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Live in One State and Want to Sell Insurance in Another? What You Need to Know about Non-Resident Insurance Licenses

If you’re an insurance agent or customer service rep in the insurance industry, you probably know you need to be licensed to sell or even discuss insurance in the state where you live. But, what if you live in one state and work in another? This is a common scenario for people who live near […]

Licensed Insurance Agents: How to Transfer Your License When Moving to Another State

Moving to a new residence always brings up challenges, especially when you’re changing states. There’s plenty of documents to transfer over and paperwork to fill out, in addition to moving all your stuff. If you’re a licensed insurance agent, you also need to get your insurance license transferred over to your new state of residence. […]

How to Make the Most of Our Courses

We want you to pass the exam the first time – and we know you do, too! Here’s how to do it. Our courses are different than all the others. Most pre-licensing courses emphasize rote memorization—not real understanding. America’s Professor believes it’s far more effective to actually EXPLAIN the material than dump a boatload of […]

The Purpose of Insurance

Most people spend as little time as possible thinking about insurance. After all, no one likes to spend much time thinking about how much money they’re spending on something from which they may never see a return. Insurance may not be the most exciting topic in the world, but having a better understanding of just […]

Job Opportunities for Licensed Insurance Agents

So you’ve passed your insurance agent license exam – what do you do now? Since you’ve gone to the trouble of getting licensed as an insurance agent, it’s safe to say you’re interested in pursuing a career selling insurance. How soon can a newly licensed insurance expect to find a job? What will it be […]

Preparing for Your Exam: Best Studying Tips and Techniques

Passing your state’s insurance agent exam is no small feat. In addition to the hours spent in class listening to lectures and taking notes, prospective insurance agents need to spend lots of time studying the material if they ever hope to pass their exam. Fear not, though – we’ve put together a list of great […]

Selling Insurance in the 21st Century

There has never been a better time to become an insurance agent. 21st century insurance agents have access to tools that their predecessors could only dream of, giving them unprecedented opportunities to increase their personal efficiency, improve customer outreach, and provide higher quality service to their customers. Below, you’ll find just three examples of how […]

How to Make a Personal Connection in a Digital World

The internet has done wonders in making the world a more convenient place. The cost of that convenience, however, is that the world now often feels like a much less personable place. Face-to-face meetings have been replaced by email chains, and it’s harder than ever to make a phone call and have a human being […]

How to Reduce Anxiety Before an Insurance Agent Exam

Everyone gets nervous before they take a test, especially one that is important to their future as the insurance license exam. Worry not, though – it’s more than possible to beat test anxiety and go into an exam with your confidence high and the knowledge you’ve learned, ready to be called on as needed. If […]

Sales Tips and Techniques for Insurance Agents

Being able to close sales isn’t something they teach during insurance agent exams, but it’s one of the most essential skills for every insurance salesperson to have. If you’re having trouble getting new customers to sign up for coverage, try using these sales tips for insurance agents. Create interest in what you have to sell: […]

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