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Get your Georgia insurance Adjuster license using an America’s Professor online training course. Our comprehensive video lectures, review questions and study guide will help you learn, and retain, the material needed to pass your Georgia Adjuster license exam the first time!

Start your path to success today! Please take a look at our Approved 40-hour Georgia PC Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course below:


Georgia Adjuster & Public Adjuster (PC) Pre-Licensing Course

  • 40-Hour Georgia Approved Online Course (Provider#: 155889, Course#: 52675)
  • Test prep for the Georgia Adjuster Exam (Pearson VUE Exam #24)
  • Test prep for the Georgia Public Adjuster Exam (Pearson VUE Exam #20)
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I passed the GA P&C exam on my first attempt and also thoroughly enjoyed this course. The prof is the best and has a great sense of humor, which made this whole thing even more fun. Also, the support staff was super nice, knowledgeable and prompt to respond. It took me several months to complete this course, and took it slow i.e. watched the videos, read the book, took all the quizzes etc. To think you can take a 3 day weekend class to retain all this material is insane. Now I feel like I have a good basis understanding to start my new career. The only suggestion would be to offer audio only files i.e. to listen to while you're commuting.

Mar 11, 2019


I must say how impressive it is how you compiled all the boring insurance information into an easy to follow and interesting format. I think that is a talent all its own and needs to be acknowledged. Your teaching technique is what saved me on the test. Even though we had studied the text it was the quirky stories about cousin Bob and the other analogies that I retained on test day. Thanks a lot . I originally chose your program because you offered a text book with your course. I am so happy that I made the right decision. Thanks to you I passed the first time. You have definitely found your calling.

Mar 04, 2019


Passed my licensing exam on the first try! America's Professor was simple and easy to follow and only focused on the necessary material needed for the actual exam. Professor Morton was amazing in his technique with metaphors, analogies, and memorization tools for all the individual topic areas! I am so happy I chose this system and am pleased with my personal results! Thank you, AP!

Mar 04, 2019


Very Complete Course, No one said it was going to be easy by Americas Professor provides you all the tools, examples and knowledge so you can pass the exam. Also I worked with Pat that provided an outstanding customer service and counseling regarding any questions or issues about the exams or the course.. I Highly Encourage this course to anyone that is willing to learn to pass...

Feb 21, 2019

Candice P

I felt very prepared for my exam. The material and the tests made sure that I had a good understanding of the material as well as how to apply it. Passed in on my first try!

Jan 24, 2019


America's Professor was AMAZING!! Courses are easy to follow and get you prepared for the state exam. Passed the state exam first time taking it. Highly recommend this school and their courses. Everyone in customer service was very helpful and courteous.

Jan 22, 2019

Ralph Weidler

Well, I passed my Georgia Adjuster exam today on the first try! I am pretty excited. I could not have done this without America's Professor! Jack and all the staff are wonderful and have such a cheery attitude. Thank you everyone. If you need a course like this use America's Professor. You will not regret it.

Jan 16, 2019


I took this type of pre-licensing instead of a cram session n a Motel 8 conference room as I'm a dad of 2 and work full time. Very glad I did as I just passed the GA Public Adjuster's test the first time. I felt confident walking into the text and although the results were either pass or fail, I feel I got at least a 90 on it. I only regret I dedicated more time to studying so I would get it done quicker - took me 2 months. Very happy with this program. At the test I did recall odd facts and Jack Morton gives excellent memory tricks for recall.

Jan 09, 2019


Jack you are doing a fantastic job! Your style of teaching and how you bring across your points has made it easy for me to pass my P&C Adjusters exams on the first try! Thanks so much!

Dec 24, 2018


Five Stars! Thank you so much to Jack and Pat and the entire America's Professor Staff! Jack's teaching style is pleasant and clear, and he takes great care to take the student beyond the "questions" to teach the principle truths behind the questions we will need to retain for the test, as well as for the career. The format is well designed, carrying the student through a cumulative understanding of the material. I was so relieved to pass on the first take, and am excited to launch my career as an Insurance Adjuster. N. Scott Johnson / Fayetteville, Georgia

Dec 18, 2018


This course was great. I passed the exam on my second time (my fault though, I didn’t see the “Duties of an Adjuster” segment which was a separate PDF not in the book) The information was absolute. I am so thankful for this course and Jack. Thank you Pat !! for your support. Knowing that it’s a phone call away if I needed coaching was worth it !! I took this course last year from a place in Smyrna Ga, however I didn’t feel the material meshed well and the material didn’t stick. All I can say is If you are looking for Property and Casualty Pre-Licensing course Americas Professor is the school to come to. I found it very easy to go page by page chapter by chapter with Jack and to have the opportunity to rewind the timeline to repeat certain sections of the video. I Passed my 2nd exam Nov 24 for Adjuster, I will return in a few weeks to review for my Agents testing.

Dec 17, 2018


Great course! You learn the information instead of just memorizing it. Passed the exam the first time.

Dec 10, 2018

Levi Tucker

I purchased the exam prep for insurance adjuster in September, and I am happy to say that it is December 3rd an I have passed my state exam. I passed on the first try. Jack is awesome and teaches you all the info that you need to pass the test the first time. Thank you for all the help.

Dec 04, 2018


This course was designed to convey a lot of information in a very organized matter. The lectures were easy to follow along in the book, and the instructor gave helpful tips for remembering complex issues and lists of coverage items. I was enrolled in another insurance course that was confusing and scattering information all over the place. I had no insurance background, and I was becoming worried about passing the exam. I am so glad I found America's Professor. I passed the exam on the first try!! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone needing to learn insurance.

Nov 27, 2018


The course, though quite extensive, was what I needed to pass the adjusters exam on the first try. The videos, with all the examples Jack provided, were spot on for possible day to day experiences to relate with. Though some of Jack's relative characters appear to be a little sketchy :) , they provide perfect experience for what you need to relate to for each topic. Pat, is always there to give advice and moral support for all the questions you may have. He is quite the calming voice I highly recommend Americas Professor for all your on line classes.

Nov 21, 2018

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