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If I could give this a 10-star review I would! If you are searching to find a Georgia P and C course, this is it! There is no better course than AP. The lessons are easy to understand, simple, and entertaining. If you follow the guide and study method that is suggested at the beginning of the course you are on your way to passing. The customer service is also great and is very quick to respond to help with any questions you might have. I will use AP for any certifications that I get in the future, and will recommend that anyone I know uses it as well!

Mar 25, 2019

King Opoku

Piece of cake! The Life & Health exam was slain with ease thanks to America’s Professor and the fictional but humorous exploits of Jack and Nancy. America’s Professor was able to take this dry knowledge of insurance and turn it into something digestible for the masses. Do yourself a favor, save your time searching the internet for a pre-license course, “TAKE AMERICA’S PROFESSOR NOW AND PASS! Enough said.. Good luck..

Mar 25, 2019


Awesome course! Taught me exactly what I need to study and passed the exam on first trial for Georgial P&C.

Mar 25, 2019


After using this pre-licensing course I just passed the Life & Health exam with a score of 93! Before I purchased the course, I read reviews of the other 1600+ people who had great things to say and what I experienced was the same as them. I bought the course a week ago and I read through all of the course material, but did not watch any of the videos. I took each quiz and then printed each quiz out and read the quiz questions and answers. Then I took each of the main section quizzes twice and the final exam quiz. I felt extremely confident at the pre-licensing exam and there were only about 10 questions I felt like I hadn't seen before. Some of that has to do with the way the test is written, which Pat said would happen. The overall course was put together very well. I studied for a total of 34 hours and enjoyed learning all of the new information. If you study an appropriate amount of time you can easily pass the exam with this course! Thanks Pat!

Mar 22, 2019


great study course, passed state exam first try!

Mar 22, 2019


Passed the Georgia Property & Casualty test the first time. Would highly recommend this course, the instructor was great and made it enjoyable and easy to follow along.

Mar 20, 2019


Passed on the first attempt. The material prepared me for the exam and Jack's delivery kept it from being boring. I would highly recommend this course.

Mar 20, 2019


Praise God ! I just took the Texas General Lines P&C test and passed on my first time. Thanks America Professor I was well prepared.

Mar 20, 2019


Just took and passed the GA property and casualty test! I was well prepared after listening to Jack’s lectures and taking the quizzes and tests available with the course. The test was actually a breeze! Made it through the course in a little over a week while working full time and took the test the day after completion. I’m very glad I chose American Professor!!

Mar 19, 2019

Rebecca Minor

I am so grateful to God for leading me to America's Professor. The Instructor is awesome. He made EVERYTHING easy to understand. I have 10 days left on my studies, but felt confident enough to take the exam today and I PASSED! Thank You Jesus!!! Thank you America's Professor. This is the best course that I've ever encountered. I will recommend it to everyone who is interested in the insurance industry. Abundant blessings to you all. Respectfully, Rebecca

Mar 18, 2019


Great course! Taught me exactly what I needed to know for the exam and passed my first attempt!

Mar 18, 2019


I am completely new to the insurance industry. The AP P&C course was the only tool I used to prepare for my exams. I passed the Property, Casualty and Surety exams the first time with high scores. The professor's mnemonic devices were incredibly helpful; I could hear his little hints in my head as I was reading the questions. Highly recommended!

Mar 18, 2019


As Arizona is one of the harder states to pass the test, America's Professor was able to break down the information in a manner which made it easy to understand and retain the information. I went into the testing center with confidence and came out with a PASS! Thank you so very much!

Mar 18, 2019

Jackie T

This course was REALLY helpful and I felt 100% prepared for the Property and Casualty exam. The real life examples that Jack had were key to remembering the information. Thank you America's Professor!

Mar 18, 2019


So glad I choose this pre-licensing course. Jack is great at taking complex concepts and breaking them down into simple, real world examples. I lost my textbook and AP sent me a new book for FREE. No questions. I took the test and passed first time. There is no way that you fail if you take the AP course and follow their guidelines.

Mar 18, 2019

This course includes:

Video Lecture Included 19+ Hours of Insurance Video Lectures (over national and state specific material)
Practice Questions Included Practice Quizzes & Final Exams (650+ question test bank)
Textbook Included Printed Textbook with a South Carolina State Law Manual
Free Shipping FREE Shipping
Free Extensions 45-Day Initial Course Access with FREE Extensions Until You Pass!

Please Note:

Please Note Test prep for the SC Personal Lines Insurance Producer (PSI Exam Series 19-17)


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