How To Pass The Nevada Insurance Licensing Exam

The demand to pass the Nevada Insurance license exam is higher than it’s ever been before. Nevada has seen incredible growth in recent years. The state’s housing and job markets are booming, and the population is rapidly expanding. In 2020, Nevada was the fifth fastest growing state in the country. This makes it one of the best markets for new and established insurance agents.

Whether you’re getting licensed for the first time or you want to expand into an additional state, Nevada is a great place to do it.

Below we’ve compiled helpful information and resources based on the latest information about getting licensed in Nevada. Whether you’re going for your Life & Health license, or you want to become a Property & Casualty insurance agent, the information below will help you know what to expect from the process.


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And when you study for the Nevada insurance license exam with America’s Professor, you will be in the best possible position to pass the test on your first attempt. Our courses cover everything you need to know to pass the national portion of your Nevada insurance exam (we don’t have the state component of the licensing exam at this time).

Our courses are designed to help you easily make sense of the tough insurance concepts and unfamiliar terminology you’re sure to see on your exam. Keep reading for all the latest on getting licensed in Nevada.

Is there a pre-licensing course requirement in Nevada?

Pre-licensing education is not required in Nevada, but you’ll greatly improve your odds of passing the exam on your first try if you take an exam prep course. America’s Professor offers courses to help you study for the national portion of your exam (we currently don’t offer courses for the state portion).

What kinds of questions do they put on the Nevada insurance license exam?

All questions on the Nevada insurance license exam are multiple choice. But that doesn’t mean they’re easy. The insurance licensing exam deals with tricky insurance concepts and terminology that aren’t common knowledge. That’s why you need to study.

The questions are pulled from a large pool, which means no two people will see the same questions on their exam. The exam is usually heavy on terminology and numbers (e.g., dollar amounts, number of days, etc.).

Here’s an example of the kinds of questions you might see on the exam:

If a policy is determined to be a Modified Endowment Contract (MEC), funds received under the policy will be:

  1. Subject to a 20% surrender charge
  2. Tax deferred until retirement
  3. Principal, so there is no tax liability
  4. Considered taxable income first

To get a better idea of what the exam will cover, review the Nevada test content outlines.

What score do I need to pass the Nevada insurance license exam?

In Nevada, the passing score required on the insurance exam is 80 (this is higher than in most other states, which require a passing score of 70).

Although there are two parts to the exam—a national portion and a state-specific section—you will only receive one score.

Your exam will be scored immediately, but you will not be told how many questions you got right or wrong. You will simply receive a score report indicating whether you passed or failed.

If you fail the exam, however, your score report will include the numeric score, so you’ll know how close you came to 80. It will also tell you the areas where you did well and the areas where you need to keep studying.

Are the Nevada insurance license exam questions grouped by category?

Questions on the exam are not grouped by category; they are randomly scrambled. Our students have not reported this to cause any hang-ups or problems during the exam.

Note that each exam contains “pretest” questions that are mixed in with the scored questions. Pretest questions are not scored, and they’re designed to throw you off. So, if you’ve studied hard and you see questions on the exam that are unfamiliar, don’t panic—they’re likely pretest questions.

What insurance exams are available in Nevada?

How many questions are on the Nevada insurance exam?

The number of questions varies by exam, from 60 to 170 questions. For example, the Nevada Life insurance exam has 97 questions, while the Life & Health insurance exam has 170 questions.

How do I sign up to take the Nevada insurance exam?

Nevada licensing exams are administered through a company called Pearson Vue. You will need to create an account on the Pearson VUE website to schedule your exam date and time.

Where can I take the Nevada insurance exam?

There are test center locations in Las Vegas, Reno, and Elko. To schedule a test date, you must create an account with Pearson VUE.

What if I fail the Nevada insurance exam?

You can register to retake the exam 24 hours after your previous attempt.

If you didn’t take a pre-licensing course—whether through America’s Professor or another company—before taking the exam, we strongly recommend that you enroll in an exam prep course before retaking the exam. This will help you get well prepared for your second go-around.

How much is the licensing exam fee?

The examination fee for single line exams (e.g., Life only) is $39. The fee for combo exams (e.g., Life & Health or Property & Casualty) is $49.

All examination fees must be paid at the time you schedule your exam date by credit card, debit card, electronic check, or voucher. Payment will not be accepted at the test center. Examination fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

How much is the Nevada insurance license fee?

Once you have passed your exam, you will need to apply for your actual insurance license. The fee is $185, which does not include NIPR transaction fees (NIPR is the company that issues licenses).

How do I sign up for fingerprinting/background check?

In Nevada, you must get fingerprinted before you can apply for your license. To expedite the process, you should make a fingerprint reservation before you take your exam.

You can register online at You can also contact MorphoTrust USA™ at (866) 761-8069. Pearson VUE cannot make this reservation for you.

Walk-in digital fingerprints are available at IdentoGO by MorphoTrust USA™ locations only, not Pearson VUE test centers. There are walk-in locations in Las Vegas, Reno, and Elko.

Which Nevada insurance test is the toughest?

Each insurance licensing exam presents its own challenges. In general:

  • Property and Casualty license: The property insurance exam is usually easier than the casualty exam, since property insurance deals with less complicated issues, like fires, floods, and earthquakes. Casualty insurance, on the other hand, deals primarily with liability insurance, which is protection against lawsuits. These concepts are more abstract and difficult to grasp.
  • Life and Health license: Our students report that the Accident and Health exam is more difficult since health and accident policies tend to be more complicated than life insurance policies.

high school student holding pencil writing on paper answer sheet

Regardless of which test you plan to take, studying diligently before your exam will help you pass on the first try.

Will I have enough time to complete the Nevada insurance test?

You will have between 1 and 3.35 hours to complete the exam, depending on which exam you’re taking. Our students have never reported not being able to finish in the time provided.

Is the Nevada insurance exam computerized?

Yes, it is a digital exam. Your exam will be scored right after you finish. You will know your score on the spot, but you will not receive a copy of your exam showing which specific answers you got wrong, even if you don’t pass.

What is the Best Way to Prep for the Nevada Insurance Exam?

There is no alternative to knowing the material. That’s why we strongly recommend enrolling in an insurance exam prep course. While there are no shortcuts to learning, there are more effective and less frustrating ways to learn. If you enroll in an AP course, we recommend you follow this 4-step process:

  1. Watch the video lectures online.
  2. Highlight key concepts in the textbook provided (usually arrives within a few days of enrollment in a course).
  3. Review questions in the test bank (multiple times, as needed).
  4. Send AP an email or give us a call if you have any questions.
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Excusememz Tilly
Excusememz Tilly
1 year ago

how many times can you retake until you pass?

1 year ago

Hello Tilly, I don’t believe there’s a limit on the amount of times you can take the exam in person but there are sometimes limitations on how many times you can take it online. I think that’s something the testing center is trying to figure out. Good luck!

1 year ago

3 times in one year.

1 year ago
Reply to  J.T

Hi J.T. Where did you see that requirement? We haven’t seen it posted. Thanks!

marie clemens
marie clemens
10 days ago

You may want to note, they do not tell you the areas where you struggled. I just took the exam today.

9 days ago
Reply to  marie clemens

Hi Marie, Sorry to hear you failed your exam. Did they not give you a graph with bars on it showing your weak areas? Those areas should match up with their test content outline.