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Is the Georgia Insurance Exam Difficult?


Each Georgia insurance licensing exam presents its own challenge. Between Life and Accident & Sickness, students say that the Accident & Sickness (Health) insurance exam is the more difficult. Health insurance policies are simply more complicated than life insurance policies.

The Property insurance exam is easier than the Casualty insurance exam. Property insurance deals with easy to understand issues – fire, flooding, earthquake, etc. On the other hand, Casualty insurance deals primarily with Liability insurance – protection against lawsuits. Casualty insurance is a more conceptual topic and one that is more difficult for students to grasp – particularly if you have never been sued.

The state portion of the Georgia insurance exam is very detailed and presents its own challenges. The state topics tend to cover trivial details relating to complicated state regulations. None of this is easy, but that is why we work so hard to make the material both understandable and memorable.

This is a challenging exam. Put yourself on a strict schedule as you do your exam prep work. Be focused and disciplined as you do your insurance test prep.

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Jackie Adams
Jackie Adams
2 years ago

Hello! I don’t understand why it’s the pre licensing test instead of the real test.This is my first time taking an insurance test so I’m not sure about the whole thing. So, do I take the pre license and then, where do I take the real exam? Thanks!

5 months ago

I can’t get through to schedule my exam in Georgia. I’ve called multiple times with a hold time of 30min plus each time Is anybody else having this issue?

We make every effort to ensure that the content on our site is accurate but it’s always recommended to you contact your state’s Insurance Licensing Department or Test Provider for information. Thank you. – The AP Team