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Become insurance agent

3 Reasons to Become an Insurance Agent in 2016

2016 is fast approaching. For many people, a new year is a time of reevaluation, and for considering new options. If you’re not happy with your job,[Read more...]

Insurance licensing requirements

How Do Pre-Licensing Requirements for Insurance Agents Vary by State?

Because insurance is regulated at both the federal and state levels, the requirements for becoming an insurance agent can vary from one state to another. Anyone who[Read more...]

The Qualities of a Successful Insurance Agent

What qualities make for a successful insurance agent? There is no one combination of traits that guarantees success at selling insurance, no more than there is one[Read more...]

Become an insurance agent

What Do I Need to Know to Work in the…

For a career path with such great earning potential, the insurance industry has a surprisingly low bar to entry. There are, however, a few basic skills you’ll[Read more...]