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Best Texas Insurance Pre-Licensing Course for You?


Make sure that you ask yourself a couple of questions before selecting an online Texas insurance pre-licensing (training) course to pass the Texas insurance licensing exam (General Lines Property & Casualty or General Lines Life, Accident & Health):

  • Should I really be taking an online insurance pre-licensing course?
  • How will the course material be taught?
  • What have previous students said about the course/instructor(s) (testimonials)?
  • How much time, or access, do I have/need to complete the course?
  • How does the price compare to other courses?

1. Should I really be taking an online insurance pre-licensing course?

One of the first decisions you need to make is whether you should take a live, in the classroom setting type of course or a Texas online interactive video led course. Texas online courses have come a long way over the past couple of years!  The question is have your computer skills come up to par? If you are capable of surfing the internet for products, news, videos, etc. then you should have no problem working through an interactive online course. A few advantages of online courses are that they save you time and money when it comes to travel, lodging, taking time off of work etc.  Most importantly, online courses give you the ability to complete them at your own pace (24/7) and often allow you to repeat the material if you didn’t completely understand it.  On the other hand, if you are a procrastinator type, live courses may be a better option as they force you to learn the material in a classroom setting.  Sometimes a live class is the best way to go if you need that extra reinforcement of having an instructor standing in front of you.

2. How will the course material be taught?

Most quality online insurance pre-licensing courses have moved away from the “book only” option and are now taught using many different types of interactive activities (videos, quizzes, final exams, etc.).  Most people learn the material best when they are taught using video, then required to test their knowledge using review questions/exams.  If test scores are low then reviewing the videos again should help boost comprehension and test scores. Instructors should also be available via e-mail or a phone call. Make sure you are covered in the support area! There’s nothing worse than having a question that your education provider can’t answer!

3. What have previous students said about the course/instructor(s)?

Any quality insurance training course should have a ton of testimonials to back up the course and the instructor(s). A quick Google search for the company’s reviews/testimonials should produce the required results.  Keep in mind that there’s always at least one unhappy customer out there and to make sure to read more than one review.

4. How much time, or access, do I have/need to complete the course?

A good insurance course should give you all the access you need.  Another advantage to online courses is that they are generally available 24/7, all the time.  Most courses come with some type of subscription time but it’s usually always extendable for a fee, maybe even free.  Live insurance courses are usually taught over a 3-5 day period just before the Texas insurance licensing exam is given by the test provider (Pearson VUE, Prometric, PAN, PSI, etc.). Online courses usually give anywhere from 30-90 days, far more than what is actually needed to complete the course. Try to compete the course and test ASAP! There is a lot of information that you will be taught and the longer you wait to test, the greater chance you will have of forgetting it.

5. How does the price compare to other courses?

Compare “apples to apples,” not “apples to oranges.”  Most quality Texas online insurance pre-licensing courses range from $75 – $150, which is actually quite a small amount to pay if you think about the all doors that open up when you have your insurance license! The “buyer beware” topic to cover here is make sure you know what you are getting when you purchase your course. Is there a physical book with Texas specific material to take notes down in and to study from? Does the course have a demo that demonstrates to you whether you can stay awake while learning from? Are there tons of review questions to bring the information home and recall-able when taking the real exam? Were there lots of positive testimonials/feedback? Customer service?

video courses online sample questions
Texas Online Video Courses Texas Sample Questions


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2 years ago

I am interested in this course. Please call me to help answer my questions so I can move on with or without your program.

Mike Boike
Mike Boike
1 year ago
Reply to  Wade

It’s pretty simple

1 year ago

My Biggest question is after completing the coarse do we get a candidate ID for the online exam to submit for are license. In Texas on Texas.gov it requires one. I found this through Texas Department Of Insurance.

Yasminda Roman
Yasminda Roman
7 months ago

I live in Houston and l want to know about a place we’re I can take in class pre licensing course can you help in giving me information.

myrtle w bailey
myrtle w bailey
26 days ago

Hey, I am interested in being a pre needs agent. The insurance license course that you offer will they cover my interest in focusing on pre need agent?

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