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How Hard is the Adjuster Exam in Georgia?

Not hard, but not easy… Many of our Georgia students are taking our Approved Georgia Property & Casualty Agent Course so that they can fulfill their Adjuster, or Public Adjuster, pre-licensing requirement. The State of Georgia requires that each candidate complete a 40-hour Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance course, that has been approved by the licensing department, prior to taking the Pearson VUE licensing exam. Fortunately for our students, we have the specific Georgia Adjuster content covered in our Georgia Property and Casualty course. Please keep in mind that Approved GA Property and Casualty courses are not required to cover the Adjuster and Public Adjuster material but ours does!

A list of insurance exams given by Pearson VUE for the state of Georgia is listed below. More information can be found at Pearson VUE’s Georgia page. As you will notice, even though Adjusters have to take a Property & Casualty course, they still need to take a specific Adjuster Exam (#24) or Public Adjuster Exam (#20). If you look at the Test Content Outline (TCO) for the Property & Casualty Agent and the Adjuster’s Exam you will notice they are almost identical except for the addition of 9 or so questions that will be asked specific to Adjuster content (Responsibilities & Duties).

Georgia Pearson VUE Available Exams and Fees

Insurance adjuster checking on auto repair

After passing your Adjuster or Public Adjuster exam there’s more to getting an Adjuster job.  Our students have recommend a nice person by the name of Terry Freeland who has not only a lot of real world experience but also offers certifications for day-to-day Adjuster skills (Xactimate, Rope and Harness, etc.) via his website American International Technical Institute.

Please check with America’s Professor (800-870-3130), Pearson VUE (800-274-0488) or the Georgia Agents Licensing Department (800-656-2298) if you have any questions.


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7 responses to “Georgia Insurance Adjuster or Public Adjuster Exam Information”

  1. Joan Todd says:

    do i have to take the class in order to take the test?

    • America's Professor - DCM says:

      Hi Joan,
      There is a pre-licensing course requirement (Property and Casualty) to get your Adjuster license. Technically you can take the exam with out taking a course but before you can apply for your license you will have to have a certificate of completion from an approved course. Our Georgia Property and Casualty course or Adjuster/Public Adjuster course will enroll you into a Property & Casualty course and includes the required supplemental Adjuster information. Please give us a call if you have any other questions. 😉

  2. Samuel B says:

    I am interested in becoming a P&C adjuster and I know of the requirements for Georgia. I am interested in insurance companies that provide training after you receive P&C Georgia licensing, do you know of any in Georgia or nationwide? Thank you.

    • America's Professor - DCM says:

      Hi Samuel, Most companies offer training but if I were you I’d call Terry Freeland at AITechInstatute.com and chat with him. He has a lot of “Real World” experience that goes far beyond our “Test World” focus. 😉 Good luck!

  3. Mariah Crews says:

    do I have to wait for the books or can i start with the lectures and slides? and is it all 40 hours of lectures??

    • America's Professor - DCM says:

      Hello Mariah, No you can start right away since the book chapters are also available in PDF format. The username and password for the online portion of your course will be emailed to you minutes after purchasing the course. The 40-hr approved course requires that you complete the course and put at least 40 hours of study time in. The video lectures run about 24 hours but all of your study time counts (videos, reading and review). Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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