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Insurance agents enjoy challenging careers, with a strong potential for hiring even during times when the economy falters. For those who enjoy consistency, becoming an insurance agent does offer job stability that is not found in other industries today.  In addition, it takes less time and money for insurance agents to enter the work force than it does for most other careers. An insurance agent exam is taken, and must be passed to receive licensure, with a different test being given for each area of insurance you want to offer. Once making the decision to become an insurance agent, the next step is deciding which type of agent to become.

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Different Types of Insurance Agents

The insurance agent acts as an intermediary between the individual seeking insurance and the company which offers insurance policies. Their responsibilities lie in providing customers with the information they need to purchase the best insurance coverage for their personal or business needs. There are two types of insurance agents, including those that are “captive” and work only for one insurance company, and those that are “independent” and work for any variety of insurance companies.

There Are also Different Types of Insurance, Including:

  • Home – to protect the structure and/or possessions inside the home. Homeowner’s insurance is also purchased to protect the homeowner against being held liable if accidents occur to others while on their property.
  • Auto – to protect drivers from financial loss in the event an automobile accident occurs. Auto insurance may be comprehensive and cover the driver’s vehicle or may be a liability policy which covers the costs from an accident incurred by the other driver.
  • Casualty – to protect a person or group from being held financially liable in the event of an accident that results from their negligence or omissions.
  • Rental – to protect the individual’s personal belongings and valuables when they do not own the building where they reside.
  • Property – to protect home or business owners or renters from financial loss due to damage or theft of their property. Property insurance may also include protection against damage as a result of flood, earthquake, and other natural disasters.
  • Life – to protect those who rely on your income in case you die prematurely. Life insurance can also provide you with a source for emergency medical funds for expenses such as funeral costs or medical expenses.
  • Health – to protect your health by paying for preventive screenings, diagnostic testing, and treatments for illnesses, conditions and injuries that would otherwise be too expensive to afford. Having adequate health insurance can also prevent your loved ones from having the burden of paying high medical costs if you become ill and require extensive medical treatment.

How to Become an Insurance Agent

Each type of insurance that you want to sell will require you to get your insurance license for that area. For example, if you want to sell auto and health insurance, you must pass the insurance exam for both auto insurance and for health insurance. You are also required to have 40 hours of classroom time prior to taking the exam. Many states have specific requirements, and a lot of the information on the licensing exam is related to the specific state. Taking a pre-licensing course to prepare for the exam will help you become familiar with the material, so that you will pass it on the first attempt. Today, you have the option to take a course online, on your own schedule, and review the areas where you need the most reinforcement.


Becoming an insurance agent is a fast and simple way to start a new challenging career. A pre-licensing course that includes your required class hours and a successful insurance exam will result in your obtaining the license needed to sell insurance policies.

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America’s Professor (https://americasprofessor.com/) is a company which teaches insurance pre-licensing courses to help potential insurance agents acquire their licenses. They have 30 years of experience at providing the highest quality courses through the use of instructional videos and easy-to-understand text books.


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