How to be a Great AP Student!

We want you to pass the exam the first time – so do you!

Our course is different than all of the others – we think it is far better to actually EXPLAIN the material than have you struggle with a gazillion so-called sample test questions. The material makes sense – if you understand the material, you will be ready no matter how the testing company words the questions.

Every exam given by the testing company is different – they are constantly writing new questions but the concepts that we explain rarely change.

If any of the test-prep schools have somehow stolen a real test question, you know they can’t use it for fear of being sued for copyright violation. So, our approach is to EXPLAIN material so that you can answer the testing company’s endless stream of new questions.

This isn’t like so many of those college courses where the lazy professors use and reuse the same test questions year after year. In those courses, the only way to prepare was to “get” the questions and memorize the answers. That simply won’t work for this professional insurance licensing exam.

Here at America’s Professor we try to prepare our students to pass the licensing exam the first time. That being said it’s very important that you contact us if something in the course isn’t clear to you. Often times student call us with an extension request and are surprised to hear that we will go above and beyond to help our students by answering their questions. If you leave questions unanswered it will more than likely come back to bite you during your actual licensing exam.

As Jack likes to say, here is how he would tell his own sister to pass the exam:

  1. Stay in Test World. Real World changes quickly, Test World does not. We teach students the content required to pass their exam and sometimes run into situations that require us to teach some outdated content (until the exam changes). It is imperative that you put Real World knowledge on the back shelf until after you’ve passed your licensing exam.
  2. Complete the chapters in order. Don’t get the chapters out of order – each chapter assumes that you know what was in the prior chapters.
  3. Get this over with quickly. Students who complete their courses in the shortest amount of time tend to have the highest first-time pass rates. Typically students who spend between 7-21 days (a few hours a day) tend to do very well. The longer you wait to take the exam, the more details you will forget. But, if you need to reschedule your test date, do so at least 48 hours prior to your exam time or you will more than likely have to pay another testing fee.
  4. Watch the chapter lecture videos. This is a video course, you need to watch each video beginning to end. We think that the Chapter Video is at least 10 times as important as the Chapter Quizzes. You may want to read the text material that Jack doesn’t highlight in the video, but that is not necessary – however, do read the Chapter Updates (more on that in a minute)!!!
  5. How to take the Chapter Quizzes. VERY IMPORTANT: Your first attempt on each Chapter Quiz tells you (and us) EVERYTHING – that is exactly how well you understand the material. If you don’t score at least 80%, watch the video a second time. Even a grade school kid could get a high score on these quizzes the second time through – it would be easy for the grade schooler to memorize the answers without understanding any of the concepts. It is your first-time score that is meaningful.
    1. Of course the testing company writes tricky questions – some with “EXCEPT” at the end and others with useless information included to sidetrack your thoughts.
    2. Retaking the exam will not be very helpful – your brain will have subconsciously memorized the correct answer – of course on a retake you will have a much higher score but do you really understand the material? Don’t fool yourself – the key is the video, not the questions.
    3. Our chapter quiz questions are nothing more than a sample of what concepts will be tested. Focus on understanding Jack’s video rather than memorizing answers to questions – this isn’t like those forgettable college classes where you could pass by simply memorizing questions and answers – the licensing exam is a serious exam with many thousands of ever-changing questions.
  6. Check for our updates. There will be updates or specific points we want to clarify inside your course. Be sure to check the Chapter Updates section of your course before you take your exam. The the exam is updated we will rush this content to the Updates section!
  7. Our Customer Service Wizards. If you don’t understand something, pester us until you understand – the Wizard is sipping coffee waiting for you to call. Submit a question or give us a call (8 AM-5 PM M-F MST) at 1-800-870-3130. If those times don’t work for you, we will work out a time to fit your schedule.

In the unlikely event that you aren’t one of the nearly 80% of our students who pass the exam the first time:

  1. Send us a copy of your score sheet. We can break down the test sections and give feedback on which chapters need to be reviewed. Bad stuff happens, period. It is simply a fact of life that not everyone will pass the exam the first time, or even the second time.
    1. Even though you may have had a bad test day, this course has more than enough information for you to pass. There are a lot of reasons some of our students have to retake the exam (didn’t finish the course, bad test taker, first time test anxiety, slept on the wrong side of the bed, personal issues, etc.).
    2. WE WILL STICK WITH YOU UNTIL YOU PASS! Please scan and email us your score sheet so we can break down the test sections and provide helpful feedback on which topics need to be reviewed.
  2. Work with our Customer Support Wizards. We can spot the specific areas where you are having trouble and help you better understand those topics. Clarifying just a few issues can make a big difference on your exam score.
  3. Be sure to once again review test topics where your scored well. If you concentrate only on your weak areas, you will forget the details of the other topics. Just because you scored high on a particular section of the exam the first time doesn’t mean you’ll do that well on a retake -review all of the material before retaking the exam!

5 responses to “How to be a Great AP Student!”

  1. Brent Barton says:

    Thank you for the info. I work M-F 8-5 MST and will be doing all this in the evenings and weekends just as an FYI.

    • America's Professor - DCM says:

      Hi Brent, Most of our students work a full-time job and are fitting this course into their nights and weekends so you’re not alone! If you have any questions please send us an email. We can even arrange some night/weekend phone time if needed. Take care!

  2. Christina Jones says:

    It took 2 weeks to finish the course material before I took the exam. I passed the first time. Two days before the exam, I reviewed then re-took the quizzes. I wrote down the topics I was struggling with and used the glossary and the text to create new notes. All this while working 10 hour days! I will definitely recommend America’s Professor to anybody wanting to get their insurance licence. Thank you so much!

  3. Jeannie Werzel says:

    It was recommended to go to your fb page to review updates, but your page is not working…is it just me?

    • America's Professor - DCM says:

      Hi Jeannie, From time to time we do update students on big updates (beyond the course) on Facebook but content wise any updates will be in your course on the Course Updates page. If you are having problems please give us a call or submit a message on our Contact Us page.

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