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Texas General Lines Life, Accident & Health Pre-Licensing Course

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I was so worried about taking my Gen Lines Life and Health test. With the America's Professor course, I passed on the first try with a score of 89. The prep questions on America's Professor closely mimic the type of questions on the exam and there were few questions that were not material covered in the course. I was very well prepared after studying this course.

Feb 19, 2018

Chris Parry

Two for two! Just passed my Life and Health test. Can add that to my Property and Casualty License. I couldn't have done it without America's Professor. Passed both on my first try! Thank You!

Feb 15, 2018


This online course was great! It really helped me! To be very honest, it took me a while to get all the information in my head. But I'm really glad this course took every subject chapter very separately to understand! I passed the exam and ready to move on! Thank you America's Professor!

Feb 13, 2018


Dear Professor Morton, I am very glad to report I have just past Texas General Lines Life, Accident, & Health License Examination this evening at the first time of trial. Above all, I am greatly benefited with deep learning from your diligent and tireless teaching. Best Wishes to You and Your Families Health and Happiness! Best Regards, Eugene Houston, TX

Feb 09, 2018


Let me start by saying, I was skeptical of these study materials. Why? I originally purchased from Kaplan and it was a complete waste of money! But, I read the reviews and decided to give it a whirl. Insurance isn't completely new to me but I'm definitely not a master. Let me tell you, Jack makes SENSE. He simplifies things and adds comedy (which I love) to your learning experience. DO NOT HESITATE. I studied for 3 weeks and passed with an 85%. Y'all...TAKE THE COURSE, it's worth it! THANK YOU AMERICA'S PROFESSOR for helping me achieve another goal of mine :)

Feb 07, 2018


Passed with an extension course because i failed the first time, but still happy i got it over with!! Thanks to this course and the professor! God bless!

Feb 02, 2018


Took my Texas Life & Health course today, and passed!! Thank you AP!! I am ready to start my new career

Jan 31, 2018


Mr. Professor, Jack Great course, and very interesting, it was like a TV/Online series. It took me about a week from the time I received the hard copy book to the time I took the exam, which I passed with flying colors, the first time I took it. Very proud. I studied no less than 5 hours per day every day for 10 days. But there was a little surprise. The actual test questions were a magnitude more difficult than the questions presented in your course. Just reading the questions on the exam was burdensome and time consuming. We had a 150 minutes to answer 150 questions and that was not enough time. Also many thanks to Pat for his support in quickly responding to my many inquiries.

Jan 28, 2018


After previously failing my insurance test through another companies testing materials, I switched to America's Professor and could not have been happier with my decision. I passed my test with ease after thoroughly learning with Jack's help. Unlike any other company, they give you the free option to extend your course with no fee. Thanks America's Professor, now onto the Property and Casualty section

Jan 16, 2018

Macayla Luetkenhaus

This course is top-notch and will fully prepare you for the exam. I went through the entire online course in a 2 week span and passed my exam with an 84. Highly recommend this professor! Thanks again AP!

Jan 12, 2018


Great Professor! Jack was clear and kept my attention. I would definitely use this again for all of my insurance education needs. I scored a 91 on my test that most people fail and I was never good at school.

Jan 12, 2018


I would like to compliment the staff at America's Professor. They were so helpful and so nice. They always took the time to explain any questions I had. The book was so easy to read and to study. The test questions on there were so helpful for the main test. With all this said I got an 86 on the test. Thanks to America's Professor. Thank you sooooo much!!!

Jan 08, 2018

Donna M.

Easy read and learning. Information covered more than prepares you for the test. Needed passing score - 70, my passing score - 91! Great course, I've already made referrals and recommendations!

Jan 02, 2018


This program prepares you for the test. I took my test today and made an 87. I did put in a lot of work and the full 45 days to prepare for test. Hard work and AP paid off.

Dec 21, 2017


First, I would like to compliment the staff at America's Professor. They were always accommodating and helpful. Obtaining a license from Texas Department of Insurance was something completely new for me so I took this training very seriously and approached the training with enthusiasm. I studied the accompanying text and listened to all the lectures. I then took the tests and studied the results and updated my understanding. Just before sitting for the TDI exam I reviewed all the section tests. Then I sat for the test and passed with flying colors the first time. Thank you for all the work that went into building this course. It is top notch. Lee Hunka

Dec 15, 2017


I really, really appreciate the way the teacher taught...made it easy to understand and illustrations are always a good way to remember. The test questions were spot on and made it easy to retain. Passed my test the first time around with an 88%....WHOO-HOO!!! Thank you!

Dec 14, 2017


Just got home from taking the test. Passed on the first try with a 94. Excellent prep course by America's Professor. If you'll just follow their instructions -- don't skip any material, devote enough time to studying, and review exactly what they recommend just before the test -- you can do it too.

Dec 05, 2017


Passed the exam! Studied with the videos and provided booklets only, and took 1 week to study and pass! I highly recommend this program.

Nov 27, 2017

Christine T

I took Jack's Texas P & C and Life & Health exam courses. I made a 91 on the first test and a 92 on my Life and Health. I am a believer in the way he teaches and his style really speak to my learning style/language. 100% worth the cost of the courses. I will always come back to America's Professor for any additional classes I need in the future.

Nov 17, 2017


Passed the test with an 80. The language in the test was somewhat different than in the pre-licensing course but there was enough understanding to make up for the difference.

Nov 17, 2017


Great Job with the teaching of the course. It made it easier to understand and be prepared for the exam. I passed on my first attempt with a score of 84!! Thanks Jack and thanks Nancy for allowing Jack use you for his examples. Lol

Oct 17, 2017

Bob Slusser

Took test and passed first time ! Was definitely prepared.

Oct 12, 2017

Elva Roy

I have taken quite a few MOOC online courses. Prof. Jack Morton's course is up there at the top of the list insofar as quality of program. He makes it easy and fun to learn with his funny, self-deprecating teaching style and personal stories which make concepts easier to remember. The textbook tracks along with his videos with just a few updates at the end to be sure that all information presented is up to date. I passed the Texas exam on the first try without any trouble and I'll bet you will easily pass your exam if you take advantage of these great online tools.

Oct 01, 2017


AP was a fantastic course. I really enjoyed the format and teaching style of the professor. Studied for a little over a week and made an 85 on the Texas General Lines Life & Health exam. Good Job. I highly recommend this class. Thanks AP !!!!!!!!!

Sep 25, 2017

Rachel T

This course is absolutely worth the value! Professor Morton is engaging, funny and informational. The prep quizzes and tests are a must. I took the exam 9-8-17, and passed with flying colors! Some of the questions, I recalled Professor Morton repeating almost verbatim. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a license prep course!

Sep 11, 2017


Highly recommend! Took the General Lines- Life & Health and took the test today. Every question on the test was covered in this course and there was not one I had no clue how to answer. I needed a course extension and they accommodated that with no problem all I had to do was send an email. The way the course is designed really help me recall the information while I was testing. I scored a 94 on my test and have to thank America's Professor for that!!

Sep 07, 2017


Loved America's Professor. Course is very detailed. The review questions are great for practicing and getting samples on how to prepare for the actual licensing test. I highly recommend taking this course. It really helped me to simulate the sense of taking an electronic multiple choice test. I just PASSED my exam today on the first try, and I have to say that this course helped me tremendously. If you are on the fence about trying this course, please don't be. This course is the best. I'm thinking about registering for another course. Thank you America's Professor for all that you do!

Sep 06, 2017

Pooja goyel

Best best best !!! I passed the exam in once attempted . Best tutorial best videos and best samples papers, Thanks a lot.

Aug 22, 2017


Morton strikes again! 91 on TX LAH

Aug 03, 2017


I was totally clueless about the insurance business having just retired from public school administration. Thanks Professor Jack. I passed my exam and now am moving onward and upward. Byron

Jul 27, 2017

Lola A

I have no insurance experience. I did both Property and Casualty (85%) and the Life, Accident, Health and HMO (92%) exams in June 2017. I passed both exams at first trial, both between two and a half weeks of each other, 85% and 92%. Thank you America's Professor!

Jul 24, 2017


The staff always help me how to pin point focus before to take the test examine and help me extend hours when I do not have much time on line for study. Thank you and good luck to Staff

Jul 19, 2017


Awesome course! Very easy to understand. Passed on the first try :)

Jul 18, 2017


I just finished my exam for TX Gen Lines Health and Accident and I passed with a score of 87!!!!! This was the best course ever! Easy to follow and understand I felt like I was actually in the classroom with Professor Jack! I was well prepared today I still have 29 days left of my 45! I will not need to renew.. I will recommend this course to anyone preparing for an insurance test. I knew absolutely nothing about insurance before signing up America's Professor. Now I feel like a Pro! The only thing I'd suggest is adding one more review quiz for the specific State section of the course I believe the state part of the exam is where I lost points because I didn't retain it as well as I did the National portion because it was quick and no quizzing, I believe if I was able to quiz myself at home for the state portion I would have scored a 100% but oh well the goal was a 70 and I surpassed that! Thank You Jack America's Professor!!!! AP RESPONSE: Congrats on passing! I see that you missed the state quiz (Chapter 34) in your course. ;) Great score though!

Jul 17, 2017


I took the test July 12 and I passed! Thank you for extending my course for free. The review course is outlined and easy to understand.

Jul 15, 2017

Joe T

Well here's the skinny, when I signed up for the test I was not aware of the counselor license, I took the test too cheap to forfeit the funds. I passed the Counselor test on Sat June 8, 2017. On Monday I took the General Lines life etc. exam and passed with an 80. over 60 % of questions had to do with health. Where in the hell was Jack when I took Algebra. He is the best!!!

Jul 11, 2017


Don't shop other courses. You can use the material to your learning style and pace. I probably over-studied, but it was all presented and just up to me to pass, and pass I did with a 90%. The practice quizzes were invaluable. Thanks Jack!

Jun 28, 2017

F.W. Smith

Wow! This course was actually a pleasure to take. Jack was my style of Instructor. The way he breaks it down is very efficient. Take your time and complete the entire course, and yes pass the reviews 90% recommendation. If you are having trouble retaining, watch the videos and retake the questions as many times as you feel you need. I passed My Texas GL, Life & Health the first time well above the 70% requirement. I recommend America's Professor to anyone who is planning on pursuing an Insurance career. Thank you Professor Jack Morton.

Jun 20, 2017


I'd like to just say that I really enjoyed the course and found it to be such a great help. If you want to pass, sign up today.

Jun 19, 2017


I was very nervous starting this course as I had heard how difficult the test was. I completed this course in its entirety, and I passed the test with a 93 this morning!! Thank you professor Morton for your tireless work keeping the ever changing world of health and life insurance as up to date as possible.

Jun 02, 2017


This course is amazing. I used another course not a near as good. I would highly recommend this coarse. This teacher is so good and will give you stories to help you memorize the content. Great videos and material covered.

Jun 01, 2017

Kris H

Took my Texas General Lines Life, Accident & Health today. This course, and the way Professor Morton teaches the course, makes it make sense. If anyone is even thinking about taking the P&C or the Life, Accident, and Health test, this course is an absolute must.

May 11, 2017


very usefully details and help us to get pass the course

May 01, 2017

Jay tee hunters

I got nothing to vilify America's Professor rather than recommending it to anyone that is hoping to pass the exam in Texas at first attempt. It worth it, when you talk of the cost, it is the best and if you follow the teaching you will pass.

Mar 16, 2017


Awesome course. Passed Exam on the first try. Love that you can go through the course at your own pace. Anybody who wants to be prepared for the Exam, this is for you. Must have for anyone preparing to take the test.

Mar 06, 2017


I just took my exam tonight and passed it first try, thank you so much Jack. Love you video and sample, you make it so easy understand the course.

Feb 09, 2017


I passed the exam on the first attempt. The online lectures were very thorough and the humor along with real life examples made the course material both interesting and memorable. I definitely recommend taking this course if you prefer the online option. Thank you America's Professor.

Jan 13, 2017


It was definitely a point to point prep. Very helpful.

Dec 21, 2016


Excellent study guide passed my test on first try. Thank you.

Nov 07, 2016


Thank you Jack for the well taught lessons! The video instructions were very helpful because you used examples that really helped me to retain the basic concepts. I would listen to to video instructions while driving or cleaning up around the house. I purchased the course, studied for 2 weeks and then took the exam. Going into the testing center to take the exam I felt very confident that I really knew the information and I did because I made a very high passing score on my first try! I also purchased the TX General Lines Casualty & Property course 2 days after testing for the Life, Accident & Health course. I also studied this material material for 2 weeks before testing. I aced this test as well on the very first try! I would definitely recommend this product to others! Thank you so much Jack for providing an invaluable product!

Nov 07, 2016


Used AP to study for the TX General Lines Life, Accident/Health Insurance test. Followed the course to a T and felt very prepared throughout the test. Passed with an 85 on my first go around. Thanks for all the help!

Oct 11, 2016


This was a great way to lean. I was still working a full time job of 60+ hours a week and did not have the ability to take formal in person class. Jack taught me what I needed to know and I was able to do it on my own time. Passed the test and felt comfortable all the way through. Great Job Jack!! Say hello to Nancy ;-) Paul

Sep 26, 2016

Randy S

Jack does a great job of teaching the material. I passed with a 90! Keep in mind he can not give the same questions that are on the exam (that would be illegal) but he does a great job of teaching conceptually so that you will be able to answer the questions on the exam!

Sep 23, 2016

Kristen T

Best Prep course. I passed my Texas General Lines Life, Accident and Health with a 92! I am super excited. This course worked great with my schedule and I was able to do this daily on my lunch breaks and they even gave me an extension of time. I would highly recommend this course.

Jul 27, 2016


I took and passed the exam on the first attempt after taking this course!!! This course is broken down in a way that everyone is able to understand the information and retain it. I would recommend paying special attention all of the section quizzes and the final exam. The system provides explanations for those questions answered incorrectly. Also, I would advise test takers not to get too caught up in mastering each section....its way too much information. Just under the basic concepts + the quizzes = Success!!!!

May 26, 2016


I scored over 90% thanks to AP. The examples Jack used and the practice questions were the keys to my absorption of the material. I highly recommend AP!

May 11, 2016


This program has been very helpful when it comes to obtaining my insurance licenses. I actually tried other ways of learning the material through online classes but America's professor was the only one that helped me understand the material. I am more of a visual learner and I like the classroom environment. The best part of America's Professor was when it came down to a certain state you were able to choose. I actually did life and health along with property and casualty in a month. Both test I was able to pass on the first try at the testing center. I really enjoyed this learning experience, I have never been able to find a program like this and everyone has there different ways of learning but Jack was great! If you practice and listen the test will be cake. It was alot of time because i took two licences but in the end it was so worth it! Again thank you americas professor I am now a license agent for the state of TEXAS!

Feb 25, 2016

New Career

I had never taken an on-line course before, and found it to be a great way to learn. If I got tired or my mind started wandering I could pause it & then come back or I could replay it as many times as I needed to get it through my head. I think Jack Morton is a great teacher & during the licensing exam, I found myself thinking back to the many stories he used for memory devices. It was a lot of material, but I passed the first time around thanks to America's Professor!!

Jun 16, 2015


I cannot thank Dr. Jack Morton and the team at America's Professor enough for this material! I began studying last Friday (4/3) and tested this afternoon (4/9) and passed! It took a few late nights and cups of coffee, but it was totally worth it. If you are looking for a simplistic, easy-to-understand guide to completing the Life, Accident & Health Insurance then you are at the right place.

Apr 10, 2015


I was with another learning company before and took my test 2 times and failed before I decided to go with America's Professor. I'm a single mom so studying and finding alone time was difficult. I managed, I followed the instructions, and took the test for the 3rd time and passed!!!!! I was so excited that I cried! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Apr 08, 2015

Phil H.

I just finished your course on Texas Life and Health Insurance yesterday and yesterday evening I passed my test with a 94. Thank you for the material and your teaching. It was practical and easy to comprehend, and the practice exams are what rooted the information in my brain I think because it was obviously a mountain of information! And your memory devices, along with setting the material in specific examples and contexts like the illustration with the dentist on disability helped me put the information in a framework that was memorable and digestible. I spent three and a half solid days with the material and lots of coffee, so I’m happy with the grade in such a short amount of time thanks to you. Thank you again for your excellent work. Now I can get busy on my new career!

Nov 07, 2014

Tammy B.

I took the test yesterday, and passed with a 96!

Oct 31, 2014

Esther M.

Thanks for your lecture. I passed Life, accident, and health in Texas. Your lecture was very helpful to me. I deeply appreciate you again. Your examples were great.

Jun 07, 2014

Elijah M.

America's Professor with Teacher Jack Morton is simply an outstanding, relevant, cost effective, perfect course for anyone looking to go into the insurance industry and pass their General Lines Life & Health Exam the very 1st time. All the information that's spoon fed to you is almost exactly what you'll need for the exam. The quiz's and finals are spot on to the terminology displayed. I just got an 86 and couldn't be happier with AP. I recommend it for all as they made it so simple. P.S. On a more personal note: I took this test twice before my last try getting a 68 and then a 69. The relief and joy I felt when I realized I’m not stupid but had outdated/non-state specific study materials the entire time (from another company)… I guess the third time is the charm haha. I will tell everyone I know that’s passionate or interested in any way for getting their foot in the door for this business to hands down, absolutely, take your course without thinking twice about it. Thank you so much for all the help Sir.

Mar 11, 2014

Tom F.

Tell Nancy "hello" (Thank you very much!). Considering all that she has done, can do or would do, she must really be something. Great analogies and stories and tricks to remember answers.

Sep 18, 2013

This course includes:

Video Lecture Included 24+ Hours of Insurance Video Lectures (over national and state specific material)
Practice Questions Included Practice Quizzes & Final Exams (700+ question test bank)
Textbook Included Printed Textbook with a Texas State Law Manual
Free Shipping FREE Shipping
Free Extensions 45-Day Initial Course Access with FREE Extensions Until You Pass!

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Please Note Prepares Students for Group 1 Insurance License Exam, or Pearson VUE Exam Code InsTX-LAH05 (TX General Lines – Life, Accident, Health and HMO)

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