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Laura Morales

Jack is the man. I watched the vids on 2x and did the course in about 15hrs. Then, took the test and passed. I did read the material beforehand. I skipped a lot of sections and stilled passed. Let's go. #10x baby. Thanks Jack you have great examples and make insurance easyyyyyyyy.

Jan 07, 2019


Well these tests are hard not going to lie! They try to trick you with the types of questions they provide. I went over the material (just the video sections) in America's Professor twice. I felt that I had a much better understanding the second time around. I went to take the test and passed with an 81 the first time I took it. I did take the advice of making at least a 90 on all of my practice test at the end of each section video. What can I say this course worked! Thank you America's Professor!

Nov 09, 2018


If you watch all the videos and take all the quizzes until you can pass then you will definitely pass the exam! It really helped me to read the chapters before watching the videos though, that way I didn't ever feel lost because the information wasn't brand new. I did pass my exam on the first try! Will definitely be using AP for SC LA&H!

Oct 02, 2018


I took my time and really did what he suggested in taking the tests and studying until i got at least 90% on every test. I really pushed for this. His examples are interesting and help me remember even though sometimes they may seem dated :) I passed my exam with an 80.6% and apparently for my state that is a really good score. The agent i have been talking to was very impressed and so was the test Proctor! Thank you so much i was so happy i nearly shouted in the exam room

Aug 14, 2018

Michelle W.

Passed SC Property & Casualty exam with 85% grade! You only need a 70% to pass so was pleasantly surprised that I answered correctly based on the memory recall from the AP course. It took about 2 weeks at my pace to complete entire program. You could do in one week if you dedicated 6-8 hours a day. Video with Morton as the instructor, along with the book really made this topic a lot more interesting than just reading text. On actual exam, some questions were very detailed so best to memorize as much as possible about main coverages, especially about earth quake, flood, workman's comp and various commercial liability coverages. On actual State exam, you can at least narrow down choices by eliminating incorrect choices and use educated guess. There are always 4 choices on exam. On AP quizzes, many have only 2 so be prepared to read each carefully. I highly recommend this course! It's like going to a live class in your pajamas, but from the comfort of home at your convenience and half the cost or less! Have several highlighters on hand!

Apr 10, 2018


It was very helpful.

Apr 05, 2018

George Lancaster

Overall good course, got the job done. A few things I would like to mention regarding my experience... First off, the professor did a great job using real life examples you would encounter in the insurance business. Another thing that I wanted to mention, that was a concern of mine going in... How long is this gonna take? This is really up to you, I think you could do it in a week if you devoted a lot of time to it. It's around 40 hours of time you spend studying, taking quizzes. I scheduled my exam to put myself on a one and a half week deadline. I ended up not watching lectures about half way through the course and just studying myself which seemed faster. I took the final exam until i could consistently score high 90s. Beware, there is gonna be information on the exam that will not be covered in the course. However, if you make the most out of the course you should be in good shape. I Passed the exam with a 81 and I did the majority of the course in four days. AP RESPONSE: Congrats on passing your exam! It's very important to complete the course entirely, following our study guide, before taking your state exam. There is a lot of content that we cover in the video lecture. For future students please read "How to be a Great AP Student" if you have any questions. Link

Apr 05, 2018

Michael C.

I took the South Carolina Property, Casualty, Surety, and Marine Pre-Licensing course. Jack Morton's teaching style in the video lessons fits my learning style, so it was a great fit. I set a tight timeline for myself by setting a "trap" to take the exam about five days after purchasing the course. I watched all of the videos, studied the material, and passed all of the quizzes until above 90% for 19 or 20 of the 24 chapters. Ran out of time, and took the exam with just reading the text book for the remaining chapters. BIG/HUGE mistake, I failed the exam the first time by two questions, with a score of 68.6. Heart breaker, BUT my own fault. Hit the videos, quizzes and textbook again, and took the exam three days later and passed. DO NOT SHORTCUT the program. "Test taker = Test Passer" Follow this system to the letter, and you WILL succeed the FIRST time. Kudos to America's Professor and Jack!

Mar 26, 2018


All the material was very helpful and easy to follow. I was able to past the test on the 1st try with a 78.6% score, however I STRONGLY suggest you make the practice test questions TRICKIER. This will better prepare people. Thanks

Mar 21, 2018


After dismal results trying to get potential employees licensed thru other online companies and local classes, I decided to give America's Professor a try. My potential employee passed the first time and said the training was easy, well structured and she passed the SC property and casualty exam on her first try. Now she is going for her Life and Health license thru America's Professor.

Dec 15, 2017


America's Professor is the BEST. I took the test 3 times and still feel confident with giving them a 5 star rating. I gave myself a time limit to finish the course but that didn't go as planned. I scheduled my testing date in advance. I knew there was no way I was ready, but I took the test anyway, out of 24 chapters, I had only completed 9, so of course I FAILED. I immediately scheduled to take the test again in 6 days. Time, again, was not on my side, but at least I only had one chapter left, clearly I've learned enough to pass this time.....I FAILED!!! I proceeded to schedule yet another test date and commit to finishing up the course, would you believe I PASSED. Moral of the story, follow the process of the course and you're sure to pass the very first time. I'm definitely looking forward to obtaining my life, health and accidental with America's Professor. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!! If America's Professor gets the course for becoming an adjuster for the state of SC, please advise. I'll be waiting!!!

Nov 20, 2017

Kristine A.

I highly recommend the course materials offered through America's Professor. I recently passed my Property and Casualty exam and have ordered material for Life & Health. The real world applications and common sense approach during the educational process was ideal. The approach that the material takes in building upon the concepts and then reviewing throughout helps to reinforce the application. The quizzes and guidance on exam material was spot on. Listen Up! You won't go wrong or be disappointed.

Nov 07, 2017


I needed to absorb this material fast and get through licensing to meet a deadline to acquire a business. Jack was fantastic! Love the way he uses funny stories (cousin Eddie) to make insurance come to life. I listened to each lecture... took all the chapter tests... and passed my State Exam on the first try (81%).

Oct 24, 2017

This course includes:

Video Lecture Included 29+ Hours of Insurance Video Lectures (over national and state specific material)
Practice Questions Included Practice Quizzes & Final Exams (700+ question test bank)
Textbook Included Printed Textbook with a South Carolina State Law Manual
Free Shipping FREE Shipping
Free Extensions 45-Day Initial Course Access with FREE Extensions Until You Pass!

Please Note:

Please Note Includes material for Surety and Marine Insurance
Please Note Test prep for the SC Property, Casualty, Surety and Marine Insurance Producer (PSI Exam Series 19-04)


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