Insurance License Exam Prep

To obtain an insurance license—whether for life, health, property, casualty, or another area—you must pass a test covering various aspects of the field in which you plan to work. The worst thing you could possibly do is confidently walk into the testing site without having studied and attempt to “wing it.” These exams are not easy, and unless you are adequately prepared it is very likely that you will fail. Fortunately, America’s Professor can help you prepare.


What Prep Materials Are Available Through America’s Professor?

Taking an insurance test prep course is the best way to ensure you pass your state insurance licensing exam the first time. The comprehensive insurance license prep courses offered by America’s Professor include:

  • Detailed videos, accessible day or night on any device
  • Free comprehensive textbook to help reinforce your learning
  • 45-day subscription, during which time you have unlimited access to video content (plus additional time at no charge, if needed)
  • Hundreds of sample questions and practice quizzes


What Can I Expect to Find at the Testing Center?

Many states require participants to undergo fingerprinting at the testing center in order to facilitate the background check process. That’s one reason why it’s a good idea to show up early at the center on the big day; another reason is that you might be denied the opportunity to take the test if you’re even slightly late. You should also be sure to bring a valid government-issued photo ID.




What Will Be on the Test?

Insurance licensing exams vary by state, but typically contain anywhere between 50 and 200 multiple-choice questions, depending on the designation (e.g. Property & Casualty Broker Agent, or Life, Accident & Health, etc.). Insurance tests cover general material relating to the specific field as well as topics applicable to the rules and practices of the particular state issuing the license.


What Is the Pass Rate for the Test?

Again, that depends on the particular test you’re taking, but be advised that failure is more common than you might think. Some insurance exams have a fail rate of 60%!


What Happens If I Fail the Test?

It’s not the end of the world. You will be able to retake the test at a future date, but keep in mind that some states place limits on the number of times you can sit for the test within a certain interval. Find insurance exam prep courses in your state, and pass your exam the first time!


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