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Get your Virginia insurance license using an America’s Professor online training course. Our comprehensive video lectures, review questions and study guide will help you learn, and retain, the material needed to pass your Virginia insurance license exam the first time!

Start your path to success today! Please take a look at our Virginia Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses below for Property, Casualty, Life and Health:


Virginia Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

  • Surety Bail Bondsman are required to obtain a Property and Casualty license.
  • School Code: 2072
Reviews (79)
Price: $159.00 Order
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Price: $125.00 Order
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Virginia Health Pre-Licensing Course

  • School Code: 2072
Reviews (3)
Price: $125.00 Order
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Jack and America Professor have been excellent through this whole process. I first started with the P&C course and realized that I should be focused on the Life and Annuity course. So I called and got a refund with no issued and they replace the course with the Life and Annuity. Jack was a great teacher! I did all the end of the chapter quiz's and reviews and made sure I had a good understanding. Then I took the test today and passed! Thanks again for everything!

Jun 13, 2019

P. Mahan

This is the second course I've taken, having taken and passed the Health, Life and Annuities exam. Just passed the P&C exam after taking this course. It works. If you put in the time and effort, watch the videos, take the practice exams, you'll pass.

Jun 10, 2019


Professor Jack broke it down , made it understandable! Annie's support was so helpful.... Would recommend AP!!

May 28, 2019


Great learning process! Made it through fairly effectively. AP was great in responding to any request as well. Great customer service. Would highly recommend AP to any one.

May 02, 2019

Chris Pulliam

This is my second time utilizing your wonderful course!!! I aced the exam on my first try. Thank you, America's Professor, for providing multiple ways of discussing confusing content in a way that is not only easy to understand, but entertaining as well. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to become an insurance agent.

Apr 01, 2019


I studied for two days and this program had me feeling so confident when I took my exam. Of course I passed on the first try!! I used a different site for my Property and Casualty and even though I passed, I would not recommend them but I will recommend America's Professor to everyone. Thank you

Apr 01, 2019


Great, Professor Mr. Jack is awesome. His teaching is wonderful. Although the course is very hard but his guidance to study technique and way he drives students make it easy. I have completed this course before 18 days of duration. I have passed it in a first take. I can fully recommend all interested to sign and take the course. Thank you Mr. JACK. and thank you AMERICA'S PROFESSOR .COM.

Mar 29, 2019

Audrey K.

I highly recommend this program because if you're an auditory learner, the videos are especially helpful. If you're more of a visual learner, you have the text, broken down into helpful sections. And anyone can benefit from the practice questions. I passed this the first time, along with the P&C and Life and Annuities exams, previously.

Mar 12, 2019


I have been in the insurance industry for over 10 years. English is my 2nd language but this course was so easy flowing as if it were in my native language. Due to medical issues my license expired. Was referred to take Americas Professor. It is the best course of any kind I have ever taken. It is so easy and simple to understand. Unbelievable. I passed the stated exam within 30 minutes easy. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST COURSE THERE IS. WILL ONLY SUGGEST AMERICA'S PROFESSOR TO ALL OF MY BUDDIES. Special thanks to Jack for explaining not only theoretically but by providing real examples. The best way to memorize. TOP RATINGS! ! !

Mar 11, 2019

Sheila Brandenburg

I can't say Thank You enough to America's Professor!! I am a 46 year old woman who's husband unexpectedly had serious health problems, and who had to somehow find a way to support the household. I was nervous about going back into the workforce, and very nervous about my ability to pass the exam to become a licensed Producer. American Professor to the rescue! Professor Morton explained everything SO well, that I actually understood the information and really didn't have to memorize much at all. I also laughed out loud at some of his examples and remarks, which kept me entertained and interested. I passed on my first try! Listen to him! Follow his advice! Try not to worry! You WILL pass! Now I am in a position to be able to care for my husband and keep our household running on my own! It's such a relief after such a horrible year, and one of the only good things to have happened. I couldn't have done it without Americas Professor and its wonderful staff. Thank You all SO MUCH!!!!

Mar 06, 2019

Lisa B.

Took their Virginia P&C course, studied over 48 hours, and took it the next day. Passed it within 35 minutes. It is so much harder than the actual exam, but I was 150% prepared for it.

Mar 04, 2019

Mahendra Raj Subedi

it's a great course. Teacher Morton is incredible. I love his way of teaching. Though it was online class I felt live. He is a bank of knowledge. I was able to pass in a single take. When I was in the testing center I felt the questions are very familiar. I love it.

Feb 21, 2019


This is an awesome study course. Easy to understand and follow. I did exactly what I was instructed to do with highlighting and individual study. I passed on the first try. Thank you America's Professor Job well done

Feb 18, 2019

Brian S

I started with another course from another company and was having a hard time getting through the chapters without falling asleep. I am so glad I found America's Professor. Jack made it so easy and much more interesting. I took my VA Licensing exam today and passed first time. Thank You Jack!

Jan 15, 2019

Justin H

This is the second time I've used America's Professor and I could not be happier. I passed both Life and Annuities and Property and Casualty on the first try. The lessons are broken up into different sections and it really is an easy program to complete and recall the necessary information. I didn't take any notes. I watched the videos and took the exams at the end of each lesson. I felt very confident going into the exam and while taking the exam. It would be very hard to fail the exam if you watch the videos and take the practice exams. Thank you so much for helping me pass the exam. The funny jokes, comments, analogies, and real life examples made it really easy to recall the information. Also, the staff is great. I emailed questions and always got a response the same day or next day. I would recommend America's Professor to anyone.

Jan 07, 2019


Great exam preparation course. Passed the course easily.

Nov 21, 2018


I have to say, Jack is the man. I was told I needed my VA LH&A ASAP for work. I went on and purchased this course the next day once I found it. Started it Tuesday, and took it the following Monday morning. Passed the First time and studied in the evenings after work. Its a lot of information but just listen to what Jack is saying, follow along, and make sure you do the practice test/quizzes. I reviewed the morning of by glancing over some key points, and can't say I felt wonderful about it. Once I got in there, the info just came flowing back from somewhere. Very pleased with the course.

Nov 13, 2018

edward gray


Oct 24, 2018


This was my first time taking an online course, it was the most helpful, reliable and informative course. I felt as if i had a personal relationship with my instructor (Jack). I completed the course was allowed a free extension and was able to call and be assisting with any question i had i took my test and passed the first time. I recommend this course to anyone.

Oct 15, 2018

Meg Fitz

I was a little worried about taking online course to get my licenses but it was a perfect fit. Jack made the concepts easy to understand and the examples he used made it easy to remember, when it came to the test. The staff at the office were also very helpful. I was able to pass my P&C and L,H,&A exams on the first try. I would definitely recommend AP to anyone interested in getting their license!

Oct 04, 2018


The best insurance course Lectures out there. Pleasure taking this class.

Sep 25, 2018


Great class! Easily passed on first try. Professor Jack is great, and the A/V was best I've seen! A pleasure!

Sep 10, 2018


I took my test yesterday 09/08/2018 and passed!!! If it wasn't for Morton and America's Professor I don't think I would have passed. I went in and read the test questions and answered then with confidence that I knew the answer. I have not tested for anything since 1988. Even then I Struggled in school getting board with teachers just going on and on talking. I have also been planning my Wedding and studying. Thank you Morton you do have a gift to teach and I will be back to obtain another License.

Sep 10, 2018


Jack did an awesome job on making the information relatable and memorable. I took and passed my test this morning and was able to recall particular things that he said in relation to a topic that helped answer. I will be signing up through AP for my next course for sure.

Sep 07, 2018


Jack was the absolute best professor I've had! Very clear and concise in the study material and using real-world analogies and illustrations that really help establish a strong connection with the ideas and concepts - I took my national/state exam today and passed it the first time! Very grateful for this course!

Sep 04, 2018

Jen A.

Passed my Virginia life and annuities exam on the first try! Jack's stories and tips on how to memorize terms really helped on the exam. Thank you!

Aug 22, 2018

Kellie B

This is the ONLY Pre-License course for Life & Health. I am a class room learning type of person, and Jack is an amazing teacher. He breaks the concepts down where they are so easy to understand, and all of his stories are not only funny, they make the concepts easy to understand and remember. Thank you to everyone at America's Professor for getting my order to me as fast as you did. THANK YOU JACK for helping me pass my VA Life and Health exam on 08/18/18. Without you, I know that either I wouldn't have passed or it would have been a torturous time trying to get those concepts understood enough for me to pass my exam.

Aug 20, 2018

Rebekah K

I absolutely loved this course! Jack made the material very easy to understand and it was never a dull moment. I passed the Life and Annuities exam on my first try this past Saturday July 7. I highly recommend America's Professor to anyone looking for pre-licensing material and I know for sure our agency will always go to AP for any future licensing needs! Thanks so much!

Jul 09, 2018


I have to say that Jack Morton is by far the best teacher I have EVER had. I made a great choice with America's Professor.

Jul 02, 2018


Loved the content of the videos, was very helpful. the test at the end of the chapters I didn't quite pass with a 90 but my 80%s will hopefully pay off on Friday when I take my test.

Jun 27, 2018


I always check ratings before a purchase and figured this particular company found a way to boost theirs. No biggie, purchased it anyway. It is absolutely the best program available! I took the test without completing the course (will complete the health section this wk, lol). Jack suggested taking each section separately (so wise)... and I passed the Life and Annuities section. I asked for an extension and plan to schedule the Heath exam in a couple of weeks. I gave them 5 stars because the system was promptly delivered, the course materials were well structured, the instructor is awesome, customer service is on point, and the website works without a single glitch! I hope they're around when I get licensed for other states... sincere thanks America's Professor!!

Jun 25, 2018


I passed both L&H and P&C on my first exam! I highly recommend this course for everyone! Jack covered EVERYTHING that was on the exam and made it very easy to understand.

Jun 20, 2018


Last month I used America’s Professor to prepare for the Virginia's P&C exam. Although, the questions were asked very different than in practice exams, I passed on the first try and felt I was well prepared. Jack explained things well.

Jun 11, 2018

P. Mahan

Works. 100% effective. Having taught higher education, I know repetition is the way to get it to stick. Course is set up in a logical sequence and though the material is a bit boring they do well at making it relevant and interesting. I highly recommend this course if you want to see "Pass" on your test results.

Jun 04, 2018

Tamara R in VA

I took both the Property and Casualty and the Life, Health and Annuities course all within 30 days and passed both the first time! I actually enjoyed the webinars! I learned so much! And anytime I had a question I emailed in and always received a quick response! Many thanks to Jack and Pat for helping make learning insurance be a very positive and pleasurable experience! I definitely recommend AP over any other webcast, you want to pass? This is the way to go! Thanks again Professor Jack, and say hello to Nancy for me, she sounds like an amazing and patient woman! (just kidding, you're great!) loved the stories including your wife Nancy, the stories helped me remember several instances on the exam!

May 07, 2018



Apr 06, 2018


I really knew nothing of America's Professor until a friend in the insurance industry recommended I use AP to study for the P&C. Now, I cannot recommend AP highly enough. Professor Jack Morton peppers the video lectures with fabulous tips and examples. He will term his examples "my silly little drawing" or something similarly self-effacing. Nevertheless, his tricks for understanding and/or remembering key principles are invaluable to grasping and retaining the material. As impressive, and really a surprise, was the backup and support from the AP team. Whenever I had questions, day or night or weekend, I would send an email to AP. I could not believe the responsiveness of Pat with the AP team. He would get right back to me with insightful answers and explanations. Pat was also incredibly supportive. I feel like he and Jack are old pals. I passed the P&C first try. I was pleased to see that so many of the questions on the actual Exam were ... very similar so that the correct answer was easily identified. Thanks so much to the AP team!

Apr 03, 2018


Awesome course! Passed the first time! I would recommend to anyone trying to get their insurance license. Great teaching style, easy to understand and easy to remember! Thank you Professor!

Mar 19, 2018


Passed P&C and life & health thanks. To you !!!5*****

Mar 19, 2018


Professor Morton is incredibly thorough, his illustrations and explanations make everything easy to understand. I passed the Virginia Life and Health Exam today, they allow 2-1/2 hours to complete the test but was able to finish in only 40 minutes. Thank you America’s Professor for totally preparing me for success! I would highly recommend this course to anyone preparing for their state insurance exams.

Mar 08, 2018


I passed my P&C exam today on my first attempt. Prof. Morton has a special gift in imparting the course material and giving helpful tips for us to remember key concepts. The review questions are on target! I followed his guidance and succeeded. I am so glad that I chose America's Professor. Thank you Jack!

Mar 05, 2018


I was super nervous about my test. I took it Friday 3/2/2018 and I passed! There were little questions I wasn't sure about, but I passed my test with no problem! Thank you for the help! On to L&H now...new test that I need to pass at the end of the month.

Mar 05, 2018

Maryann Georgia

I have used several different training programs to prepare for my licence exams. I used America's Professor for my property and casualty exam, and it is by far the best of all the programs I used. He is funny, so he holds your interest to be able to retain the knowledge, and he really covers everything very well to prepare for the exam. I give this program 5 stars!!

Mar 01, 2018


Thank You JACK!!!!! Just passed my P&C test, could not have done it without you course!!!

Feb 27, 2018


Great lecture.. I took the Va P&C test on Saturday and passed it on the first try.. Thank you..

Feb 19, 2018


I took my test today and passed first try thank you this course made all the difference Jack was so easy to listen too during the lecture videos and very easy to understand.

Feb 14, 2018


The course material is extremely detailed. The professor is thorough and makes the lesson plan enjoyable. The textbook is very informative. I was very confident going in to take my exam and I passed. I would definitely recommend this to other students!

Feb 07, 2018


I want to thank Jack, Nancy & the Team for putting together a program that delivered the desired end results - a Passing Grade on the 1st Try!

Feb 06, 2018


Jack is a great teacher, I'm 72 years old and passed the Virginia P&C exam the first time. Listen to the lectures and take the chapter review tests, and I'm sure you will pass too.

Dec 21, 2017


Passed! Thank you so much! I literally could hear your voice in my head as if you were reading the questions during the exam. You are excellent at giving real life examples that I remembered easily and could apply to the exam. I love love love how witty you are in the videos and your textbook is incredibly easy to read and understand. Thank you also for all the memory tools along the way. This was fantastic and made what probably (I wouldn't know because I did your course) was mundane, hard to get through information into something easy and fun to listen to! Thanks again! If i could give this course 6 stars I would!

Nov 30, 2017


Great preparatory course. Just Passed P&C on first try! Jack Morton's advice about scheduling the exam soon after you start is SOLID. The sooner you get through the online training and take the test the better! Don't procrastinate and drag out the training - I did and had to go through it all again in preparation - probably delayed me by 30+ days. Love Jack's use of story's and examples to drive home topics! Would highly recommend!

Nov 06, 2017


The method of teaching worked really well - I passed the first time. The way that Professor Morton teaches gives you a foundation with the concepts as well as the important details. If you encounter an unfamiliar question, you know enough to eliminate some of the answers in the (multiple choice) list. I did review the state section videos twice.

Nov 01, 2017


I have been referred by my presumed boss he used America's professor to get his pre-licensing course. Your materials , audio presentation and testes per chapter makes it easy to any candidate either English is his/her firs or second language. I passed my exam just at one go . Thank you. I will come back for my other lines of insurance courses in the near future. Great job!

Nov 01, 2017

Todd L.

Sat the exam this past weekend and passed with no problem. A 2 hr test took me a little less than an hour. The material learned through America's Professor and Mr. Jack Morton was just what I needed. The review questions were very similar to the actual test questions. I highly recommend this online course. It's the best course for the price that I could find as well. Thank you Jack and thank you America's Professor.

Oct 23, 2017


Thank You! Great Teacher! Passed with no problems..however a few of tutorial videos wouldn't play but still passed with ease!   AP Response: Videos not playing usually has to do with poor internet quality or a bad video download. Be sure to let us know when you having problems so we can try to pinpoint the issue. Congrats on passing!

Oct 19, 2017

Keira R

Thank you, Jack!! Took this course and passed with flying colors for my first attempt! Absolutely a stellar course!

Oct 03, 2017


Thank you so much for putting out such a detailed and easy to follow exam material. Prof. Jack Morton was so easy to follow and understand. He allowed me to understand the basics and recognize the answer to most of the exam questions. Thank you for putting out such a detailed product. =)

Oct 02, 2017


What a great team and a great teaching style! I couldn't have passed without it!

Sep 11, 2017

Benjamin Andrews

I had to pass my Property & Casualty exam within 2 weeks of starting and had absolutely no prior insurance experience. I spent the first week studying the workbook, and the second week watching the lecture videos and when exam time came, I finished in 36 minutes and passed with no problem. Highly recommend this program.

Sep 08, 2017


Thank you America's Professor. I passed on my first attempt. The practice Qs really helped and the videos are amazing.

Aug 30, 2017


Studied for 2 weeks passed first time out😊

Aug 25, 2017

John Winstead

I spent a solid five days reviewing the material in the book and watching the lecture videos. I did a brief review for two hours prior to taking the exam. I was given 150 minutes to complete the exam, but finished in just 80 minutes with a passing score! The program worked wonderfully and I was over prepared! Thanks!

Aug 22, 2017


Highly recommend this course! Passed my VA Licensing exam 1st try! I was dreading sitting through a 30 hr class and sitting for the state exam. Finally decided to buckle down and do it and then found America's Professor online. Looked way better to me to sit back in a comfy chair at my own home and watch the videos rather than slogging off to some hotel conference room somewhere w/ a room of strangers....and boy was I right. Loved the Professor. Very easy to understand and even a bit humorous. Watched each chapt video following Professor along in the book. Took each Chapter practice exam as I went, them each section review practice exam. By the time I took the FINAL practice exam, I was confident I would pass. Time-consuming, but if you do that procedure, you will pass. Started Friday night after work, then all day Sat and Sun, then Mon night after work, then took exam Tues and now have my Life, Health and Annuities license, and boy does it feel good! Will def have all my future employees use this course.

Aug 13, 2017


This course was direct and not difficult. I had to go over the material a few times because it was all new to me. If you stay focus you will pass!

Jul 05, 2017


As I took the course, I was impressed on how easy it was to follow. Highlighting as the professor did made the information easier to recall. I am very pleased with the courde and the professor. Thank you.

Jun 28, 2017

Insurance Pro

I already had my Health license and needed my Life and Annuities. I had a deadline date which was 1 week away. I had started the course with another company but it was boring or something, just couldn't get into it. I saw America's Professor on YouTube and really liked Jack's style. I chalked the class I had enrolled in and enrolled in America's Professor. After two days of the course, I decided to register for the test. To my surprise the only test site available before my deadline date to have my Life License was the very next day. Based on my progress with America's Professor, I decided to go for the next day state test. I will admit I really put my heart and soul into the videos and review questions and actually felt prepared going into the test. Passed first time. I couldn't believe it!!! Thank you, Jack for having such a teaching talent and pointing out those facts that we need to know. The sequence of the course was right on and your humorous examples helped me to remember the material. Can't thank you enough! I'm stoked!

Jun 02, 2017


I just passed the Property and Casualty exam. The course was amazing and thorough! I cannot say thank you enough for pointing out the key points and throwing in a good scenario to chuckle too. Will so definitely recommend your online courses. Please note~ I did this course in two weeks with a full time job and passed first time around. Kudos Professor Morton!!

Jun 01, 2017


This course was easy to follow. Everything that was on the Exam was covered here.

May 09, 2017


I just completed this course on life and annuities, and I passed my exam the first time!! The course content, and mixture of lectures and textbooks really helped. Would recommend this course to anyone! Thank you America's Professor and Jack Morton!

Apr 19, 2017


Thanks to America's Professor I was able to pass my Virginia Property and Casualty exam with flying colors! I was familiar with all of the questions on the exam because it is basically what was asked on the section review quizzes. Everything was relatively easy to understand and the videos really helped with understanding all of the terms and concepts. The examples were perfect and just what I needed to learn the material.

Apr 13, 2017


I took my exam today and passed! This course set me up for success.

Mar 24, 2017


Everything went great. Only took me half the allowed time. I even used your help person several time while I was preparing for the test. He was pleasant and helpful. Reminded me not to over think each question. I appreciate your course. Will recommend it to anyone needing to take the VA test. Thank you. Sal

Mar 21, 2017


I work full-time and never have any time during the day. Jack's videos are great for self-studying. He does a great job explaining things and gives easy to follow examples. I passed my exam on my first try today. Huge weight left!

Feb 20, 2017

Av Harper

I took my Life and Annuities exam a over a week ago and I just got back from my Health exam today. Thanks to this course, I can also say that I passed my Virginia exams both on the first try. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who is not able to spend the time and a 3-4 day hotel course or life is just busy... to take this course. Why??? if you like the classroom setting of having an instructor lecture instead of reading a bunch of material online or book (by yourself)..... This is for you!!! You get the classroom instructor w/ textbook right in the privacy of your on home or anywhere with internet access. And this instructor explains the lessons very well were anyone will feel confident in taking and passing there state exam. IT IS WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT!!! Thank you so much America's Professor and Jack Morton (instructor) for creating this program for all of us looking to start career in the insurance industry.

Feb 20, 2017


The videos are very helpful and the review questions are as well. I watched the videos and jotted key info on note cards, did the review questions and did the final practice test the night before the exam and I passed. This also worked with P&C as well. I highly recommend AP.

Feb 01, 2017

Maria S.

I just passed my exam today. It was my first try too. I owe my success to this course!

Dec 27, 2016


I just passed my exam this morning! This course is almost apples to apples compared to my exam. Jack is an amazing instructor and I will be recommending this course!!! Thank you a million times over!

Dec 16, 2016


Took my Virginia P&C license Friday. Went in confident, and well prepared. AP definitely gives you plenty of practice, and helps you discern the important from the non-essential. I will be purchasing again, when I take my Life, Health, & Annuities.

Dec 05, 2016


I liked how thorough this course was and Jack's humor helps. I followed his advice by watching the videos (I also read or at least skimmed the chapter before each video) and did the review questions as I finished each chapter. I did this over a 3 1/2 week time period and passed the test on the first try (actual passing score isn't given in my state). Thank you for the very helpful course!

Oct 31, 2016


I used America's Professor for Life and Health course. It was very easy to follow the course with online video and book. I also liked examples Jack used to explain each topic which made it easy to remember all the terms and details. I really like the course and highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to get their L&H license.

Oct 13, 2016


I studied with ExamFx and failed 2 times. English is not my first language. I found it difficult to understand what was happening in the material. Just want to say “All hail America’s Professor!!!!” I passed my VA Life Annuity and Health exam after taking Jack’s course. Professor Jack keeps it simple and easy to understand in the video and book, even for me. I will continue to use America’s Professor for my other training. I am so glad I found this website. He has excellent teaching technique. Thanks to everyone at America’s Professor.

Sep 14, 2016

Ron Gorsline

This was one of the most enjoyable courses I have taken in a while. I would recommend this course to anyone preparing for the Test.

Aug 22, 2016

Tasha Hassett

I came into this course not knowing a thing about insurance. I took my VA Property and Casualty Insurance exam today, and I PASSED, on the first try!! Everything that was on the exam was covered in great detail in this course. I do not think I could have possibly been more prepared. Thank you to Professor Morton and his team for making this course easy and enjoyable!

Aug 18, 2016


Your Life and Annuities Course Preparation was everything advertised and more! I passed my Exam on Saturday with an hour to spare! Thank you.

Jul 25, 2016


Good course... I read all chapters, but didn't watch a single video. Some chapter quizzes are long, however its good preparation for the exam. The material covers nearly everything on the the real exam; I passed on the first try. Thanks! AP Response: Follow our study guide and watch your videos for the best chance of passing the first time! There is material in the book that we have to put there but isn't necessarily needed for testing purposed which is highlighted in the video. Also there are some points and updates not in the book that are covered only in the video lecture. Nice job passing though. ;)

Jul 18, 2016

Nicole R

I was a bit skeptical at first with the program, but as it went on and as I studied from the book I was quite impressed with remembering quirky stuff that was said pop in my head as I was taking the exam. I was able to pass the VA Property Casualty exam the first time around in an hours time. Very impressed and definitely will pass along the information to those who might be looking.

Jul 11, 2016


I have learned a great deal of information during this course. In my opinion, the format of the course is perfect. The teacher is more than awesome. I passed the exam on my first try yesterday (6/24/16). I will definitely be back for the life pre-licensing course. Thanks for all you guys do!

Jun 27, 2016


I highly recommend this program! I had zero prior knowledge of Insurance, and after a short two and a half weeks I felt fully prepared, and was able to pass the VA Property and Casualty Exam. This program breaks everything down into chapters, which really helps with understanding the material and not feeling overwhelmed. Jack does a great job of trying to bring the concepts that you are studying to life. Thank you Americas Professor!

Jun 27, 2016


I took the Virginia Property and Casualty exam on June 17th and passed the first time. Professor Morton's sense of humor and amusing examples really helped me remember and enlivened a dry subject. All of the practice tests and the extra comments he added to the practice tests also helped. I felt very prepared.

Jun 20, 2016


Love this course. I'm a Spanish speaking person and it was so easy to understand everything that the professor said. Love his sense of humor and all of his examples. Definitely I would recommend it! Oh, and I pass the exam on the first time!

Jun 15, 2016


Great course! I especially liked being able to take the tests several times after the videos. Jack was a great instructor. Passed the first time! Thanks!

May 27, 2016


I highly recommend this study course. All of my new agents will use this program. Jack was such a good teacher and the questions were very similar with the study course.

May 06, 2016


Very good course! I felt that the practice questions were very similar to the real exam questions! Jack is a great teacher!

Apr 30, 2016


After numerous extensions after extensions I finally get down to business. Thanks Mr. Morton for being an awesome teacher! I made it with a breeze.

Apr 28, 2016


Great course! Passed after spending a weekend with the online videos, tests, and books. I felt very prepared- definitely would recommend to anyone!

Apr 27, 2016


I was licensed in the past but have been out of the industry for 2 1/2 years. I purchased materials on Tuesday afternoon and took the exam this morning. I only used the online material for review as I had not received the books before the exam. I passed the exam. The study materials were spot on. I received the books this afternoon but did not need them. I did not watch the videos either...just read PDF of each chapter and answered review questions.

Apr 15, 2016


Great course and video instructions. Recommend to all.

Apr 12, 2016

Jenny Crone

Jack is a fantastic professor! Everything on the test, Jack taught me. I highly recommend this course and will send coworkers to you!! Thank you, America's Professor!!

Apr 09, 2016


I passed the first time! Thank you so much! The best professor ever!

Mar 22, 2016

Ed H

From the course material I was able to download in PDF format to Jacks recorded classes and the quizzes / tests offered, it was all well formatted to guide me through the exam. A great tool for success!

Mar 07, 2016

A. McGill

I was really worried about information overload. The advice to go through the exam and come back worked like a charm! I completed and passed the exam with time to spare. You make this course relevant, thanks for your help!

Oct 13, 2015

Rachel K.

I literally watched all of your videos for 3 days and was able to pass the first time with zero extra studying. I can’t thank you enough for your online course. It was fantastic. I am for sure going to use you for my next license in a few weeks.

Sep 04, 2015

Debbie Beach

To all of you at America's Professor I would just like to say thank you so much for all of your support over the last couple of weeks. I passed my test today with flying colors and all of you are the reason for my success. Jack if I could have had a professor like you back in my college days I am sure that I would have had a much better GPA... Anyway, thanks again for your course and I am sure glad that I took the class with you.

Jul 23, 2015

Christian Matlock

I tried to learn from other companies classes but could not retain any information, Watched Jack at Americas Professor and passed first time. Jack makes studying the boring subject of insurance enjoyable.

Jul 10, 2015

Leslie P

Thanks for the great preparation! I completed the course and passed the exam the first time! The review questions at the end of each chapter were the key to my digesting ALL of the information.

May 27, 2015


Great Material to prepare for the exam. The book with online videos and the practice exams is sufficient enough to help anyone pass on the first try. Would use them again!!!!

May 27, 2015


I normally don't write reviews but I have to on this company. I have taking courses with Pro Ed center, A.D. Banker, and my 3rd course was America's Professor. The first 2 courses I failed the Property & Casualty test 7 times, with AP I passed it on the second time. AP is the best study guide on the market and i would recommend it to anyone. I would like to thank Professor Morton for taking the time to market this program.

May 04, 2015

Henry Hunt

Excellent course of study. I studied the areas shown in the videos, took the review test several times before I took my test. I passed with flying colors the first time. Looking forward to taking my next course. I also applied for the college credits....it's well worth the price, if you plan on building your career.

Apr 20, 2015

Michael Olatunji

Awesome!!! I got it right the first time through America's Professor. You are the best. Thank you!!!

Apr 06, 2015

Carla Lewis


Apr 03, 2015

Besty W

I want to thank you personally for helping me to pass my Virginia licensing exam this morning. I had ZERO knowledge of insurance coming into this, and your course took me from that very raw beginning to passing the licensing exam in just three weeks. We chose you over Kaplan for the “personal touch” and I am so glad we did. I want you to know that the work you do makes a difference. Thank you. Please give my regards to Jack and the long-suffering Nancy, and watch out for Cousin Eddy and the Morton gang!

Apr 01, 2015


Nancy will be happy to know that I passed with flying colors

Mar 12, 2015

Carla Lewis

I Passed My Test Today!!!! Thank You.

Mar 12, 2015

Debbie L

I highly recommend America’s Professor to anyone thinking about pursuing an insurance license. I passed the test on the first try. The course and the staff customer service is outstanding. Thank you America's Professor.

Mar 02, 2015

Nicole J.

I have taken my Property and Casualty exam and passed on the first try! I didn't have any issues, thanks America's Professor! If I got hung up, I just thought of those wonderful examples from the videos!

Oct 05, 2014


Thank you for the GREAT course. Thanks for answering me on a Sunday?! I passed the national and state exams. I love the little helpful ways you give for remembered data; adverse action, 21 year old son. If there is a way to send a more formal feedback, I am happy to do it. I am studying for some online college courses and having a rough time without you. lol Take Care and Thank you!

Oct 02, 2014

David Coffey, CLU, ChFC

Thank you guys for making such a user-friendly course! I took the exam 17 days after beginning my studies and passed it on the first attempt! I found the lectures to be engaging and to the point, and the exams after each chapter were excellent at reinforcing the key points in the lectures. The state specific information was spot on and very helpful. I look forward to ordering the Property and Casualty course materials soon and I am confident that they will help me pass on my first attempt.

Sep 08, 2014

Kellie B.

I just wanted to thank you all so very much for helping my pass my VA Life & Health insurance exam. The exam date was this pass Saturday (23rd), and because of this course, I swear it felt as if I knew almost EVERY answer to almost EVERY question...lol. Again, thank you all for everything that you all have done for me (sending a second book out, extending my course, and being so very helpful). Professor Morton was very instrumental in helping me understand any and all concepts that my have not been self explanatory while reading the book. Because I was able to pass my exam, this has been able to start another part of my life that would not have been possible without this course. So with much love, thank you all for everything that you & this course has given me.

Aug 25, 2014

Doug R.

Just wanted to pass along my thanks. I took the Virginia exam for LAH last Monday and passed! I was not very confident upon leaving the exam room, though. There questions and terminology was quite a bit different at times than the study material. I had watched the state video several days before and read the state manual the day before and that really paid off. I felt very confident in my state portion of the exam. I don't know the exact percentage, just I passed! Thanks again for the help, now it's time to get a license and write some insurance!

Aug 10, 2014

David J.

Thanks for the great course. I passed the Va. life and annuity on the first try. The program and test question banks were very helpful. I'm going to miss the lectures and the Nancy references. Thanks again.

Jul 22, 2014

Gary U.

It has been about 22 years since I Gary have been out of a learning environment. And the way this program is taught, it was great. I would recommend this to all age groups to use to advance their knowledge for licensing and/or continuing ed. Thank you Devon and Paul for your assistance, I PASSED my Health Insurance Licensing test...!

Jul 19, 2014

Marcus M.

Thank you for ANOTHER successful course completion! I took your Life & Health course two years ago and passed the exam on the first try so when I had an opportunity to expand my licenses to Property & Casualty I recommended your course to the agency I’m now working with. And guess what?! Passed on the first try! I only wish you guys taught a securities course! I recommend this course to everyone who is getting a license in any of their respective fields. The quality is excellent and the value is top notch also! Thanks, again, America’s Professor!

Jul 17, 2014


I would like to say that I truly enjoyed the course. It was very engaging. I loved the breaks! I think it’s great how you encouraged the reader to quickly take the exam after course completion. It worked! I took my exam 3 days after I finished the course and passed it! Thanks a million America's Professor!

Jul 12, 2014

Larissa Y.

THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU!!!!!! I Pass !!!!!!! from the first try. Will call tomorrow, to say personally how I'm deeply appreciate Professor Morton and all people with whom I had chance communicate last 2 months, who help me a lot, who gave me good advice ... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 10, 2014

Jane M.

I am so glad I chose AmericasProfessor! I thought Jack was engaging, a great teacher, and very funny (a tragic Monopoly accident?). I buckled down for 10 days and passed the exam on the first try. I am waiting for the paperwork to begin my new career. Thank you for such an engaging course and relieving my trepidation at entering such a complicated career at my age. I look forward to helping people feel comfortable with their choices in healthcare. I don't think I will be doing much with Life and Annuities, but it is nice to have the knowledge!

May 30, 2014

Brandy S.

I PASSED on May 17th 2014! Thank you so much for being understanding and working with me. In the pass I have taken the pre-licensing class and did not feel nowhere near like I felt studying through your online program. I actually felt like I was learning and retaining information and to prove it I passed this time. I will definitely refer this course to others in VA! Thanks Again!

May 27, 2014

Adam M.

I studied for approximately 30 hours over the course of 10 days. I passed the Virginia LH&A exam this morning. Thanks for a simple effective study guide.

May 13, 2014

Susan C.

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam for Life and Health after taking the course. I really learned a lot. I spent about 8 weeks studying and it paid off.

Apr 07, 2014

Diana D.

I passed after finishing your course with 13 days left. I studied at night and on the weekends while working full time. The course was broken up enough to do a lot at once or just to listen to a few lectures at a time. The practice tests were extremely helpful. Taking them a couple of times each and then studying them right before the exam was key to my success. Thank you for being so professional.

Feb 26, 2014

James J.

I just sat the VA life and Health Licensing exam yesterday and passed on first attempt. No doubt this was the result of the great prep your course provided!

Jan 25, 2014

Christina S.

Dear Professor Morton, My husband and I both passed our insurance tests--he for life, health and annuities and me for property and casualty. We took our Virginia state exams on December 23rd. Thank you for providing informative course material--it was very helpful. May you have a great new year.

Jan 14, 2014

Shirley E.

I took the pre-license exam for Property and Casualty in VA for the first time yesterday and passed! I encourage everyone to take americasprofessor.com online and you won't have to repeat the test like me:) . Professor Jack Morton was great! His study materials and explanations made everything really easy to understand. God speed and more power to americasprofessor.com!

Dec 20, 2013

Cindy P.

I have been in banking for 23 years and have recently changed careers to sell insurance. This course helped me so much. It taught an "old dog new tricks". I passed my P & C on the first time and I take my L & H tomorrow and I am totally expecting to be just as successful. Thank you, Jack Morton and all the staff at AP.

Dec 19, 2013

Terry H.

I would recommend this product to anybody that is interested in a career as a licensed Health and Life Insurance Producer and wants to pass the exam on their 1st time. It was a pleasure having Professor Ed as my instructor... Thank you!

Sep 09, 2013

Michaelle S.

I enjoyed this course learned a lot. Passed my test 1st time. A lot of the practice questions were on point with the Virginia P & C test.

Aug 28, 2013

James A.

Your pre-licensing course and sectional exams were "right-on". I felt so comfortable with the actual exam and feel like I smoked it confidently. Most of the actual exam material was seen in your material. Very helpful! Thanks!!!

Aug 26, 2013

Susana S.

I can't help but to send you an e-mail to THANK YOU FOR THIS COURSE. I studied for 10 days and love your way of teaching. I took my VA life and annuities exam last Saturday and I PASSED! I will now starting to study the health part and I am very excited about this since it's very easy with AMERICA'S PROFESSOR. THANK YOU VERY MUCH PROFESSOR JACK MORTON!

Apr 22, 2013

Sharon N.

I am thrilled to tell you that I PASSED my Exam today!!! I began this course on Wednesday night last week, followed your suggestions of study, finished on Tuesday and waited patiently until today (Friday) to take my exam. I couldn't get an earlier date or I would have because I was confident and ready after your incredible class. I am really excited and feel very well educated thanks to you!!! Your course was wonderful. I had no prior knowledge of Property & Casualty and was quite nervous that it would be overwhelming. You made it so enjoyable and informative. I PASSED the first attempt at the exam!!! Everything was right on target with your lessons. I loved the online classroom as well as the EXCELLENT study manual you provided. The end of the chapter quizzes/review were great. I will certainly miss your smiling face on my computer each day. But, will be forever grateful that I found your class online. Thanks again.

Oct 12, 2012

Tami C.

The course is great, especially to a new-comer to the insurance field. Change nothing!!!

Apr 20, 2012

Brandon R.

The video lectures are entertaining. I looked forward to the next video instead of counting how many more were left. The staff was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Thanks again, America's Professor!

Mar 22, 2012

Vonnie Parks

THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I cannot thank you enough. Professor Morton was Great!! I didn't have a problem at all. Took VA Property & Casualty and Passed the 1st try. Everything he taught was right on. And I want to thank you Pat, as well for encouraging me. After being out of school for so long and not having the study skill I once had, you put me at ease. I plan on getting my Life, Health and Annuities, I would not even think about taking that exam without Professor Morton or your help... Thank you again Pat, Professor Morton and America's Professor... I am so very grateful… Sincerely, Vonnie Parks

Mar 21, 2012

Brandon R.

I highly recommend this course to anyone even if you have already taken other courses and/or read other books. The only negative to America's Professor is that it is not national. I live in Virginia and will be relocating back home to Texas. I would love the opportunity to use America's Professor for all my Continuing Educational requirements. Thank you!

Mar 08, 2012

Darryl P.

The videos were great!!! Jack is the man!!! I just took the test 3 hours ago and passed 11-21-11. The sample test and chapter test was a big help

Nov 21, 2011

Marilyn G.

The online course is great and the instructors illustration was clear.

Nov 16, 2011

Marcus M.

America's Professor went above and beyond to help me succeed on my licensing exam. The phone professionals were courteous, the written materials came very quickly, and the lectures are easy to follow! They even gave me an extension so I could get one last review in before my test and, guess what? I passed on the first try! A wonderful experience, worth the value, that I'd recommend to anyone that needs a good test prep course in this industry!

Nov 01, 2011

Julie M.

Very pleased with the course and will actually miss Jack as an instructor. He made things very easy to understand.

Oct 06, 2011

Eveline D.


Sep 14, 2011

Stuart W.

I've just returned from taking the Virginia P&C exam. It was an 80 question exam & I successfully completed the thing in under 30 minutes. Your course made me feel very confident & well prepared.

Apr 25, 2011

Audrey S.

I thought this was one of the best taught courses I have ever taken. I wish all of my college instructors had been this good. I passed the exam on my first try!

Apr 23, 2011

Nathan S.

Dear America's Professor 'Jack', I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding online course. I took the great advise of Jack and took my Life and Health Exam separate, which I personally feel made it that much easier. I took my Life Exam last Wednesday and Passed it with flying colors. I am scheduled to take my Health Exam this coming Monday and I very confident with this material as I was with the Life Exam. I couldn't have done it with out the help of Jack. P.S. Tell Jack I can sell him some Life & Health Insurance! He may need it after Nancy watches any of his videos online!!! LOL Sincerely, Nathan "Customer for life for all my Pre-licensing needs" Northern Va

Apr 03, 2011

Alex M.

Jack clearly is passionate about the material and this helps considering Insurance information can be quite dry. I enjoyed his dry wit and his "Nancy" stories. Thanks again Jack. Great Job!

Dec 20, 2010

Janine H.

This is undoubtedly the best prelicensing course available! I paid for and tried one of the major competitors but it was not engaging and the material was not explained well. Your course was wonderful. I took it, did the final exam and then went and passed my licensing test on the first attempt. I've heard most people don't pass the first time but I did and it's all thanks to your program. Thank you!

Nov 02, 2010

Matthew W.

Best online course you will ever take. I'm not much of a book learner and I got through all of the content in 3 days. Jack made it interesting and fun. Highly Recommended!!!! I feel very confident in knowing the content and passing the exam.

Sep 01, 2010

Allen F.

I learned a lot and now I am ready to go!

Jul 03, 2010

Carlton P.

This course is a great value. Prof. Morton's presentation is engaging & makes the learning experience much more pleasant. Plus, the staff are very responsive to questions. Thanks Team AP!

Feb 03, 2010

Jason H.

Great course! I passed the VA life and health exam on my first attempt. The class was more effective than traditional classroom instruction I received for other exams.

Dec 15, 2009

Mourad F.

Thank you Prof. Morton! I didn't have any problems passing the state exam with your course.

Nov 02, 2009

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How to Pass Your Virginia Insurance Exam

Knowledge is the key to passing your insurance exam, and you’re in good hands with America’s Professor. We have decades of experience teaching students just like you. Our comprehensive courses are designed to be engaging, interesting, and informative to help you retain the information. Whether you want to sell life and annuities insurance or your goal is to become a licensed property & casualty insurance agent, America’s Professor can help.

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Here are the 3 main steps to becoming a licensed insurance agent:

  • Prepare: Enrolling in a quality pre-licensing course is your first step once you’ve decided which license you want to obtain. America’s Professor offers comprehensive courses that provide you with everything you’ll need to know to pass your exam.
  • Pass: The next step is passing your state licensing exam. Each state has its own licensing requirements, and you must obtain a resident producer license in the state of Virginia in order to sell policies or even discuss insurance transactions.
  • Apply: Once you pass your insurance exam with a score of 70 or better you can formally apply for your insurance license and begin working!


Exams & Scoring

Virginia offers several different exams, including: life, annuities & health, property & casualty, personal lines, title insurance, and public adjusters.

You will need a score of 70 to pass, but note that each exam consists of two parts: a general knowledge section, and a state-specific section. You will need a score of 70 or greater on each section—the two scores are not averaged. For more information about the number of questions on the exams and locations where you can take the test, click here.

VA test centers


Exam Registration, Testing Centers, Licensing Application Fees and Fingerprinting

  • Registration: You must register for the exam by calling Pearson VUE (the testing company) at 1-888-204-6272; it’s a good idea to call at least 3 days in advance of the date you plan to take the exam to ensure you secure a spot.
  • Testing Centers: There are several test centers throughout the state of Virginia and neighboring states where you can take your exam. Find a test center near you on this page.
  • Licensing Fees: The licensing exam fee is $51; you may take up to two exams for that fee. If you need to retake any portion of the exam, the fee is the same (an additional $51). Once you’ve passed your exam you must apply for your license. All license types have a non-refundable application fee of $15, except for the public adjuster license, which has a fee of $250. You can submit your application request either through NIPR (National Insurance Producer Registry) or Vertafore (formerly Sircon).
  • Fingerprinting: There is no fingerprinting requirement, however, the licensing application will ask several background check questions. Should you answer “yes” to any of those questions, a more in-depth process will be required.
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