What Are Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses?


Interested in becoming an insurance agent? Before you sit down to take your insurance licensing exam, you need to learn the material. In this post, we’ll discuss the details of insurance pre-licensing courses, and why they are necessary for all aspiring insurance industry workers.

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Insurance Licensing Exams

In every state of the U.S., insurance agents need to obtain a license that gives them permission to sell insurance within the borders of their state. This requirement exists so that the government can make sure that the people selling insurance understand the laws and regulations related to the buying and selling of insurance, and so that insurance companies and consumers can know that the insurance producers they are working with understand the product that they are selling. In order to obtain an insurance license, a would-be insurance agent needs to take an insurance licensing exam. Insurance licensing exams test the taker’s knowledge of insurance, insurance law, and other relevant information.

Obviously, a person who is required to pass an exam needs to know the information that they will be tested on. So where does someone learn all the information they need to know to pass their state’s insurance licensing examination? Insurance law is a complicated subject, and rules and regulations pertaining to insurance that seem minor to laymen, but are actually incredibly important to insurance professionals and can change regularly. For most people, learning all the things they would need to know to pass an insurance licensing exam on their own is far too complicated, or would take too long to be a practical option. That’s where insurance pre-licensing courses come in.

Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses

As the name implies, insurance pre-licensing courses are classes that teach would-be insurance agents everything they need to know to pass their state’s insurance licensing test. Insurance pre-licensing courses are often similar to college lectures, where a professor or educator holds regular classes discussing the subject matter at hand. By taking lessons from someone experienced in both the insurance industry and teaching the material to newcomers, aspiring insurance agents can easily learn the material contained on the insurance licensing exam.

Because insurance regulations differ from state to state, and insurance licenses are handed out on the state level, each state has its own insurance licensing exam. While many rules and regulations regarding insurance are shared across states or are dictated by federal law, individual states will also have their own particular rules and guidelines, meaning that each state insurance licensing course will have its relevant own insurance pre-licensing courses.

In order to make sure that they are learning the correct information for their state’s insurance guidelines, aspiring insurance agents need to turn to insurance pre-licensing courses that they can trust. Not only must the information be correct, it must be shared with students in a manner that is understandable, and which allows them to apply what they have learned to practical situations faced by real workers in the insurance industry. America’s Professor online video insurance pre-licensing courses are taught by experts with many years of insurance experience, as well as experience teaching. We make sure to make our lessons engaging and easy to follow, and because they are all available online, they can be taken when it is convenient for the student, not the teacher. America’s Professor insurance pre-licensing courses help regular people learn the knowledge they need to become successful insurance agents easily and affordably.

Learn more about America’s Professor and our insurance pre-licensing courses today, by calling 800-870-3130.


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