4.97 out of 5 (2488 Ratings)


George Lancaster

Course Taken - South Carolina Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

4 out of 5

Date - April 5, 2018

George Lancaster

Overall good course, got the job done. A few things I would like to mention regarding my experience… First off, the professor did a great job using real life examples you would encounter in the insurance business. Another thing that I wanted to mention, that was a concern of mine going in… How long is this gonna take? This is really up to you, I think you could do it in a week if you devoted a lot of time to it. It’s around 40 hours of time you spend studying, taking quizzes. I scheduled my exam to put myself on a one and a half week deadline. I ended up not watching lectures about half way through the course and just studying myself which seemed faster. I took the final exam until i could consistently score high 90s. Beware, there is gonna be information on the exam that will not be covered in the course. However, if you make the most out of the course you should be in good shape. I Passed the exam with a 81 and I did the majority of the course in four days.

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