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What Should I Do to Prepare for an Insurance Licensing Exam?

Interested in becoming an insurance agent? Before you can start your career in the insurance industry, you need to pass the proper exams. And, before you can pass those exams, you need to prepare for them. How should one prepare for their insurance agent exam? We’ve put together a list of things that every would-be insurance agent should do while getting ready for their insurance licensing tests.

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Find the Right Insurance Licensing Study Courses

Just like every test you ever took in school, preparing for an insurance licensing exam requires knowing what’s on the test that you are going to be taking. That means going to classes, learning the material, studying independently, and asking people who’ve already passed their exams for tips and insight on how to do as well as possible. There is a lot of information that needs to be learned to pass your insurance licensing exam, and the quality of the teacher and the lessons that you get when preparing can have a big impact on how well you learn the material, and thus how well you do on the test.

America’s Professor’s insurance pre-licensing courses are taught by industry professionals who know how to share their knowledge with students clearly and efficiently. And, because we make our lessons available as online video courses, you can schedule your learning around your own personal schedule, making it easier for you to fit preparing for your exam into your schedule.

Independent Study

Remembering all of the information that you need to know for an insurance licensing exam takes more than hearing the information once, and then going in to taking the test. If you want to pass your licensing course on the first try, you need to take the time to study your notes, revisit course material, and look up information independently. There is no substitute to knowing the content you are going to be testing on. Be sure not to focus on taking review questions repeatedly as many students end up memorizing those test questions instead of learning the material and thus fail the exam when confronted with different question wording.

Schedule Your Exam Date

In order to take an insurance licensing exam, you need to let the people administering the test know that you’re going to be there. The agencies that administer insurance licensing tests often schedule specific dates to hold examinations, and test takers must register with them before the deadline to be able to attend. Be sure to look up the exact details of how the licensing test is administered in your area. What dates are available to take the test? Where is the test held? What is the deadline for registering? Learn this information as far ahead of time as possible, so that you can build your schedule around your insurance licensing exam sooner rather than later. If you have any questions regarding the process please let us know!

Get Plenty of Rest Before Your Test Date

As your insurance licensing test date approaches, you may be tempted to stay up later and later, cramming as much information into your brain as possible and going over your notes just one more time. This may seem like a good idea, but you’re just as likely to be hurting your chances as you are helping them. Going into an exam without enough rest is likely to cause you to forget important information, make it difficult to concentrate, and to make the negative affects of stress more powerful. Instead of cramming the night before, study often, well before the test date, so that you can be sure you know the material when you walk in the door.

For more great tips on preparing for becoming an insurance agent, contact us today at 800-870-3130.

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1 year ago

Are there any study groups to prepare you for the test for the license exam

1 year ago

Thank you

Daimin Zeng
Daimin Zeng
1 year ago

Hi,I am a foreigner with B2 visa,is that ok for me to study the insurance agent class and am i qualified to get the exam?

We make every effort to ensure that the content on our site is accurate but it’s always recommended to you contact your state’s Insurance Licensing Department or Test Provider for information. Thank you. – The AP Team