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If you’ve decided to get your insurance license, whether you’re going for your life insurance license or your property and casualty license, congratulations—you’ve already taken an important step toward securing an in-demand career in the insurance industry!

Your next step is choosing study materials to prepare for your exam. There are lots of study guides and programs available for purchase online. How do you know which one is best?

Here are a few tips for choosing a quality South Carolina insurance license exam study guide:

Choose study materials that cover everything on the TCO.

A quality insurance exam study manual should include all the material covered on the Test Content Outline (TCO), which divulges all the different subjects being tested on. Study manuals usually include two sections:

  • A state-specific section, which covers rules and regulations specific to the state of South Carolina.
  • A national section, which covers general insurance concepts and terminology.

Important: Make sure you have an updated manual (or set of manuals), as the TCO sometimes changes. Failing the insurance exam because the materials you used were out of date is counterproductive—and avoidable.

Choose a reputable study materials provider.

Many online self-study courses also include instructor-led lectures and course material reviews. Make sure to view a demonstration of the course materials to ensure it makes sense to you and is high quality. Beware of online courses that don’t provide examples or demos of their product. Inferior study materials are a waste of time and money.

Choose a guide that includes practice exams.

Make sure the program you choose includes a comprehensive review of everything in the study guide. America’s Professor has been preparing students for their insurance licensing exams for more than 30 years—so we know the ins and outs of exam prep. We believe a huge part of studying for your insurance licensing exam is being prepared for the types of questions you’ll actually be asked on the exam.

While no insurance license study guide will have the exact questions that will appear on the exam, they should at least be able to provide you with similar questions in a similar format. The practice test questions should cover the concepts and terminology that you’ll face on the actual exam.

Practice exams are a critical component of preparing—without them your chances of passing the exam the first time drop considerably.

Remember—you must put in the work.

You’ll only get out of your study materials what you put into them. Read and follow your study guide completely. Insurance exam prep providers like America’s Professor structure their material to give you the best chances of passing the state exam the first time.

America’s Professor is leading provider of insurance pre-licensing courses. We invite you to view a sample video lecture of our South Carolina course here.

Learn more about what is on the South Carolina insurance licensing exam here.

View our South Carolina pre-licensing courses here.


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