How to Pass the Arizona Insurance Licensing Exam

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If you’re considering getting your insurance license, you probably have plenty of questions about how the process works, where to get started, and, of course—how to pass your insurance exam.

America’s Professor has been helping people just like you prepare for their insurance licensing exams for more than 30 years. Our comprehensive insurance exam prep courses are designed to help you absorb complex insurance terminology and concepts. We take you step-by-step through the process and make sure you have all the information to ace your exam on the first try.

Below we’ve compiled helpful information and resources based on the latest information about getting licensed in Arizona. Whether you’re going for your life, accident and health insurance license or you want to become a property and casualty insurance agent, the information below will help you know what to expect from the process.



Is there a pre-licensing course requirement in Arizona?

No, but you will greatly improve your chances of passing the insurance licensing exam on the first try if you take a pre-licensing course, like the courses offered by America’s Professor.

What kinds of questions do they put on the Arizona insurance test?

All the questions on the Arizona insurance licensing exam are multiple choice (no fill-ins). This doesn’t mean the questions are easy. And keep in mind that the questions on the exam are pulled from a large pool—no two people will have the same questions on their exam.

The multiple-choice tests are usually heavy on terminology and numbers (e.g. dollar amounts, number of days, etc.). Students report that the types of questions are broken down as follows:

  • Terminology: around 1/3 of the questions
  • Number/day questions: around 1/3 of the questions
  • Situational questions (where you apply your knowledge to reason through a situation): around 1/3 of the questions

Here’s an example of the type of questions you might see:

If a policy is determined to be a Modified Endowment Contract (MEC), funds received under the policy will be:

  1. Subject to a 20% surrender charge.
  2. Tax deferred until retirement.
  3. Principal, so there is no tax liability.
  4. Considered taxable income first.

See what we mean by not easy? You simply cannot know the answers to these questions without studying.

Taking an insurance exam prep course can mean the difference between passing and failing.

Review the Arizona test content outlines here:

What score do I need to pass the Arizona insurance exam?

The Arizona exam has two parts: a national section and a state-specific section. The passing score required on each section is 70%. The two scores are not averaged together.

Are the questions grouped by category?

Questions on the exam are not grouped by category; they are randomly scrambled. Our students have not reported this to cause any hang-ups or problems during the exam.

What insurance exams are available in Arizona?


13-31 Insurance Producer – Life 2 HOURS 100
13-32 Insurance Producer – Accident and Health 2 HOURS 100
13-33 Insurance Producer – Life, Accident and Health 2.5 HOURS 150
13-34 Insurance Producer – Property and Casualty (commercial and noncommercial) 2.5 HOURS 150
13-35 Bail Bond Agent 1 HOUR 60
13-36 Insurance Claims Adjuster (property and casualty) 2.5 HOURS 150
13-41 Surplus Lines Insurance Broker 1 HOUR 60
13-42 Insurance Producer – Property (commercial and noncommercial) 2 HOURS 100
13-43 Insurance Producer – Casualty (commercial and noncommercial) 2 HOURS 100
13-44 Insurance Producer – Personal Lines (noncommercial property and casualty) 2 HOURS 100
13-46 Arizona Examination for Crop Insurance Producer 1 HOUR 60


How many questions are on the Arizona insurance exam?

The number of questions varies by exam, from 60 to 150 questions (see chart above).

How do I sign up to take the Arizona insurance exam?

Arizona licensing exams are administered through a company called Prometric. You will need to register for an account on the Prometric website to schedule your test date and time.

Where can I take the Arizona insurance exam?

There are test center locations throughout Arizona. Not all exams are administered at Prometric test centers, however. To determine your test center location, Prometric will ask for your test sponsor (Arizona) and other information.

What if I fail the Arizona insurance exam?

You can register to retake the exam 1 to 2 days after your previous attempt (Prometric’s registration system takes 24 to 48 hours to update). The company recommends waiting at least 24 hours from the end of your exam before attempting to schedule a retake.

If you didn’t take a pre-licensing course—whether through America’s Professor or another company—before taking the exam, we strongly recommend that you enroll in an exam prep course before retaking the exam. This will help you get well prepared for your second go-around. View our Arizona courses here.

How much is the Arizona insurance license fee?

Generally, the insurance license fee is $120, but may vary depending on license type.

How do I sign up for fingerprinting/background check?

You can have your fingerprints taken at Prometric, Arizona’s exam provider, or other locations throughout Arizona. Prometric has fingerprinting locations in Casa Grande, Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson. Find additional locations throughout Arizona here.

Giving your fingerprints will automatically initiate a background check.

Which Arizona insurance test is the toughest?

Each insurance licensing exam presents its own challenges. In general:

  • Property and Casualty license: The property insurance exam is usually easier than the casualty exam, since property insurance deals with less complicated issues, like fires, floods, and earthquakes. Casualty insurance, on the other hand, deals primarily with liability insurance, which is protection against lawsuits. These concepts are more abstract and difficult to grasp.
  • Life, Accident, and Health license: Our students report that the Accident and Health exam is more difficult, since health and accident policies tend to be more complicated than life insurance policies.

The best way to ensure you pass is to prepare, prepare, prepare. Enrolling in a pre-licensing course can help.

Will I have enough time to complete the Arizona insurance test?

You will have between 1 and 2.5 hours to complete the exam, depending on which exam you’re taking. Our students have never reported not being able to finish in the time provided.

Is the Arizona insurance exam still given by the “paper and pencil” method?

No, it is a computerized exam. Your exam will be scored right after you finish. You will know your score on the spot, but you will not receive a copy of your exam showing which specific answers you got wrong, even if you don’t pass.

What is the best way to prep for the Arizona insurance exam?

There is no alternative to knowing the material. That’s why we strongly recommend enrolling in an insurance exam prep course. While there are no shortcuts to learning, there are more effective and less frustrating ways to learn. If you enroll in an AP course, we recommend you follow this 4-step process:

  1. Watch the video lectures online.
  2. Highlight key concepts in the textbook provided (usually arrives within a few days of enrollment in a course).
  3. Review questions in the test bank (multiple times, as needed).
  4. Send AP an email or give us a call if you have any questions.
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