How to Become an Insurance Agent in Texas

Getting your Texas insurance license will allow you to work for an insurance company or as an independent broker. In Texas, you must be licensed in order to sell insurance policies or even discuss insurance matters with customers.

This requirement helps protect consumers. Insurance is often complicated, and laws and regulations vary by state. To effectively help customers, you need to be able to make recommendations and explain how insurance works and why people need it.

Here are the basics on how to get your insurance license in Texas:

  • Enroll in a pre-licensing education course. The Texas Department of Insurance requires you to take an approved pre-licensing course in order to be eligible to take the insurance licensing exam. Whether you’re going for your P&C license or your Life license, a comprehensive insurance exam prep course through a reputable provider should cover everything you need to know to pass your exam.
  • Decide on an online or in-person course. Each type has its benefits. Most people find that online courses are more practical, and they’re typically more affordable. Online courses are accessible 24/7. This gives you the freedom to study on your own time at your own pace without having to take time off from work or school. Live courses give you the advantage of learning in a classroom setting with access to an instructor. People who aren’t tech savvy and who like the experience of in-person instruction may prefer a live course.
  • Register for your exam. Once you’ve completed your pre-licensing course your next step is registering for the Texas exam and paying the required fees. Find more information about where and how to register here.
  • Pass your exam and apply for your insurance license. There are two parts to insurance exams—a national section and state-specific section. You’ll need a passing score of 70 percent on both parts. Your test will be scored immediately after you take it, so you’ll know right away whether you passed. Once you receive confirmation you passed, you’ll need to apply for your insurance license (for an additional fee). Once you’ve received your insurance license, you can start selling or discussing insurance!

Taking a pre-licensing education course is not only a requirement, it’s an essential part of preparing for the insurance exam. Being prepared is critical. If you don’t pass the first time, you’ll have to start the process all over again. This will cost you precious time and money. It’s worth taking the time to study and thoroughly understand the materials.

The state-approved pre-licensing courses through America’s Professor include 24/7 access to our suite of engaging online lectures, a comprehensive textbook, and unlimited customer service help. AP gives you 45-day access to the study materials with more time at no charge, if needed.

Enroll in a Texas pre-licensing course today and be on your way to launching or expanding your career in the lucrative insurance industry!

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19 days ago

This course has been so helpful in helping me attain my Texas Life and Health license. I already had experience in health but not Life so this really benefited me.