Testimonial - BoymommyXs4

Course Taken - Missouri Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

3 out of 5

Date - April 29, 2018

I took the test 4 times before I finally passed. I feel like they should have multiple test options for each section because after retaking the practice tests multiple times you just kinda memorize the question and answer.

AP Response: Thank you for mentioning this. It’s very important that students follow our study guide as they complete the course. Your initial score tells us, and you, a lot about how well you understand that course content. Our course is a teaching course so it is very important that IF you don’t do well on a quiz that you figure out what you missed in the lecture. Remember we are available to help you with content! 😉 We don’t recommend taking quiz questions over and over to learn/retain the content. Please see our How to be a Great AP Student information if you have any questions.