Hawaii Insurance Adjuster Exam Information

How Hard is the Adjuster Exam in Hawaii?

Not hard, but not easy… Many of our Hawaii Adjuster students are taking our Hawaii Property & Casualty Agent Course to prepare for the Pearson VUE Hawaii Adjuster Exam #14 as the Test Content Outlines (TCOs) are nearly identical. Our students are reporting great success in passing their HI Adjuster exam the first time. The State of Hawaii does not require individuals to complete an approved course prior to taking the Pearson VUE licensing exam.


The cost to take the Hawaii Adjuster Exam is $75.

The time allotted to take the Adjuster Exam #14 is 2 hours 45 minutes.

Hawaii Adjuster Exam

Please check with America’s Professor (800-870-3130), Pearson VUE (800-274-2608) or the Hawaii Insurance Department (808-586-2790) if you have any questions.

Additional information for Resident Adjusters can be found here.

Additional information for Non-Resident Adjusters can be found here.


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4 years ago

What test do I take for the Non-Resident Independent Adjuster license in Hawaii? I just studied for 2 weeks and passed the NY exam, so is the Hawaii exam about the same, easier or harder? Is it specific to adjusting or insurance or property/casualty in general? Do I need to know about Life/Health/Auto insurance? What pre-course do you recommend for the property/fire adjuster license? Thanks

America's Professor - DCM
America's Professor - DCM
4 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Hi Dave, You will want to take Hawaii Adjuster Exam #14 from a Pearson VUE test center. The Adjuster and PC Agent test content outlines are very similar so our student just use our Hawaii Property and Casualty Course. There may be specific Hawaii Adjuster courses available but I’m not sure of any. Good luck!