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Licensure is the final goal for any person who wants to provide consumers in their state with information on different types of insurance and to sell them policies that meet their individual needs. The requirements that must be met prior to licensure differ among the states. In Georgia, residents who would like to become insurance agents have specific requirements that must be met prior to being permitted to take an insurance license exam.  They must first take and successfully complete a state approved course for which they receive a certificate of completion. This course requirement applies to every category, or line, of insurance that they wish to be licensed under.

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Getting your license to sell insurance in Georgia will allow you to work for an insurance company or as an independent broker selling insurance policies to other people and businesses. Each category of insurance that you want to sell in Georgia will require a different license under the state. Responsibilities as an insurance agent include understanding the terms and availability of insurance policies to explain to your clients, making recommendations for changes on policies when needed, and determining premiums.

The following steps are a basic outline for what you need to do to become a licensed insurance agent in Georgia:

  • Start with a good quality approved Georgia pre-license insurance course. In order to attain licensure in Georgia, you are required to take an approved 20-hour course for each line of authority you wish to be licensed for such as Life, Accident & Sickness (Health), Property, Casualty and Personal Lines. Course combos can also be taken, such as 40-hour courses for Property and Casualty, or for Life and Accident & Sickness. Georgia Adjusters and Public Adjusters are also required to take a 40-hour Property & Casualty course but pass the specific Adjuster exam they want to be licensed for. 
  • A study-at-your-own pace online course will allow you to fit your studies into your schedule. Make sure you choose a reliable source for the instruction that includes all of the information needed which pertains to the state requirements, and the practice exams that allow you to test your knowledge and pinpoint areas where you need additional focus. Although your course is a requirement toward your receiving your license, it is also a valuable tool for helping you learn the information about licensure in Georgia. The quality of your study materials will determine your successful preparation for the licensing exam.
  • Once you have completed your approved pre-licensing course, received certificates of completion, and are comfortable with the information available through the course, you will need to register for a Georgia insurance test and pay the required fees. We recommend taking the exam as soon as possible after completing your pre-licensing course. (more GA exam info)
  • Once you have taken and passed your exam, you will be required to submit a license application to receive your Georgia insurance agent license. Be sure to also include your certificates of course completion when submitting your application. You should expect to pay separate fees for the license application and for the license itself (usually totaling around $115).

The pre-licensing course you take to prepare you for the insurance exam is one of the most important tools any potential insurance agent can rely on. Although some people find the exam challenging, at best, those who are adequately prepared can pass the test the first time they try. Thanks to the convenience of internet courses, students are able to get the information and practice they need, on a flexible schedule that takes the stress out of studying. The choice in insurance license classes and the quality of study materials is the most important factor in completing your Georgia insurance licensing requirements quickly and effectively.


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To become a Georgia insurance agent, individuals must first enroll in an approved insurance pre-license prep course and complete required hours of study and learn applicable information. Once completed, the next step is to pass the license exam and apply for the license.

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America’s Professor (https://americasprofessor.com) is a company which teaches insurance pre-licensing courses to help potential insurance agents acquire their licenses. They have over 30 years of experience at providing the highest quality courses through the use of instructional videos and easy-to-understand textbooks.

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  1. I am interested in a good pre lincensure course for becoming an insurance agent in Georgia.

  2. America's Professor - DCM says:

    Hi Denver, We indeed have great insurance license courses for Georgia (http://ga.insurance.americasprofessor.com) with very high first time pass results. Please give us a call if you have any questions. Thanks and have a great day.

  3. Al says:

    I am thinking to move to Georgia next year I want to get my license my 2-20 us there any requirements? If you have a pas felony that’s 12 years old in Florida can you still get your license?

    • America's Professor - DCM says:

      Hi Al, Anytime you have something in your past that you feel might be a problem, I recommend contacting the state’s insurance department and talking to the Licensing division (1-800-656-2298). There is usually a process you can go through to know whether or not they will issue you a license after passing the insurance licensing exam and submitting your application. There’s no point for you to waste your time and resources completing a required course and passing the licensing exam if they won’t issue you a license. More often than not a person’s distant past doesn’t affect the licensing process but it’s always good to check if you have any questions. In Georgia the 2-20 license would be a full Property and Casualty (PC) license and has a 40-hour approved pre-licensing course requirement (much less than the 200-hour requirement of Florida). After completing an approved course, like our PC course, simply take your PC exam (12-GA-06) with Person VUE, pass and apply for your license. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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    I would like information packet

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