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Kellie B

This is the ONLY Pre-License course for Life & Health. I am a class room learning type of person, and Jack is an amazing teacher. He breaks the concepts down where they are so easy to understand, and all of his stories are not only funny, they make the concepts easy to understand and remember. Thank you to everyone at America's Professor for getting my order to me as fast as you did. THANK YOU JACK for helping me pass my VA Life and Health exam on 08/18/18. Without you, I know that either I wouldn't have passed or it would have been a torturous time trying to get those concepts understood enough for me to pass my exam.

Aug 20, 2018


I always check ratings before a purchase and figured this particular company found a way to boost theirs. No biggie, purchased it anyway. It is absolutely the best program available! I took the test without completing the course (will complete the health section this wk, lol). Jack suggested taking each section separately (so wise)... and I passed the Life and Annuities section. I asked for an extension and plan to schedule the Heath exam in a couple of weeks. I gave them 5 stars because the system was promptly delivered, the course materials were well structured, the instructor is awesome, customer service is on point, and the website works without a single glitch! I hope they're around when I get licensed for other states... sincere thanks America's Professor!!

Jun 25, 2018


I passed both L&H and P&C on my first exam! I highly recommend this course for everyone! Jack covered EVERYTHING that was on the exam and made it very easy to understand.

Jun 20, 2018

P. Mahan

Works. 100% effective. Having taught higher education, I know repetition is the way to get it to stick. Course is set up in a logical sequence and though the material is a bit boring they do well at making it relevant and interesting. I highly recommend this course if you want to see "Pass" on your test results.

Jun 04, 2018


Professor Morton is incredibly thorough, his illustrations and explanations make everything easy to understand. I passed the Virginia Life and Health Exam today, they allow 2-1/2 hours to complete the test but was able to finish in only 40 minutes. Thank you America’s Professor for totally preparing me for success! I would highly recommend this course to anyone preparing for their state insurance exams.

Mar 08, 2018


The course material is extremely detailed. The professor is thorough and makes the lesson plan enjoyable. The textbook is very informative. I was very confident going in to take my exam and I passed. I would definitely recommend this to other students!

Feb 07, 2018


I want to thank Jack, Nancy & the Team for putting together a program that delivered the desired end results - a Passing Grade on the 1st Try!

Feb 06, 2018


Thank you so much for putting out such a detailed and easy to follow exam material. Prof. Jack Morton was so easy to follow and understand. He allowed me to understand the basics and recognize the answer to most of the exam questions. Thank you for putting out such a detailed product. =)

Oct 02, 2017


Highly recommend this course! Passed my VA Licensing exam 1st try! I was dreading sitting through a 30 hr class and sitting for the state exam. Finally decided to buckle down and do it and then found America's Professor online. Looked way better to me to sit back in a comfy chair at my own home and watch the videos rather than slogging off to some hotel conference room somewhere w/ a room of strangers....and boy was I right. Loved the Professor. Very easy to understand and even a bit humorous. Watched each chapt video following Professor along in the book. Took each Chapter practice exam as I went, them each section review practice exam. By the time I took the FINAL practice exam, I was confident I would pass. Time-consuming, but if you do that procedure, you will pass. Started Friday night after work, then all day Sat and Sun, then Mon night after work, then took exam Tues and now have my Life, Health and Annuities license, and boy does it feel good! Will def have all my future employees use this course.

Aug 13, 2017


This course was direct and not difficult. I had to go over the material a few times because it was all new to me. If you stay focus you will pass!

Jul 05, 2017


As I took the course, I was impressed on how easy it was to follow. Highlighting as the professor did made the information easier to recall. I am very pleased with the courde and the professor. Thank you.

Jun 28, 2017


I took my exam today and passed! This course set me up for success.

Mar 24, 2017


I work full-time and never have any time during the day. Jack's videos are great for self-studying. He does a great job explaining things and gives easy to follow examples. I passed my exam on my first try today. Huge weight left!

Feb 20, 2017

Av Harper

I took my Life and Annuities exam a over a week ago and I just got back from my Health exam today. Thanks to this course, I can also say that I passed my Virginia exams both on the first try. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who is not able to spend the time and a 3-4 day hotel course or life is just busy... to take this course. Why??? if you like the classroom setting of having an instructor lecture instead of reading a bunch of material online or book (by yourself)..... This is for you!!! You get the classroom instructor w/ textbook right in the privacy of your on home or anywhere with internet access. And this instructor explains the lessons very well were anyone will feel confident in taking and passing there state exam. IT IS WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT!!! Thank you so much America's Professor and Jack Morton (instructor) for creating this program for all of us looking to start career in the insurance industry.

Feb 20, 2017


I used America's Professor for Life and Health course. It was very easy to follow the course with online video and book. I also liked examples Jack used to explain each topic which made it easy to remember all the terms and details. I really like the course and highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to get their L&H license.

Oct 13, 2016


I studied with ExamFx and failed 2 times. English is not my first language. I found it difficult to understand what was happening in the material. Just want to say “All hail America’s Professor!!!!” I passed my VA Life Annuity and Health exam after taking Jack’s course. Professor Jack keeps it simple and easy to understand in the video and book, even for me. I will continue to use America’s Professor for my other training. I am so glad I found this website. He has excellent teaching technique. Thanks to everyone at America’s Professor.

Sep 14, 2016


Good course... I read all chapters, but didn't watch a single video. Some chapter quizzes are long, however its good preparation for the exam. The material covers nearly everything on the the real exam; I passed on the first try. Thanks! AP Response: Follow our study guide and watch your videos for the best chance of passing the first time! There is material in the book that we have to put there but isn't necessarily needed for testing purposed which is highlighted in the video. Also there are some points and updates not in the book that are covered only in the video lecture. Nice job passing though. ;)

Jul 18, 2016


Very good course! I felt that the practice questions were very similar to the real exam questions! Jack is a great teacher!

Apr 30, 2016


Great course! Passed after spending a weekend with the online videos, tests, and books. I felt very prepared- definitely would recommend to anyone!

Apr 27, 2016

Ed H

From the course material I was able to download in PDF format to Jacks recorded classes and the quizzes / tests offered, it was all well formatted to guide me through the exam. A great tool for success!

Mar 07, 2016

A. McGill

I was really worried about information overload. The advice to go through the exam and come back worked like a charm! I completed and passed the exam with time to spare. You make this course relevant, thanks for your help!

Oct 13, 2015

Henry Hunt

Excellent course of study. I studied the areas shown in the videos, took the review test several times before I took my test. I passed with flying colors the first time. Looking forward to taking my next course. I also applied for the college credits....it's well worth the price, if you plan on building your career.

Apr 20, 2015

Carla Lewis


Apr 03, 2015


Thank you for the GREAT course. Thanks for answering me on a Sunday?! I passed the national and state exams. I love the little helpful ways you give for remembered data; adverse action, 21 year old son. If there is a way to send a more formal feedback, I am happy to do it. I am studying for some online college courses and having a rough time without you. lol Take Care and Thank you!

Oct 02, 2014

David Coffey, CLU, ChFC

Thank you guys for making such a user-friendly course! I took the exam 17 days after beginning my studies and passed it on the first attempt! I found the lectures to be engaging and to the point, and the exams after each chapter were excellent at reinforcing the key points in the lectures. The state specific information was spot on and very helpful. I look forward to ordering the Property and Casualty course materials soon and I am confident that they will help me pass on my first attempt.

Sep 08, 2014

Kellie B.

I just wanted to thank you all so very much for helping my pass my VA Life & Health insurance exam. The exam date was this pass Saturday (23rd), and because of this course, I swear it felt as if I knew almost EVERY answer to almost EVERY question...lol. Again, thank you all for everything that you all have done for me (sending a second book out, extending my course, and being so very helpful). Professor Morton was very instrumental in helping me understand any and all concepts that my have not been self explanatory while reading the book. Because I was able to pass my exam, this has been able to start another part of my life that would not have been possible without this course. So with much love, thank you all for everything that you & this course has given me.

Aug 25, 2014

Doug R.

Just wanted to pass along my thanks. I took the Virginia exam for LAH last Monday and passed! I was not very confident upon leaving the exam room, though. There questions and terminology was quite a bit different at times than the study material. I had watched the state video several days before and read the state manual the day before and that really paid off. I felt very confident in my state portion of the exam. I don't know the exact percentage, just I passed! Thanks again for the help, now it's time to get a license and write some insurance!

Aug 10, 2014

David J.

Thanks for the great course. I passed the Va. life and annuity on the first try. The program and test question banks were very helpful. I'm going to miss the lectures and the Nancy references. Thanks again.

Jul 22, 2014

Larissa Y.

THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU!!!!!! I Pass !!!!!!! from the first try. Will call tomorrow, to say personally how I'm deeply appreciate Professor Morton and all people with whom I had chance communicate last 2 months, who help me a lot, who gave me good advice ... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 10, 2014

Jane M.

I am so glad I chose AmericasProfessor! I thought Jack was engaging, a great teacher, and very funny (a tragic Monopoly accident?). I buckled down for 10 days and passed the exam on the first try. I am waiting for the paperwork to begin my new career. Thank you for such an engaging course and relieving my trepidation at entering such a complicated career at my age. I look forward to helping people feel comfortable with their choices in healthcare. I don't think I will be doing much with Life and Annuities, but it is nice to have the knowledge!

May 30, 2014

Adam M.

I studied for approximately 30 hours over the course of 10 days. I passed the Virginia LH&A exam this morning. Thanks for a simple effective study guide.

May 13, 2014

Susan C.

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam for Life and Health after taking the course. I really learned a lot. I spent about 8 weeks studying and it paid off.

Apr 07, 2014

James J.

I just sat the VA life and Health Licensing exam yesterday and passed on first attempt. No doubt this was the result of the great prep your course provided!

Jan 25, 2014

Terry H.

I would recommend this product to anybody that is interested in a career as a licensed Health and Life Insurance Producer and wants to pass the exam on their 1st time. It was a pleasure having Professor Ed as my instructor... Thank you!

Sep 09, 2013

Susana S.

I can't help but to send you an e-mail to THANK YOU FOR THIS COURSE. I studied for 10 days and love your way of teaching. I took my VA life and annuities exam last Saturday and I PASSED! I will now starting to study the health part and I am very excited about this since it's very easy with AMERICA'S PROFESSOR. THANK YOU VERY MUCH PROFESSOR JACK MORTON!

Apr 22, 2013

Tami C.

The course is great, especially to a new-comer to the insurance field. Change nothing!!!

Apr 20, 2012

Brandon R.

I highly recommend this course to anyone even if you have already taken other courses and/or read other books. The only negative to America's Professor is that it is not national. I live in Virginia and will be relocating back home to Texas. I would love the opportunity to use America's Professor for all my Continuing Educational requirements. Thank you!

Mar 08, 2012

Darryl P.

The videos were great!!! Jack is the man!!! I just took the test 3 hours ago and passed 11-21-11. The sample test and chapter test was a big help

Nov 21, 2011

Marcus M.

America's Professor went above and beyond to help me succeed on my licensing exam. The phone professionals were courteous, the written materials came very quickly, and the lectures are easy to follow! They even gave me an extension so I could get one last review in before my test and, guess what? I passed on the first try! A wonderful experience, worth the value, that I'd recommend to anyone that needs a good test prep course in this industry!

Nov 01, 2011

Eveline D.


Sep 14, 2011

Nathan S.

Dear America's Professor 'Jack', I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding online course. I took the great advise of Jack and took my Life and Health Exam separate, which I personally feel made it that much easier. I took my Life Exam last Wednesday and Passed it with flying colors. I am scheduled to take my Health Exam this coming Monday and I very confident with this material as I was with the Life Exam. I couldn't have done it with out the help of Jack. P.S. Tell Jack I can sell him some Life & Health Insurance! He may need it after Nancy watches any of his videos online!!! LOL Sincerely, Nathan "Customer for life for all my Pre-licensing needs" Northern Va

Apr 03, 2011

Alex M.

Jack clearly is passionate about the material and this helps considering Insurance information can be quite dry. I enjoyed his dry wit and his "Nancy" stories. Thanks again Jack. Great Job!

Dec 20, 2010

Janine H.

This is undoubtedly the best prelicensing course available! I paid for and tried one of the major competitors but it was not engaging and the material was not explained well. Your course was wonderful. I took it, did the final exam and then went and passed my licensing test on the first attempt. I've heard most people don't pass the first time but I did and it's all thanks to your program. Thank you!

Nov 02, 2010

Allen F.

I learned a lot and now I am ready to go!

Jul 03, 2010

Carlton P.

This course is a great value. Prof. Morton's presentation is engaging & makes the learning experience much more pleasant. Plus, the staff are very responsive to questions. Thanks Team AP!

Feb 03, 2010

Jason H.

Great course! I passed the VA life and health exam on my first attempt. The class was more effective than traditional classroom instruction I received for other exams.

Dec 15, 2009

This course includes:

Video Lecture Included 23+ Hours of Insurance Video Lectures (over national and state specific material)
Practice Questions Included Practice Quizzes & Final Exams (700+ question test bank)
Textbook Included Printed Textbook with a Virginia State Law Manual
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