Job Interview Tips for Insurance Agents

There’s a reason so many people want to be insurance agents. Landing a job selling insurance has the potential to lead to a long-lasting career, can come with great financial rewards, and is one of the few positions where the rewards are directly tied to performance and dedication. The more you put into being an insurance agent, the more you get out of it, with the best insurance agents in the country earning incredibly high incomes by the time they manage to build their reputation and amass a client base. Perhaps best of all, there are very few qualifications that are required to get hired – if you’re a gifted salesperson, all you need is a high school diploma and to pass an insurance pre licensing exam.

However, first you have to get hired, and that means passing a job interview. Now, more than ever, many insurance agencies require that job applicants pass a pre-job interview to test for competency, compatibility, and personality. While these interviews are hardly an insurmountable challenge, it’s still a good idea to be prepared by knowing what interviewers are looking for, and what you can do to impress them during your insurance sales job interview.

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1.Be Able to Pitch Yourself in 60 Seconds or Less

Above all else, interviewers are looking for candidates who can make an effective pitch for a product in a short amount of time. That, after all, is the skill insurance agents need the most. During your job interview, the product you are selling is yourself, and you have a limited amount of time to convince your potential customer (the interviewers) that the value of what you can provide is greater than your competitors (the other applicants). Before you go into your interview, have a 60-second pitch for why they should hire you prepared – what are your best qualities? Why are you a safe investment? What will an agency get of value in return for investing in you?

2.Be Prepared to Talk About Yourself

Most interviewees would prefer only to talk about their strong suits and positive qualities, but job interviewers are often just as interested in asking about a person’s low points and past mistakes. As such, you should be prepared to talk openly and honestly about your working career so far – have you ever been fired? What is your biggest career failure? What is the personality trait that needs most improvement? Avoiding these questions will likely to lead your interviewers to think you’re trying to hide things from them, while being honest about them shows that you are willing to engage and be honest.

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3.Brush Up on the Industry

Aside from being able to close a sale, insurance agents also need to be aware of and understand current trends in the industry. Insurance agencies are much more likely to hire someone who already shows some knowledge about the industry and who is keyed in to its current trends, than someone who is completely green. Before going into your interview, brush up on the latest news and events in the industry, and be prepared to discuss in brief what they mean at your interview.

Before you can get an interview to become an insurance agent, you need to get licensed! America’s Professor’s online insurance licensing courses will give you all the knowledge you need to pass your state’s insurance licensing exam. Learn more by calling 800-870-3130.

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