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Texas General Lines Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

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Never done Insurance and was kind of nervous to just dive into to this without having any college knowledge. Over all I can't explain to you how good of a job this guy does with reiterating things to make them easy to learn. Great Job!! Scored-86 first try

Feb 20, 2018

Stacey R

This course is great! I have taken other prep courses in the past and none compared to America’s Professor. I passed my exam on the first try with ease. Thank you Jack for making it so easy!

Feb 19, 2018


I actually buckled down and studied two weeks before my scheduled test and I passed with an 84! I stressed a ton but the course content reflected the test. I would recommend this course to everyone! Thanks a ton AP!

Feb 06, 2018


I passed for the first try scoring at 86. It was unbelievable. This course was so great. I didn't have any insurance background. Thank you Mr. Morton for making this course so easy to understand. The examples were very helpful. I have no recommendations for any changes, the course covered everything which is needed for the exam.

Feb 05, 2018


Took your online courses studied 6 hrs a day for 25 days straight, took test Friday cut a 90. Thank you for such a great online teacher experience, will definitely use you again in near future.

Feb 05, 2018


Thank you professors for making this study fun and well explained. passed 😉

Jan 24, 2018


I knew absolutely nothing about insurance before this course, I took my P&C exam after taking this course for only 3 weeks and passed on the first try! I would recommend this program to anyone and feel certain I will pass my L&H soon as well!

Jan 24, 2018

Margaret R.

I could not have passed my Texas Property & Casualty exam on 1/20/18 without this course. I passed my exam the first time with a score of 90. I am now starting to study for my Texas Life & Health exam using the America's Professor course. I now have all the confidence in the world that I will be able to pass that test with flying colors!

Jan 22, 2018

Thuy Ngan Thi Nguyen

Thank You, America's Professor! I passed my P&C exam yesterday for the first time scoring 84. It's funny because I requested 2 weeks extension in case I need to review the materials if I didn't pass, but turned out I didn't need it at all. Almost all of the materials covered in the videos are on the licensing exam. I am now ready to move on to the next course Life & Health with AP. Thank you for your great support!

Jan 19, 2018


Thank you for all the help with the course and any questions I had. I was able to pass my exam!

Jan 16, 2018


I want to Thank America's Professor for all the support and wonderful material in the Texas Property and Casualty exam, I listen to the videos twice and respond all the test reviews. I pass my test at the first time and score 84 and finished early. I am currently enroll in my second course. This program really works.

Jan 15, 2018


I have been in insurance for 38 years and had never taken my licensing exam. Yesterday I passed my P & C exam with no problems whatsoever. America's Professor is awesome. I will recommend them to everyone. Thanks Professor!!

Jan 12, 2018

Joe T

I am 63 yrs young changing careers. I read the reviews and liked what I read. I went through the chapter videos took the chapter test and took the section test and the final. I highlighted where you highlighted I made notes where you made notes and I never went back and looked at them except for chapter 15. That was my worst score so I went back for another dose on 15. I thought the test was tough in fact I thought it was a wooly booger but thanks to the good Lord, Jack, Nancy, cousin Eddie, Ruby, my kind of gal and Peebles, I passed with an 87. I want to thank you again for having mercy on me when I lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. I will never forget that. I will be taking the life exam soon. Until then.....Thank you so much!!

Jan 12, 2018

Val M

Took my test today, and passed with flying colors!!! Super excited, and relieved. The course material on America's Professor helped me out a lot. Thank you AP!!

Jan 10, 2018


If your looking to pass your P&C in Texas on your first try, then this is the course you need. Very satisfied with this course & Morton is an excellent teacher.

Jan 09, 2018


This course was great! Passed the exam on the first try!

Jan 05, 2018


Very efficient and effective. Followed videos and review questions. Had to cram at the end because of holiday distractions and still got an 88%.

Jan 04, 2018


Passed! Great course. A LOT of lecture hours, but the books are great and can be used instead of many lectures (as you see fit). Would recommend to anyone who wants the flexibility of 24/7 classes.

Jan 04, 2018


Great Professor!! Seems very caring, and wanting to make sure you are able to pursue a successful path in your career. I would highly recommend taking his class.

Dec 17, 2017


I took my P & C exam today and scored a 90!!! The material was spot on. I will recommend others to use you all. Thank you Mr. Morton!!!

Dec 12, 2017


Today, I took the test and I passed. I like how the professor teaches, it is very clear and easy to remember the main points. Compared to other study websites this is the best one.

Dec 07, 2017


Studied for 2 weeks with this course. Almost identical in examples and concepts to actual exam. Very satisfied after all the hard work I put in.

Dec 05, 2017


I was a 5 year railroader on swing shifts. I signed up to for the P&C course here in Texas. Gave myself a week and Passed with an 88!!! Thanks for helping me be home with my wife and newborn. You are the BEST

Dec 04, 2017


I took TX PC exam course and made 84 on the first test. AP course is very straightforward and detailed to the test point.

Nov 20, 2017

LaShea J

I am so glad I came across Jack's study course! His teaching style is simple that a child could pass a college course, lol.. If you follow his instructions to how to study you will definitely pass. I only studied for a week and half before testing and passed with a 95. I recommend everyone to study with America's Professor.

Nov 20, 2017


Took my test today and passed without any problem! The videos are great and the teaching technique Jack uses really made it easy to remember. I was a bit nervous about my ability to remember all this "stuff" since I graduated college over 25 years ago!! If you choose America's Professor you won't be disappointed. Thank you!

Nov 09, 2017


I just moved to Texas. This was the only course that I used, and it helped me in everything. The way he explains everything and the drawing help me remember things in the exam. I do recommend it!! I passed on my first try!!

Nov 07, 2017


I really enjoyed the style of teaching and it was perfect for my way of learning. I just passed my test with a 91 and I am not signing up for a second license test. I highly recommend America's Professor.

Oct 30, 2017

Cameron Romans

I have to say, without this course there is no way I would have passed the state exam. I have a really hard time learning, and retaining information. Jack Morton is the best teacher I have ever had, I would love to thank you personally, but I doubt I'll ever have the chance. I took the test, finished with an hour left to spare, and got an 86. Thank you so much Mr. Morton.

Oct 30, 2017

Chris P.

I want to thank Mr. Morton for turning a sports journalist into an insurance agent in two months. I graduated college in the mid 90s and have done nothing but sports journalism since. I had little to no knowledge of insurance whatsoever, but decided to take the plunge and change careers when I was offered an opportunity. My first step was to buy a Property and Casualty Insurance Cram Book and figured I could read that and study to prepare for the exam. After a full day of "cramming" and 50 pages, I knew that wasn't going to work. Terminology was being thrown at me and I was lost. I'd heard about Kaplan, but decided to try this other thing I found online called America's Professor. From the first time I sat at my computer for the first lecture, this was the best decision. Mr. Morton has a way of teaching that really helps you remember the details. After finishing the course in 45 days (did about 2-3 hours a day while still continuing to work in my current job), I signed up for the test. The first available testing day was a week later. I didn't panic. I just went right back and skimmed some more of his lectures, retook all of the practice tests and paid SPECIAL ATTENTION to the state portion of the course. I also went back and looked at the Cram book, and now it made much more sense. But I never needed it because America's Professor and Mr. Morton prepared me like no other. I took the test yesterday, and not only passed, but made an 84! I recommend this to anyone who wants to pass the Pearson Property and Casualty Exam. Thank You!

Oct 20, 2017

ellie s.

Thank You! Great Teacher! Passed with no problems loved the extension I was given to give me extra time to study. Passed it my first attempt using this course.

Oct 20, 2017

Mauricio Jimenez

Even though my primary language is Spanish, I decided to take my exam in English. If it had not been for America's Professor, I think I would not have had the slightest possibility of passing it. The format of the course is really good, you can program your lessons according to your own schedule. Really awesome system. I Pass my Casualty & Property Insurance exam on the first try with 77 points. Thank you Professor and watch out for your cousin Eddy!

Oct 18, 2017


Thanks so much Professor Morton! I passed on the first try with an 85 just this morning. The online course was great and I felt confident going into the exam after finishing the course. I wish you offered a Texas Surplus Lines pre-licensing course. I will be telling my co-workers who need to get licensed to take this course.

Oct 03, 2017


Great course and friendly service. My emails were replied back to me immediately and received helpful service.

Sep 26, 2017


Passed the first time and am now an agency producer for Farmers Insurance. Thanks so much! Highly recommend.

Sep 25, 2017


Highly recommend. The videos and sample questions really prepared me and I passed my exam on the first try. Don't waist your time looking anywhere else. Thank you America's Professor.

Sep 25, 2017

JC Emmanuel

Just passed my TX General Lines P&C today, first time and passed with 92. get in the test room at 8.05 am and get out at 8.45 am, less than an hour and done!. This course is the way to go to pass the exam, as previews reviews mention, a lot of questions are almost identical to the questions you find in the course "review questions". Thank you so much America's Professor.

Sep 20, 2017


I just passed the P & C test with an 88!! I would like to thank you for preparing me for the exam. I have zero experience in insurance but recently decided to start my own business offering various types of business services for small businesses and insurance is something I wanted to offer. While I was studying, honestly, I had no clue if your course was going to prepare me. I had heard horror stories about people taking courses, only to find out the information was old or dated. I am embarrassed to say I doubted your course because I was testing and never failed a quiz so I thought... something is missing. I followed the instructions and took the course exactly how you recommended and wow, what a great experience. I could not believe how all the hints in the videos I listened to popped up in my head as I was taking the exam. Also, tons of your practice exam questions were very similar to the ones on the exam as well. You should be very proud. It really prepared me. Thank you again!

Sep 18, 2017



Sep 11, 2017


This course is definitely the way to go. Very easy to follow and he is very knowledgeable. I did the online classroom lecture. It essentially gives you 4 ways to learn it. To hear it, to see it when highlighting, read the material, then test yourself with the practice exams. The test questions are very similar to the type questions they will ask on the state test. I took the Texas property and casualty exam and scored a 95. Proctor said they have never seen a score that high on any insurance exam. I'm not even that smart, but this course was perfect for me. I give it 5 stars, would have given it more, if I had the option. p.s. Take it easy on us fireman. We never Knock down the wrong door, or spray too much water. wink wink !!

Aug 28, 2017


Thankful for this course! It provides excellent preparation! Follow the guidelines exactly! Passed my exam on the first try with an 89! I haven't taken a test in almost 30 years!

Aug 18, 2017


Made a 93!! Studied 18 days for about 4 Hrs per day. I a 4 yr old, a 2 yr old, and I'm 8 months preg. I did what they recommended. I like his style of teaching because he uses lots of life examples to help you remember. I will be using Jack for life and health.

Aug 16, 2017


This course was excellent! It hit on all the highlights which made it easier to absorb. There was way too much information to learn and I truly believe that I would not have passed the exam without having taken this course. I highly recommend it.

Aug 07, 2017


Excellent course! I passed at my first attempt with time to spare. I am grateful that I found the program. The professor actually made the lessons not only easy to understand, but also interesting and entertaining! Thanks Jack

Aug 03, 2017

Kevin W

The course really prepared me for the Texas P&C exam. I was a little nervous going in, but after I started the exam and realized how prepared I was from Jack's lectures and book everything fell into place. I passed with room to spare. Great course.

Aug 02, 2017

Joyce W

After listening to the tutorial and reading my book, I felt fully prepared for the Property and Casualty exam. Sure enough, I passed the test with no problem. Great program and I would definitely recommend to others.

Aug 01, 2017

Sherry H

The course was extremely helpful and the practice tests were very similar to the actual test. I passed on my 1st attempt - which is amazing since there are so many acronym's and it's been awhile since I was in school. Thank you Morton & all the staff as America's Professor. Hopefully I'm on my way to a great new career!

Jul 25, 2017


2 1/2 hour exam...knocked it out in 1 1/2 hour, scored 89. The Morton gang put the fix in for me!!! Now it is on to the Life, Accident and Health exam!!

Jul 19, 2017

Ryan M.

This course is the only reason I was able to pass my exam. The practice tests were extremely similar to the actual exam. I highly recommend this course!

Jul 18, 2017


Passed my test. This course America's Professor was a great way to study.

Jul 12, 2017


I studied for the TX General Lines P & C Pre-Licensing course to prepare for the exam. I took the exam on July 8th and passed with an 88! I was apprehensive upon entering the testing room, however once I answered a few of the questions (which I had seen similar during the pre-licensing course), I felt more at ease. Thank you America's Professor!

Jul 11, 2017


Took my exam yesterday and made a 93! Whoop! The exam was super easy and majority of it was just vocabulary. Even the ones that asked about the policy were just definition questions. So glad my friend recommended this course. It is super boring at times and is hard to just sit and watch for long periods of time especially when you are ADD like me but so thankful I did it.

Jul 10, 2017


Helpful, complete course and pleasure to take. Pass at first time .Thank you Jack!

Jun 30, 2017


Best online course I have purchased. The course set up is well designed. The overview and "real life" illustrations help you better understand the material. Everything you need to pass the exam is in this course in an easy to digest and understand format. If you truly listen to the material, take the chapter tests and read the book in the areas your are not grasping - you should be good to go! I did the above steps and read over some of the material the night before and passed first time with an 84%. Great course if you follow it in order and apply yourself.

Jun 26, 2017

Roy Cornelius

Awesome course Jack was very easy to understand and he gives a ton of hints on how you can remember info for the test. I passed with an awesome score. I will definately recommend

Jun 20, 2017


Excellent prep course. Great training at an affordable cost. I made a 90 on the Life and Health and an 85 on the P&C first attempt on both. I highly recommend this course.

Jun 19, 2017

Charles B.

* Enrolled in the course Saturday May 27 * Began watching the video lessons Sunday May 28 * Booked arrived Thursday June 1 (I used the electronic version) * Didn't take any of the chapter quizzes along the way * Finished watching the National video lessons Sunday June 4 * Registered on June 4 to take the exam on June 7 *Finished watching the State video lessons Monday June 5 *Took every exam in the course until I hit 90% on Tuesday & Wednesday June 6 & 7. * Finished completing EVERY quiz & exam June 7 at 5:00 PM * At Pearson Vue at 6:00 PM June 7 for my appointed time, given 2.5 hours to finish 150 question test * Finished exam in 1.5 hours with a score of 95%

Jun 08, 2017


I took the exam today, for the first time and scored 85%. I am new to Insurance and studied for just 13 days. I am going to start studying for Life and Health on Monday. America's Professor is the best thing since sliced bread! The way he teaches, is like your dad reading bedtime stories to you, you never forget! AP people really do pass!

Jun 08, 2017

Jacqueline UHD IRM Bachelor of Business

I am so happy I found America's Professor. I studied for the Property & Casualty licensing exam on my own time while taking classes Spring semester. This course will thoroughly take you through the topics with a book to follow and/or a PDF book you can upload to ibooks and read anywhere. I was able to review the quizzes and test anytime or anywhere. I used my iPad Pro and had some technical issues, but when I emailed to ask for help, I was sent a response as to what to do and problem was solved. I passed my exam and now I am looking forward to a new career and opportunities in the IRM industry.........

May 22, 2017


This course correctly prepared me for the license exam. The presentation of material was simple and to the point. I would recommend this course to anyone that is in need of test prep.

Apr 28, 2017

Jay W. Mayes

Well, Jack and Pat, another student passed!!! I love how personal your company is - when you make a call, Pat is their to answer the phone with no automation "gatekeeper." Jack, you are an awesome professor! You kept me from being overwhelmed with all the information we went over. For the Texas students, please make note that you must go through all of the 136 question quiz, because the PearsonVue exam went over a lot more information than what was in the lecture. Also, I think it would be neat if you had a conclusion "pep talk" lecture to keep it personal. Overall, brilliant job!!!

Apr 24, 2017


America's Professor is a fun and painless way to take the Property and Casualty course and pass on the first try! Jack is a great instructor and makes material that could be boring, come to life. I'm so glad I took this course and had time to digest the material rather than cramming it all in to a couple of days of an in-person class. Jack, uses lots of humor, gives concrete examples and tells you what test questions to expect. He also writes notes during his lectures, which you can copy in the margins of your book. The book is included in the price, and is a useful resource for the future. This course was an excellent investment, and cheaper than the in-person classes. I'm so happy I did it this way. Jack is doing what he was meant to do...he is a natural at this! Thanks again. If I ever need to take another course, you'll be the first I'll call.

Apr 20, 2017


Loved it! After going through various methods studying, this one really did the job! Passed the test first try with an 84!!! Absolutely Recommend it! Thank you America's Professor! Will be coming back to you for my TX Life & Health Course!

Apr 03, 2017


I took The P&C Texas General Lines on April 1st and passed in the first attempt. Scored 81. I made this one only because of America's Professor. Thanks Morton for your great lessons and video lecture!!!

Apr 03, 2017

Kris Harmon

Took my Texas General Lines Property and Casualty Insurance exam back on the 14th. The lady that gave me my results saw my score when I turned the sheet over to look at it and said that it was one of the highest scores she had seen in the 18 months that she has worked there. I owe it all to Jack and America's Professor. I already have the Life and Health course in hand and I am working on it right now.

Mar 24, 2017

Victoria C.

I was very happy with the course I took. I felt very prepared when I took the test. I highly recommend that anyone looking to take the P&C test should take this course. I am very happy to say that I received the highest grade in my entire office and I can attribute it to the AP course. Jack explains all the relevant material in detail and with great examples. I work full time and I am also a full time college student so it took me several months to finish the course, but the AP customer service team was always so helpful in giving me extensions when I needed them. With this course you definitely get the most bang for your buck!

Mar 07, 2017


I loved the teaching material. I've taken other online courses, and this was by far my favorite. I'd like to see some of the quizzes be reduced (136 questions...yikes!) Other than that, no complaints. I passed my exam on the first attempt!

Mar 03, 2017


Having done the 65, 63, 6, 7, Group 1- this course was study was really good- repetition is the key and give your self plenty of week to do it. I took a 5 day break after running through the test 5-6 times each, then read the chapters which were the largest along with the Texas sup. Good teacher. I will recommend you. PS. Shot a 77 @ the White Fish Golf course two years ago.

Feb 20, 2017


Took my General Lines Property and Casualty exam in Texas today and passed with a 92! The videos made and review questions made the exam very easy to pass. This is a GREAT test prep! Thank you.

Feb 13, 2017


I passed my course on the first try today. The information was well thought out and I had a friends course on the same material to compare it to. I like this course better and plan to use them for my next course.

Jan 08, 2017


Passed my exam today with an 84! Excellent tips and test prep! Thank you, thank you! I will recommend to anyone looking to get licensed!

Dec 13, 2016

Amanda Ward Walling

Thank you so very much for all of your help with your course on Property and Casualty Insurance. I will definitely share my experience with others needing to take the Property and Casualty exam. I am pleased to say I passed the test!

Dec 12, 2016


This course is amazing!! Just passed my P&C yesterday! I would recommend America's Professor to anyone wanting to get their license!!

Dec 07, 2016


Great information! Just what I needed to pass my exam. Thank you.

Nov 18, 2016

Mark B

Thanks you very much, great course and great instructor , many questions where tricky and confusing at the test but I only got % 94 and pass, next will be Life for me.

Oct 11, 2016


The materials are well organized and thorough. I passed the test on the first try with a high score. I would highly recommend AP for anyone looking to pass an insurance exam.

Sep 06, 2016


I took the Texas P&C and Life/Health Insurance course through America's Professor and I am extremely happy that I did. I scored a 96 and 91 on my exams! I highly recommend these online courses to anyone considering taking these TX Insurance Licensing exams.

Aug 30, 2016

Todd Sells

The course was done in a way we can all understand. Mr. Morton's examples yet goofy were very helpful. Passed my test today. I will definitely use them when I get ready to take my Life and Health exam.

Aug 15, 2016

Greta Ross

I have taken a course to study for my life & health exam given by test teachers, I had to take the exam 3 times before I passed. With this course I followed the outline took the exam after each chapter, I had my exam on 8/03/16 passed the very 1st time I took the test. I loved the teaching style, I remembered a lot of things for the quackery things the instructor said. I made a 77 on my exam in Texas. It wasn't easy, the wording was a lot different but I passed and I will tell everyone that is looking to take a good course that you will pass on the 1st try, this is the course. The only thing I regret is I'm looking forward to taking a Risk Management course and wish you offered that course, I know I would do well on that exam. Thank you for all you do to help people like me pass my exam and give me the confidence to not only pass my exam but to know the information that I can apply to further my career. Respectful, Greta Ross Grand Prairie, Texas

Aug 05, 2016

Nancy M.

Jack is really great at explaining the course as well as how you can get confused by the rewording on the test. It really helped me not to be confused or nervous while doing the test. Love the fact I can always go back and review the books. I got an 88%! Now on to Life and Health!

Jul 08, 2016

KD Baugh

As the course intro says, AP people pass. Easy to follow and instructive. Jack makes the material easy to digest and understand. I will for sure be getting the Life and Health course when it comes time for that. Right now, I am enjoying passing my P&C on the first attempt. Thanks again. I will be recommending this to anyone who is interested in taking and passing the exam.

May 31, 2016


I took the exam today and got 92%. The national part was easy, most of the questions were almost same with the practice exams. I had a hard time though with the state part exam. It felt like I perfected the national exam and got all the mistakes on the TX state part exam.

May 23, 2016


Thank you to America's Professor for helping me pass the Texas Property and Casualty exam. Videos and study material were amazing and extremely helpful. I would recommend to everyone.

Apr 18, 2016


Having been out of school for 20+ years, I was a little intimidated before my test today. Once the exam started, I felt more at ease because of the easy to follow course/content taught by America's Professor. I passed my General Lines Property and Casualty on the first attempt! I am now ordering my General Lines Life, Health and Accident Course.

Mar 01, 2016

5 out of 5

I passed my exam on the first try. I appreciate AP workng with me as I had a couple of life changing events occurring and needed a couple of extentions. All have worked out, Thanks again! I have recommended the course to some of my friends and co-workers.

Feb 22, 2016

matthew ojoka okolo

America's Professor was perfect for my exam, it dealt with virtually all the test questions. I am so happy I got my classes from this website it really helped me. Great job guys I passed the test easily scored 82 . Thanks

Feb 07, 2016


I was really worried after talking to my co-worker and boss. They kept talking about how hard the exam was. I ACED it. Thanks!

Aug 05, 2015


I have taken the 3 day class, used many books to study and have not had success in many many years. Finally decided that I needed to switch it up and try something different. Ordered the online class and I truly have to say this if the best thing I have ever come across. It was easy to understand, followed the book to a T and took out all the crap that you don't need. I took my test today and came out an hour and a half later with an 82% PASSING score. If I were going to get any other license I would choose this method again....

Jul 24, 2015


Worth the money! It is a lot of information but Jack made it easy to understand. The books arrived fast and were great resources. Passed the exam the first time and well above the 70 mark. Thank you Jack for being a great teacher!

Jul 21, 2015

Denise Mota

I took the course for Property and Casualty In Texas. I am very satisfied... The Professor is amazing and the course is economical...

Jun 06, 2015

Ryan M

Took the P&C text today in 34 min.. passed with a 87%... the outline you have matches up perfectly with the Pearson VUE test. I was more than prepared. I have two 9 month twins girls at home and my wife was able to give me a few hours each night to study while working a full time job of about 50 work hours a week. So I am really surprised that I did so well just by watching the videos. Thank you, your teaching style works wonderfully.

May 27, 2015


After reading the reviews of America's Professor I purchased it. A.P. helped and guided me through the material. Pat and Devon were great and it showed that they really wanted me to pass the exam, they were friendly too. I did pass my exam and if it wasn't for A.P. and those two I don't think I would have. Do yourself a favor and don't look anywhere else, purchase A.P. and start your career you won't be disappointed. THANK YOU AMERICA'S PROFESSOR!!

Apr 27, 2015


Tip for those taking this course, make sure you study the state specific rules and regulations thoroughly! More of the state specific questions popped up on the exam than the general knowledge questions. Passed my exam on the second try, missed it the first time by one point. Overall I believe this course was a great investment! I enjoyed learning using America's Professor, thank you!

Apr 10, 2015


I thoroughly enjoyed the class. The lecture videos were very helpful. I was able to remember the difficult and confusing terminology because of Jack's examples. I passed on my first try on the Texas General Lines Property and Casualty exam. I highly recommend this course! Thank you!

Mar 16, 2015

Steve V.

Pass the Texas P&C exam this morning in about an hour with an 88 score. Thanks!

Nov 04, 2014

Alex P.

Thank you Americas professor! I passed both the General Lines P&C and Life. Accident and Health with a 92% on each. The course prepared me well for the exam and Professor Jack Morton was excellent.

Oct 02, 2014

Selorm F.

I passed the test with flying colors. Thanks America's Professor

Jul 13, 2014

Susan G.

Wanted to let you all know that I truly enjoyed the on line course and I passed my exam with an 82 this morning. Morton was a great instructor and gave me a better understanding for the testing information needed to pass this test. I had previously taken it with the Kaplan 3 day course back in February. I took the test 3 times and was getting scores of 68. I needed a little push to get me over the bump in my road. Morton explained everything very clear and gave me a much better understanding for the material. I studied with Morton every night for the past couple of weeks, instead of cramming it down my throat like the class did. Want to say thank you for being such a wonderful instructor!

May 05, 2014

Ricky H.

I just finished the survey on your site. I did not find a place to tell, where I passed or not. So, I wanted to let you know, that I did pass the exam on the 1st time. I studied the material for, around 10 days. I knew very little about P&C.

Mar 16, 2014

Tracy T.

This course was excellent! The course was easy to follow and kept my attention. Jack's tricks for recalling certain details really stuck with me! I was beyond prepared for the exam. Easiest A I have ever made! I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and family!

Jan 01, 2014

JCL - Dallas, TX

I took the Texas General Lines Property and Casualty exam today and received a very high grade. My purpose is not to boast about my score but to comment on (and express my appreciation for) the superb organization of your materials and accompanying instruction, which made the content comprehensible. To be sure, there is a lot of material to master, but your course made the job manageable.

Oct 28, 2013

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Textbook Included Printed Textbook with a Texas State Law Manual
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Free Extensions 45-Day Initial Course Access with FREE Extensions Until You Pass!

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