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Texas (TX) Insurance Exam Prep Courses

Get your Texas insurance license using an America’s Professor online training course. Our comprehensive video lectures, review questions and study guide will help you learn, and retain, the material needed to pass your Texas insurance license exam the first time!

Start your path to success today! Please take a look at our Texas Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses below for Property, Casualty, Life and Health:


Texas General Lines Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

  • Also can be used as test prep for the Texas Property & Casualty Adjuster Exam (Pearson VUE Exam InsTX-PCA81)
Reviews (289)
Price: $159.00 Order
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Texas General Lines PC + LH Pre-Licensing Course Package: Combo

  • Combo Course Discount
  • Texas General Lines Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course
  • Texas General Lines Life, Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course
Reviews (289)
Your Price: $288.50 Retail Price: $318.00
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Texas General Lines Life, Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course

  • Includes HMO exam information
Reviews (217)
Price: $159.00 Order
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Thank you for the very useful course which guides me throughout the whole learning process. And thanks to America’s professor.com I passed the Property and Casualty!!!!
I really appreciate your support.
Especially the excellent customer Service. I needed to extend the time twice, without any questions I was given extra time. Definitely recommend this course to all interested persons.

Jan 23, 2021


I wish I knew about Jack and Nancy earlier. I took my life and health exam twice, I was two points away from 70%, but thank God for Jack. I got his materials , studied only 5 chapters of his video. Went for the exam the third times and boom, got it.

Thank you Jack

Jan 23, 2021


Great class I did not use any additional material not even test review questions from pearsons. I passed my exam. Thanks

Jan 23, 2021


This was hands down the BEST class I have ever taken. I was extremely nervous for the exam, but was really surprised to see that I made a 92 on the real exam. Jack Morton made the material really easy to understand with his humorous examples and stories. I studies for about 10 days and just took the exam today.

Thank you to all the staff at America’s Professor and to Jack Morton for making all this possible.

Jan 23, 2021

Ramiro Garcia

Americas Professor was the best choice i made to take my coarse in Texas P&C licensing, Jack is awesome and very informative with the coarse, I feel like I’m ready to take on my new career, Jack say hi to cousin Eddie for me. God bless and thank you again

Jan 23, 2021


This is a fantastic course! It was straight to the point, easy to understand, and very accurate on what to expect on the exam. I would recommend this to anyone interested in pursuing a career in insurance.

Jan 23, 2021


Last night I took the Texas General Lines P&C test for the 1st time. I scored an 86 on the test. I found the questions on the state test to be written similar to the ones in the course. I took a different course for my Life and Health license a long while ago. This is a much better course. I would recommend it to anyone trying to get an Insurance License.

Jan 23, 2021


This course was very easy to follow. I started the course on a Monday and 11 days later I completed and passed the exam.

Jan 23, 2021

Jason Vela

America’s Professor is Top Notch 5 Stars! Information is well written and easy to comprehend. Lectures are very informative and the real scenarios given help you to understand the material. Thank You so much! I passed with a 91 first time on Life! Jack is one of my BEST Professors! Highly Recommend AP!

Jan 23, 2021


I scored a 95 on my first try, so you damn well know I recommend AP!! I also studied 6 hours a day for two weeks…put in the time and you’ll be rewarded 🙂

America’s Professor course was hands down the best course for me. I previously took the Kaplan course, and I can say that AP 100 times better. We all know insurance is boring as hell, so when you have Jack explaining insurance with funny stories and examples about his family members…trust me…not only will you remember but you will be able to explain insurance to the average person.

I recommend watching all the videos in order and then taking the quizzes. Don’t memorize the quizzes, that will only hurt you. I also recommend reading the chapters that you’re having a hard time understanding. Some of the chapters look like a doozy, but if you actually take the time to read them…you will be surprised with how the book is written. I thought it would be like reading the Kaplan book which felt like reading about rocket fuel. When I took the time to go back and read some of the chapters I was having difficulty with, I was pleasantly surprised to find the content written as if Jack were telling me another story like in his videos.

If you have questions regarding the material, call Pat. Pat helped me tremendously. Pat spent a couple of hours on the phone with me each day for a few days before my exam and helped explain certain areas that I was having trouble with. I can’t thank Pat enough 🙂

Jan 23, 2021

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Our goal is for your educational experience to be a positive one! If you are dissatisfied with your course, please let us know as soon as possible. We will make it right. If you start the course and realize it’s just not for you, let us know and return the materials and we will provide a full refund.

If you are unable to pass the exam within your course subscription time please give us a call at 1-800-870-3130 and we will extend your subscription for free until you pass.

If you fail your exam please send us a copy of your failed exam scores and we will provide study recommendations and support to help get you past your exam.

We are committed to helping our students!


Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions! 1-800-870-3130

Please also check our frequently asked questions about the Texas Insurance Licensing Exam.

How to Pass Your Texas Insurance Exam

Whichever insurance license you’re pursuing, one thing is certain: You’ll need to study diligently and retain the information you learn in order to pass your exam.

This is where America’s Professor comes in. We’ve been helping people prepare for their insurance licensing exams for decades with our comprehensive pre-licensing courses. Our “better-than-live” video lectures are designed to help you make sense of the material. We present real-world scenarios that are interesting and engaging to help you actually retain the information.

There are 3 main steps to getting licensed:

  1. Prepare: Once you’ve decided which license you’re going for—property & casualty, life, accident & health, etc.—enroll in one of our online pre-licensing courses to help you prepare. Our courses include 24/7 access to our online videos for 45 days (with extensions at no charge, if needed), a hard copy textbook that complements the online videos, plenty of sample questions and practice exams, and world-class customer support.
  2. Pass: Each state, including Texas, has its own licensing requirements, and all 50 states require you to be licensed to sell insurance or discuss insurance transactions. Taking our comprehensive pre-licensing course and studying up until the day of your exam is the best way to pass your exam the first time.
  3. Apply: Once you pass the exam, you can formally apply for your insurance license and begin working/selling!


Exams & Scoring

Texas offers several different exams, all of which require a score of 70 to pass. Note that each exam consists of two parts: a national insurance section and a state-specific section. You will need a score of 70 on both parts—the two scores are not averaged.

For more information about which tests are the toughest, test center locations, the number of questions on the different exams, and more, click here.

Available exams and time allotted in texas.


Exam Registration, Testing Centers, Licensing Application Fees and Fingerprinting

  • Test Registration: You must register for the exam by calling Pearson VUE (the testing company) at 1-888-754-7667. Calling at least 3 days in advance of the date you wish to take the exam will help ensure you get the test date and time of your choice.
  • Testing Centers: There are many test centers throughout the state of Texas. See the “Where can I take the Texas insurance exam?” section on this page, or use the Pearson VUE website to find a test center near you.
  • Licensing Application Fees: The Texas Dept. of Insurance charges $50 per license for General Lines-Property & Casualty or General-Lines, Accident & Health, or $150 for a temporary license.
  • Fingerprinting: The Texas Dept. of Insurance requires insurance agents to be fingerprinted. You can schedule an appointment for fingerprinting at identogo.com or by calling 1-888-467-2080. The electronic fingerprint fee is $41.45 (may vary).


Look no further for information and resources on how to pass your insurance exam—America’s Professor is your trusted provider for comprehensive insurance pre-licensing courses!

Pass the Texas Insurance License Exam with America’s Professor

Texas is one of the most profitable states for insurance agents to create a thriving business and empower their local community by pairing individuals and families with accident and health insurance, and property and casualty insurance policies.

Students in Texas will always benefit from taking pre-licensing courses before sitting down to take the licensing exam. For more than 35 years America’s Professor has been providing students with innovative course material to pass the Texas insurance license exam for life, accident and health, and for property and casualty insurance.

The student experience is everything. Our goal is to provide all types of students with educational materials catered to their unique learning style that will enable them to actually learn all of the critical information needed to be an agent, while giving them the resources and foundation for passing the Texas insurance license exam of their choice.

Why America’s Professor has High Pass Rates and Satisfied Customers

America’s Professor is a visual educator; our pre-licensing course work packages for Texas insurance exams are structured in a way to help students understand and attain critical information through the ease of visual learning cues. Remember that while some of us have an easier time learning via reading, most people are visual learners. Then there are people who prefer verbal lectures. By focusing on visual learning while adding top value to those who best learn through alternative styles, America’s Professor creates the perfect solution, for all students, to successfully passing Texas insurance exams on the first attempt.

America’s Professor is known for having the best reviews in the industry from delighted customers that attribute to our high pass rate. Most students who invested in our pre-licensing test prep courses for the Texas insurance license exam passed on the first attempt with an average score of above 90 percent. Because we combine detailed video lectures from an industry experts that can be accessed at any time, from any device, in conjunction with an easy-to-digest, comprehensive textbook, an in-depth library of video content, and the right practice exams that perfectly align with your desired license exam, our students are able to achieve a level of success that’s not easily attained by most.

What Kind of Person Values the Most from the Texas Insurance License Exam Materials from America’s Professor?

Due to the comprehensive topics covered in the course material, its structure and the various types of learning materials, America’s Professor offers pre-examination materials for the Texas insurance license exam that support anyone preparing to take the test, regardless of one’s education level, industry experience, and work history. In fact, the only people who wouldn’t benefit from our insurance exam course materials are those who don’t need to take the Texas state exam. Some of these people are those who have a license that’s been expired for more than 90 days but less than one year, people who don’t live in Texas but have a license from a reciprocal state that’s in good standing, and those with a chartered life underwriter designation next to their name.

Why America’s Professor is the Most Successful Resource for Passing a Texas Insurance License Exam

The main reason why America’s Professor is the most successful resource for those seeking to pass a Texas insurance license exam is because our students have the highest passing rates of all reported scores.

The best pre-licensing exam course work not only has good detailed information presented in a way where the student can easily learn, it also helps to place aspiring agents on the path to making a prosperous living. Texas attracts a large number of insurance agents for a number of reasons. The state is known for having strong family values nestled around cities that have exploded over the past few years in the tech and media spaces. In addition, many companies have their corporate headquarters throughout Texas, and the natural resources, ranching and other big business sectors simply drum up a higher demand for licensed insurance agents capable of empowering citizens with the right policies. In return, the agents make a very comfortable life.

In addition, Texas is one state that will provide financial reimbursement for military veterans who take an insurance exam. All one must do is apply to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to get the exam fee reimbursed. Many people with a military background find their way to working in the world of insurance, and because Texas is known for taking great care of their veterans, the state is simply a top choice for those with military backgrounds seeking a new and exciting career.

Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Exam

The Texas property and casualty insurance exam has 150 questions that are broken down by 100 scoreable and 20 pretest questions spanning national and general statewide questions. The Texas property and casualty adjuster exam is similar. However, with the adjuster’s exam one can go to an approved adjuster’s school and pass the exam–a great option for those seeking real world experience that will better position them to excel in the Pearson VUE exam. America’s Professor positions its students to perform exceptionally well thanks to our careful approach to learning and studying that stems from an amalgamation of visual, audible and textual learning materials all neatly wrapped up into one superior package. Students report that the visual aspects of America’s Professor study packages were instrumental in giving them an outlet for learning the material in a way that resulted in high test scores.

What Kind of Questions Appear on a Texas Insurance Test?

Most of the Texas insurance license exam formats consist of a multiple choice test that weighs heavily on numbers (number of days and dollar amounts) and industry terminology. The questions that will appear on your exam are randomly drawn from a large pool and will differ from the test questions the person sitting next to you has pulled. If you have to retake the exam you will see a completely different set of questions, with a few familiar ones from the previous exam.

America’s Professor offers a comprehensive Texas insurance pre-licensing exam study guide that prepares all students to pass the exam on the first attempt, and that prepares them to fully understand the course work and be in a position to successfully answer a multitude of questions that expand the entire depth of the pool. In addition, students taking the Texas insurance license exams report that these examinations vary significantly in terms of the number of questions that reflect specific topics. Our students report that roughly ⅓ of the questions cover terminology, ⅓ cover questions requiring one to apply knowledge to reason through specific situations, such as short narrative problems that illustrate a story. Another ⅓ of the questions revolve around number/day questions. The Texas insurance license exam is structured in a way to ensure that students comprehend the laws, rules and standards within unique contexts reflecting real life situations, and America’s Professor has compiled the best array of course work for the Texas insurance exam that makes studying easy while supporting students to be successful on test day.

What Score do I Need to Pass the Texas Insurance Exam?

The state of Texas requires people to get a minimal score of 70 in order to pass the Texas insurance exam. Keep in mind that each examination is made up of two parts: the “rules section” and the “national” insurance section. In Texas, the national and state questions are thrown into the same examination, and America’s Professor has engineered their video and textbook coursework to reflect this structure to ensure students are fully prepared when taking their appropriate Texas insurance exam.

Passing the Texas Insurance Exam in the COVID Era

Unfortunately, COVID has had an impact on some areas of the country making it difficult (and in some cases impossible) for students to take their insurance license exam in specific areas. However, for those taking a Texas insurance license exam, there is a great way for those to take the exam from home, so long as they have a working web cam. Texas falls under the Pearson list of states meaning the Pearson VUE test delivery system enables officials to verify the test-taker through ID and camera function. As a result, students can take the insurance license exam in the safety of their own home without putting themselves and others in a risky setting.

America’s Professor is the Leader Helping Students Pass the Texas Insurance Exam

America’s Professor has revolutionized insurance licensing exam prep. As the industry leader in the realm of Texas insurance and securities training, we provide students with custom study solutions that satisfy every learning style. The right package for you is within reach, and it is a game changer.

Whether you want to study for the Texas property and casualty insurance exam, or the Texas life, accident and health insurance exam, America’s Professor brings a unique amalgamation of visual, audible and verbal learning to help a wide range of people pass the Texas insurance exam of their choice upon the first try. Contact America’s Professor today and speak to an expert about the innovative Texas insurance exam course work we offer to students in locations stretching as far as from El Paso to Dallas, and from San Antonio to Amarillo and everything far and in between.

Regardless of your location in the state of Texas, our course work not only positions you to get a high passing score on the exam, but it is structured to equip you with the knowledge needed to have a successful career in the field of Texas insurance policies. Call today and together we will help you prepare for a bright future in the world of Texas state insurance policies.

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