The Qualities of a Successful Insurance Agent


What qualities make for a successful insurance agent? There is no one combination of traits that guarantees success at selling insurance, no more than there is one combination of traits that automatically disqualifies someone from making a living in the field. That said, there are some qualities that it can confidently be said that all great insurance agents have.

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A Desire to Learn

One of the undeniable qualities of the best insurance agent is their desire to always be learning. Modern insurance policies are complex legal agreements, especially those that pertain to areas such as business and life insurance, where laws and regulations normally outside the purview of insurance agents may enter the occasion. A good insurance agent will understand the basics of the policies they sell, and will be able to give clients a broad overview of what those policies entail. A great insurance agent, on the other hand, understands the details and complexities of the policies they are pitching to clients, and can give their clients an in-depth, highly detailed rundown of everything those policies entail.

Great insurance agents are eager to learn about more than just insurance policies, as well. They are also willing to learn everything they can about their clients’ businesses and personal financial situations, in order to find the best available policy for their particular needs. Some insurance agents may be able to get by with convincing buyers that the policy they have in mind is best for them, but the excellent ones do the legwork to find the best policies for their clients in order to provide them with meaningful and relevant coverage.


Insurance agents generally enjoy a high degree of independence on the job, meaning that whether they succeed or fail is largely based on their own efforts. Selling insurance is, at the end of the day, a numbers game; those who put up the biggest numbers are the ones who succeed. To put up the biggest numbers, insurance agents need to be disciplined self-starters who can work successfully without direction, and who recognize an opportunity when they see one. It also takes persistence and the ability to not be discouraged when success doesn’t come immediately. Big sales often take weeks or months of work, which the insurance agent has to stay committed to in order to close the deal.


There are some insurance agents who are great at making sales, but who fail at keeping in touch with their customers and continuing to foster the relationship between agent and client. Those agents may be great at short-term sales, but they often fail at the long-term, where building trust between insurance representative and policy holder leads to lasting relationships and long-term clients. Great insurance agents, on the other hand, consider their clients to be their business partners, and give them the consideration and attention which that relationship requires. When they do, they can rely on their clients to keep their policies much longer.

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Amy Winters
5 years ago

I’m glad you pointed out that a good insurance agent will be service-oriented and will strive to build a lasting relationship with you. My husband and I have been having trouble picking a new insurance agency. I like the idea to look for a service-oriented agent, so thanks for sharing that here!