What Do I Need to Know to Work in the Insurance Industry?


For a career path with such great earning potential, the insurance industry has a surprisingly low bar to entry. There are, however, a few basic skills you’ll need to work in the insurance industry, and a few of them are listed below.

Become an insurance agent

Learn the Vocabulary

Every industry has its own set of terminology, buzzwords, and definitions that get thrown around by people in the know, which can sound like gibberish or impenetrable legalese to outsiders. Insurance is no different, and, when you’re first starting to learn about the subject, you will likely run into words and phrases that you don’t fully understand.

In order to effectively work in the insurance industry, you need to know exactly what the sector’s terminology means, preferably before you start your job. Insurance is subject to many state and federal regulations, which the people selling it to the public need to understand in order to do their jobs. Additionally, most insurance jobs also involve explaining those laws in simple, easy to understand terms to average consumers who may not understand complex legal concepts, but who want to understand the basic rules regarding their coverage.

Know How to Talk to People

When you work in insurance, you generally have to talk to people. Lots of people. Whether you’re selling, advising, or doing anything else insurance related, a big part of the job is talking to people either on the phone or in person. So, in addition to knowing the terminology, you also need to know how to speak with people in a way that gets them to listen and which makes them comfortable listening to you in particular. Professional experience dealing with customers is definitely a plus when it comes to working in the insurance industry, making it much easier to get into the rhythm of interacting with the public.

How Can I Learn Skills Relevant to the Insurance Industry?

Thankfully for people considering a job in the insurance industry, learning the skills it takes to succeed is well within most people’s grasp.

As becoming licensed by the state is a requirement for all insurance agents, learning the definitions and terminology is part of the training process itself. In order to obtain an insurance license, prospective insurance agents need to take a state exam that tests their knowledge of the field and their ability to be responsible for selling insurance to the public.

Before taking such a test, people enroll in training courses that teach them the basics of insurance, the relevant regulations, and other necessary knowledge. Most states also offer practice tests to help people prepare for their exams, and to show them what kind of material is going to be on the test before they take it. These two resources – insurance licensing courses and practice insurance licensing tests – are the primary avenues people use to learn the requisite knowledge they need to work in the insurance industry.

America’s Professor offers insurance pre-licensing courses for multiple state exams, available as affordable, convenient online video lessons. To start studying for your career in insurance on your own schedule, contact us today at 800-870-3130.

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