Job Opportunities for Licensed Insurance Agents

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So you’ve passed your insurance agent license exam – what do you do now? Since you’ve gone to the trouble of getting licensed as an insurance agent, it’s safe to say you’re interested in pursuing a career selling insurance. How soon can a newly licensed insurance expect to find a job? What will it be like once they do?

Job Outlook

Thanks to a constant and growing demand for insurance, it’s not hard to find insurance agencies that are looking to hire rookie agents. This strong outlook for insurance sales isn’t likely to change any time soon, either: between 2012 and 2022, the number of insurance agent positions in the United States is expected to increase by 10%, reaching a total of nearly 500,000 insurance agents nationwide.

What Kind of Training Do I Need?

Some insurance agencies will prioritize candidates with a college degree, while others are perfectly willing to hire candidates with just a high school diploma or a GED (assuming they have also obtained an insurance license, of course). Most newly hired insurance agents will be given on the job training by being assigned to shadow other agents for a short period of time, after which they’ll be expected to start making sales and bringing in new customers.

What’s the Work Schedule Like?

Depending on the agency, work schedules for insurance agents tend to be very flexible. Agents who are new to the job and captive agents who work directly for an insurance company may be expected to work scheduled office hours, but many insurance agents are able to set their own hours. This gives them the freedom to set appointments that are convenient for their clients, but also means they might find themselves working late hours or on weekends to keep potential clients happy.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The amount of money insurance agents make can vary wildly. As with most sales positions, insurance agents make most of their money through commission; the more money they earn for their agency through sales, the more they earn themselves. The average insurance agent earns nearly $50,000 a year, which is almost equal to the median household income for people living in the U.S. For agents who bring in lots of customers, or who make high value sales, the earning potential is much higher. In 2012, the highest-paid 10% of insurance agents earned an average of $116,940.


What’s My Potential for Advancement?

In addition to potentially earning large sums of money, there are several ways a position as an insurance agent can be leveraged into advancing one’s career. Once agents prove themselves reliable sellers who understand the industry, they might find themselves promoted to an office or regional management position at their agency. Alternately, they may strike out on their own and found their own agency.

Insurance agents can also move into different positions within the insurance or sales industries. Experience in insurance sales can help someone earn a job as an insurance broker, an underwriter, a financial advisor, or as a sales manager in another industry.

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4 responses to “Job Opportunities for Licensed Insurance Agents”

  1. Renicca Hicks says:

    I would like to become a insurance broker or an underwriter. My ultimate goal is to study investment.

    • America's Professor - DCM says:

      Hi Renicca, There are a lot of variables in your question. Please give us a call during the week and chat with Pat. Thanks and have a great day!

  2. Neisa Johnson says:

    Hey! I have my California license but would like to know how to become an underwriter. Thanks you!

    • America's Professor - DCM says:

      Hi Neisa, Generally you will need to contact an insurance company and let them know you are licensed but would like to get into the underwriting process. There really isn’t clear cut process so you are best off contacting an insurance company. Good luck!

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