How to Pass the Utah Insurance Licensing Exam

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Congratulations on your decision to get your insurance license in Utah! The insurance industry is one of most lucrative and enduring industries in the country. As an insurance producer you’ll likely have a secure career for years to come.

If you’re getting licensed for the first time you probably have plenty of questions about how to prepare for your licensing exam, what questions will be on the test, where to take the exam, and more.

America’s Professor has been helping students prepare for their insurance licensing exams for more than 30 years. We’ve compiled a list of common questions and answers about how to pass your insurance exam below. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to call us—we’re here to help.

Is there a pre-licensing course requirement in Utah?

The Utah Insurance Department does not require you to take a pre-licensing course prior to taking your insurance licensing exam, but you will greatly improve your chances of passing on the first try by taking an exam prep course.

A qualified insurance exam prep provider, like America’s Professor, will explain complicated insurance concepts and terminology in detail and make sure you’re armed with all the information you need to pass.

What kinds of questions do they put on the Utah insurance test?

All the questions on the Utah insurance exam are multiple choice. That means you won’t encounter any fill-in questions or need to prepare yourself for any long-winded answers. Still, you should expect the questions to be challenging.

The questions are pulled from a large pool—that means no two students will have the same exact questions on their exam. Our students report that the tests are usually heavy on terminology and numbers (e.g. dollar amounts, time periods, etc.). You can expect around a third of the questions to focus on terminology, a third on number/day questions, and a third on situational questions, where you reason through a situation.

Here’s an example of the kinds of questions you might see:

If a policy is determined to be a Modified Endowment Contract (MEC), funds received under the policy will be:

  1. Subject to a 20% surrender charge.
  2. Tax deferred until retirement.
  3. Principal, so there is no tax liability.
  4. Considered taxable income first.

Not all questions will be this challenging, but many will be. You simply cannot know the answers to the exam questions without studying. Taking an insurance exam prep course can mean the difference between passing and failing.

Review the Utah test content outlines here:

What score do I need to pass the Utah insurance exam?

There are two parts to each insurance licensing exam: a national section and a state-specific section. You’ll need a passing score of 70% on both parts—scores for the two parts are not averaged together.

Combined line exams (e.g. Life & Accident & Health, Property & Casualty, etc.) have 100 questions, and you’ll have 150 minutes to complete them (see chart below).

Are questions grouped by category?

Questions are randomly mixed—they’re not grouped by category. Our students have never reported this to be a problem.

What insurance exams are given in Utah and what do they cost?




17-01 Life 80 120 MIN


17-02 Accident/Health 80 120 MIN


17-03 Life and Accident/Health 100 150 MIN


17-04 Property & Casualty 100 150 MIN


17-13 Title Marketing Representative 50 60 MIN


17-14 Title Search 100 120 MIN


17-16 Title Escrow 100 120 MIN


17-20 Personal Lines 80 120 MIN


17-21 Surplus Lines 60 60 MIN


17-22 Property 80 120 MIN


17-23 Casualty 80 120 MIN


17-24 Life 80 120 MIN


17-25 Accident/Health 80 120 MIN


17-09 Life and Accident/Health 100 150 MIN


17-10 Property & Casualty 100 150 MIN


17-11 Property & Casualty 100 150 MIN


17-12 Accident/Health 100 120 MIN


17-26 Crop 60 60 MIN


17-27 Worker’s Compensation 60 60 MIN


17-19 Utah Laws and Regulations 50 60 MIN


How many questions are on the Utah insurance exam?

The number of questions varies by exam. Please refer to the chart above.

How do I sign up to take the Utah insurance exam?

Utah insurance licensing exams are administered through a company called PSI Exams. You will need to register for an account on the PSI website to schedule your test date and time.

Where can I take the Utah insurance exam?

There are test center locations throughout Utah, including in North Salt Lake (not the City proper), North Orem, Hurricane, and Sunset.

How much is the Utah insurance license fee?

The fee for Producer, Adjuster, and Consultant licenses is $75. The fee for limited lines licenses (e.g. Crop) is $50. The fee for adding a line of authority is $25.

How do I sign up for fingerprinting/background check and what is the fee?

Fingerprints are required for people becoming licensed for the first time; additional fingerprints are not required for those who are adding a line of authority to an existing license.

Fingerprinting must be done at a PSI test center. The company uses “live scan” technology and will send your digital fingerprints electronically to the Utah Department of Public Safety, the Bureau of Criminal Identification, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Having your fingerprints taken will automatically initiate a background check.

You must schedule your fingerprinting appointment with PSI Exams. You can do so online ahead of your test date.

You cannot have your fingerprints taken until you apply for your license, so we recommend you apply while you’re at the PSI Exams center (there should be a license application kiosk at the testing center). This way you can have your fingerprints taken on the spot; otherwise you’ll have to return to the testing center to have them taken. The total fee for fingerprinting is $52.

Which Utah insurance test is the toughest?

Each test is challenging in its own way. Between the Property exam and Casualty exam, the Property exam is usually easier, since it deals with less complicated issues, like fires and floods.
Between the Life exam and the Accident & Health exam, the Life exam is easier, since Life insurance is more straightforward and less complicated than Health and Accident insurance.

The best way to ensure you pass on the first try is to be well prepared. A pre-licensing prep course can help.

Will I have adequate time to complete the Utah insurance test?

You will have between 1 and 2.5 hours to complete the exam, depending on which exam you’re taking. Our students have never reported not being able to finish in the allotted time.

Is the Utah insurance exam still given by the “paper and pencil” method?

No, you will take the test on a computer. Your exam will be scored right after you finish. You will know your score on the spot, but you will not receive a copy of your exam showing which specific answers you got wrong, even if you don’t pass.

What is the best test prep method for the Utah insurance exam?

There is no substitute for knowing the material. The best way to prepare is by taking an insurance pre-licensing course with a reputable insurance test prep provider like America’s Professor.

We have more than 30 years of experience teaching students just like you. Our courses combine “better-than-live” online lectures with a comprehensive textbook and practice tests to arm you with all the information you’ll need to pass on the first try.

What if I fail the Utah insurance exam?

You can usually register to retake the exam within a few days of your previous attempt. Since you will learn whether you passed or failed on the spot, PSI Exams should be able to provide you with more information about when you can sign up to retake the exam. Keep in mind you’ll have to pay the exam fee ($75 for most exams) for each attempt.

If you didn’t take a pre-licensing course with America’s Professor or another company before taking the exam, we strongly recommend that you enroll in an exam prep course before retaking the exam. This will help you get well prepared for your second go-around. View our Utah courses here.

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[…] Pass your exam and apply for your license. Once you’ve passed your exam, you’ll need to get fingerprinted at the PSI exam center and apply for your Utah license. For more information about testing centers, getting fingerprinted, and associated fees, click here. […]

Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown
1 year ago

which test do I need to take for the bailbonds licensure?

America's Professor - DCM
America's Professor - DCM
1 year ago
Reply to  Sarah Brown

Hello Sarah, A quick Google search shows me that it’s a pretty extensive process and more of an apprenticeship program. This site shows the bailbonds requirements. Good luck!

7 months ago

Good day,
I have my life license, what do I need to do to get a health license?

America's Professor - DCM
America's Professor - DCM
7 months ago
Reply to  Lynn

Hello Lynn, You would just need to pass the Health exam for Utah. Our course for that is here:
Please let us know if you have any other questions.

5 months ago

how much for the training course

America's Professor - DCM
America's Professor - DCM
5 months ago
Reply to  gary

Hi Gary, Here’s a link to our courses: Our courses range from $125-$159 depending on type. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Kaleb (Kristoffer Forrest)
Kaleb (Kristoffer Forrest)
3 months ago

Does a person who has several or at least more than one type of insurance license, more likely to be considered for employment, and/or is he/she paid more…would you say?

America's Professor - DCM
America's Professor - DCM
3 months ago

Hi Kaleb, Not all insurance companies sell the same products so multiple licenses maybe overkill. I would say having more licenses gives you more opportunities if you aren’t sure which direction you’re going. Many of our students will go to work for a company that sells both PC and LH products though, thus requiring both sets of licenses. Good luck!