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Resources to Help Pass the Hawaii Insurance Exam

How to pass the Hawaii insurance licensing exam

How to pass the Hawaii Insurance Licensing Exam


Before you become a licensed insurance agent in Hawaii you will need to take the test. America’s Professor has helped thousands of students prepare for and pass the Hawaii insurance licence exam. Find out more…

Hawaii insurance adjuster or public adjuster exam information

Hawaii Insurance Adjuster or Public Adjuster Exam Information/How Hard is the Adjuster Exam in Hawaii?


Just how hard is the insurance adjuster exam in Hawaii? Where can you take the test and how much does it cost? These questions and more are answered on our page of useful information about the Hawaii insurance adjuster exam. Read it here…

Study materials for the Hawaii insurance exam

Study Materials for the Hawaii Insurance Exam


Preparing for an exam that could define your future is intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. There are materials out there to help you study and ace the insurance exam. America’s professor walks you through what to look for in study materials here…

Best Hawaii approved insurance pre-licensing course for you?

Best Hawaii Approved Insurance Pre-Licensing Course for You?


If you’re asking yourself which pre-licensing course will serve you best, you need to look no further than this page. We’ll walk you through the questions to ask yourself to determine the best course of action for test preparation. Read it here…

Failed the Hawaii Life, Accident and Health insurance exam?

Failed the Hawaii Life, Accident and Health Insurance Exam?


Failing an exam isn’t the end of the road. If you’ve failed the life, accident and sickness insurance exam in Hawaii, visit this page to see what your next steps should be…

Failed the Hawaii Property and Casualty insurance exam?

Failed the Hawaii Property and Casualty Insurance Exam?


For those who have failed the Hawaii property and casualty insurance exam there is still hope. America’s Professor breaks down the exam and what to do next on this page…

Hawaii insurance licensing exam – the real world vs. the test world

Hawaii Insurance Licensing Exam — the Real World vs. the Test World


Is there a difference between real world knowledge of the industry and the type of information tested on the insurance licensing exam? Read more here…

Is the Hawaii insurance exam difficult?

Is the Hawaii Insurance Exam Difficult?


Every state’s insurance licensing exam is slightly different and the portion of the Hawaii exam specific to that state has a unique set of challenges. Read about the exam and how to prepare here…

How to become an insurance agent in Hawaii

How to Become an Insurance Agent in Hawaii


Hawaii has its own set of natural perils, including tropical storms and hurricanes, flash floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. This means insurance will always be in demand in the Aloha state. Becoming an insurance agent in Hawaii offers the potential for a secure and potentially lucrative career…

We make every effort to ensure that the content on our site is accurate but it’s always recommended to you contact your state’s Insurance Licensing Department or Test Provider for information. Thank you. – The AP Team