanks for your help and explaining it in terms that made it easier to comprehend, instead of how confusing it can be by reading the entire course. That’s what I had to do with ExamFX and it was a horrible experience! Yours program is perfect for someone like myself and will recommend it to potential employees for my company. Thanks again!

Jul 10, 2013

Howard G.

This is by far one of the best online learning courses I've ever taken. I passed both the Life and P&C easily with your help! Thanks a MILLION!

Jul 01, 2013

Michelle L.

Nothing was confusing re: internet/website/books. Laid out very nicely. I’m sure if the Washington laws would quit changing, you might be able to actually print one manual and have it all suffice. ;) The value is very good. Comparably, it was not the “cheapest” overall, but when I called the Insurance Commissioner’s office, they recommended your course as one that the most people pass from and are most satisfied with. The price for what information is included is very reasonable (how do you do all this for that value!?). Thanks for your help on everything, Pat was always quick to get back to me. Appreciate your willingness to help others learn. :) Have a great summer.

Jul 01, 2013

Benjamin J.

I just passed the P and C test today. I was very impressed with how similar the courses test questions were to the actual test questions.

Jun 25, 2013

Kent S.

I thought the course was very good, and I enjoyed Jack’s stories. I passed on the first try, thanks.

Jun 25, 2013

Matt D.

I want to take a moment to thank you for the service your Property and Casualty course provided me in preparation for the Washington State exam. I began the course on June 10 and completed it June 19. I took the exam June 20 and passed with an 86% on the Property and Casualty portion and 88% on the state portion. I walked into the testing facility with a confidence I am certain I would not have had if not for the preparation provided by your course. When I was presented with my results by the testing administrators at the completion of the exam, the elation and enthusiasm I experienced was both humbling and electric. Thank you so very, very much! I will not hesitate to recommend your course to anyone in the future who is preparing for the exam.

Jun 22, 2013

Dawn J.

I would like to say a BIG thank-you to Jack Morton & America’s Professor for providing such a great program that is affordable & teaches precisely what is needed to pass any state’s exam with flying colors. Jack’s style is absolutely delightful & he strips the material down to it’s bare bones so you are not overwhelmed with info. you aren't going to need. I am very please to say I pass my exam on first attempt with a 93% national - 94% state result. Thank you Jack!!!

Jun 03, 2013

Ed B.

I chose America's Professor because I wanted the benefits of gaining knowledge and insights from an experienced instructor in a classroom setting, and the flexibility and portability of a self-study course. The lecture videos were great. Not too long, and Jack Morton presented the material very well. The ability to pause or replay the lectures was very helpful. The course manuals were excellent, as were the practice quizzes and tests. On several occasions I requested clarification on test questions and always received a prompt response. I passed the combined Washington Life & Disability (Health) exam on the first attempt! I received an 88% on the national portion, and an 84% on the state portion.

May 20, 2013

Katie B.

Thank you for developing such an effective course to prepare for the Washington Life and Health Insurance licensing exam. The material is presented in a very logical way, so that it seems easier to recall the details. I am happy to report that I took my exam last Thursday and received a 90 on the National portion of the exam and an 88 on the Washington portion. Thank you again!

May 14, 2013

Lisa L.

Dear Jack, Your course knocks it out of the park! It's no wonder America's Professor has the highest passing rate in Washington. What impressed me initially was the way the text was outlined. I love all the text features - the way you number the chapters, paragraphs, and even sentences helped me particularly when I had to email or call you with a specific question. Because of the way you designed the text, you're able to cross reference, locate the sentence, & follow along with me within seconds! I also loved the way the text was meticulously aligned to the state content exam outline that commissioners provides online. This is so important. I loved your instructional videos. They're just the way I like them - short, sweet, right to the point, & with a lot of real-world examples. I exhausted all of the test at the end of each chapter. They really helped prepare me for the state exam. Well, I just had to write (and I don't do that very often) to tell you personally that I love your company and the way you teach. I'm proud to say that I just took my Life Insurance exam scored 90% & 93% respectfully. Your quality teaching & ongoing support knocked my scores out of the park as well. Thank you America's Professor! I recommend this school to anyone who wants to pass insurance exams the first time around. With gratitude, Lisa L.

Mar 14, 2013

Sue B.

I just wanted to say thank you for the great exam preparation provided by America's Professor! I passed my exams with a very high score the first time! AP's teaching method worked very well for my learning style. I found that I was well prepared to attack the national and state exam questions.

Aug 13, 2012

Tom Moore

I have taken many courses online. Even Series 7 on my own without any instructor, which took me 6 months. I started this course on May 16th, 2012. Today is May 26, 2012. Just got an 87% on the final. (Did not review any after the State Exam portion) Got an 98% on the State Exam portion of the course. So needless to say I would highly recommend any of America's Professor courses! Cordially, Tom Moore (360) 665-5420.

May 26, 2012

Deborah C.

This was a much better format for me than a previous provider. I really liked the videos. I'm a Montana kid, so I could relate to Jack. Thanks so much! I passed the life and health exam today.

May 12, 2012

James N.

I believe Professor Morton's online course is an excellent way for ANYONE to study for his State Exam. His presentation is easy to follow and understand. I would take it again (Just not right now!!!) and would recommend Professor Jack Morton's courses to all.

Apr 18, 2012

Kelsey L.


Jan 11, 2012

Stephanie M.

Professor Morton has an encouraging tone, it is good. As far as material, I only had a hard time with chapter 13, I am not sure why that one seemed confusing. I really liked the way the lectures were presented. Maybe at the end it would be nice to include a picture with Nancy, since she was along in this insurance journey too.

Jan 02, 2012

Ethel P.

I want to thank you so much for the excellent quality of your training materials. Having both Prof Jack Morton on video and the accompanying book to highlight, underline, and make notes in made it possible for me to pass all my Washington state licensing tests – with flying colors – the first time! I passed the Life/Health tests with a 90% and the Property/Casualty tests just this week with a 92%. Hearing from several producers that took other training courses report that they had to retake the tests 3 or 4 times in order to pass made me doubly glad that I read and believed the testimonials from your website about so many passing the first time. Way to go – and thanks again for teaching insurance rather than just "teaching to take the test!"

Dec 12, 2011

Tim L.

Your past students were correct, you guys are the best! Thank you.

Dec 08, 2011

Keith P.

Good course. I passed my exam the first time.

Aug 31, 2011

Cynthia G.

I just wanted to thank Mr. Morton for providing this class and making it interesting in the process.

Mar 08, 2011

Tricia G.

I feel prepared to take the exam!

Dec 27, 2010

Lesli D.

Best insurance testing I've seen, online or otherwise. Great value...in fact I would have paid more for it but appreciated the value!

Dec 20, 2010

Johar B.

America's Professor is the BEST! You can get the education you need to pass your exam and have a long lasting knowledge of things you learn. Cheap but I believe no one else will teach you the way prof. Jack teaches. I took this course and passed my exam (P&C) with the first try. Low price with GREAT TEACHING STYLE. I would recommend everyone for this course. Thank you!

Jul 19, 2010

Gerald J.

Nothing was confusing. Course was a great value. Thank you...

Jun 18, 2010

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How to Pass Your Washington State Insurance Exam

The key to passing your state insurance exam is knowledge. There are simply no shortcuts—you must know the material. This is where America’s Professor comes in. With decades of experience helping thousands of students across the U.S. prepare for their insurance licensing exams, AP has exam prep down to a science.


Washington State differs from most as one must take an approved pre-licensing course and earn a certificate of completion prior to taking the state licensing exam.


Our Unique Approach to Teaching

AP’s founder, Jack Morton, teaches the courses using humorous stories and straightforward examples, to help students make sense of (often dry) insurance terminology and complex in insurance concepts. In short, he makes learning fun! It’s why America’s Professor is one of the most highly rated insurance exam prep providers in the country today; see what our students have to say about AP’s courses.


Steps to Getting Licensed

Here are the three basic steps to getting your insurance license:

  • Prepare: Once you’ve decided which license you want to obtain, prepare for the exam by enrolling in a pre-licensing exam prep class through America’s Professor. AP courses include 24/7 access to our “better-than-live” video lectures online for 45 days (with extensions at no charge, if needed), a hard copy textbook, and unbeatable customer service.
  • Pass: All states, including Washington, require you to be licensed to sell or discuss insurance. Additionally, each state has its own laws and regulations pertaining to insurance—this is why there are two parts to the exam: a state-specific section and a national section. America’s Professor courses prepare you for both parts. The great majority of our students pass their exam on the first try—a testament to the quality of our courses.
  • Apply: Once you’ve passed your state licensing exam, you can formally apply for your insurance license and begin selling/discussing insurance!


Exams & Scoring

The state of Washington offers several different exams, including Life Producer, Property Producer, Casualty Producer, Personal Lines Adjuster, and others (see chart below).

You’ll need a score of 70 on both parts of the exam—the state-specific section, and the national section—to pass. The two scores are not averaged together.

Click here for more information on testing center locations, which tests are toughest, how the tests are administered, and other essential information.

Here is a snapshot of the courses offered in Washington state:

Washington state licensing exam times and fees


Exam Registration, Testing Centers, Fingerprinting, Licensing Application Fees, and Fingerprinting

  • Test Registration: PSI Exams is the company that administers the insurance exams in Washington. Call the company at 1-800-733-9267 at least 3 days in advance of the date you wish to take the exam; calling in advance will help ensure you get the date and time of your choice.
  • Testing Centers: There are several testing locations throughout the state of Washington, including centers in Arlington, Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, and Yakima. Refer to the “Where can I take the Washington insurance exam?” section of this page to see all test center locations in Washington.
  • Fingerprinting: The state of Washington requires residents to have their fingerprints taken through MorphoTrust USA™ to obtain an insurance license; non-residents are not required to have fingerprints taken. You must make a fingerprint reservation no later than one business day prior to your desired exam date either by calling MorphoTrust USA™ at 866-761-8069, or at identogo.com. Read the section “What are the Washington Fingerprinting Requirements?” on this page for more information.
  • Licensing Application Fees: The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner charges a license application fee ranging from $25 to $205, depending on license type. View the fees for different license types here.
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