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Customer service often sets competitors apart from one another in highly competitive businesses like insurance. Good insurance agents understand that when their quote isn’t the lowest, their ability to make customers feel valued and important can tip the scales back in their favor with clients.

People considering becoming an insurance agent should brush up on their customer service skills before getting into the industry. Insurance is a very people-centric business, and great interpersonal skills are a must. Here are a few customer service tips for new agents:

Get to know your clients – Take the time to get personal. Ask about your clients’ interests, families and hobbies. Share a little information about yourself. By taking an interest in the lives of your clients, you form a more positive image with them and make it more likely they’ll call on you for their insurance needs, or recommend their friends and families to your business.

Identify clients’ individual needs and cater to them – Pay attention, do your homework, and find the policies and insurance products that best fit clients’ needs. They’ll appreciate the individual attention.

No badmouthing – Avoid speaking negatively about other clients, insurance agencies or organizations. You never know how potential clients may be connected to them. If a client asks you about someone or another business, give an honest opinion, but keep it fact-based.

Get in contact – Life changes, and not just at renewal time. An occasional courtesy call to clients can help you identify and serve any new insurance needs that may come up during the year.

Proofread all written communication – Poorly written emails or texts to clients make you appear unprofessional and ignorant. Read over everything you write twice, and then read it again before hitting “send.”

Don’t transfer people to voicemail – If a client calls and you’re unable to help them, don’t bounce them to voicemail. Customers hate that. Find a live human being for them to talk to. If the right person is unavailable, take their information down and make a point to get the appropriate person to return the client’s call ASAP.

New agents and established agents can benefit from refresher customer service and continuing education courses. These classes can help individuals improve customer service and stay abreast of new developments in the industry.  If you’re considering becoming an insurance agent, or want to improve your business, these courses can be very worthwhile.


Good customer service can help insurance agents recruit new customers and keep existing clients in the fold. Brushing up on customer service skills can help agents gain a competitive advantage over other agents in their area.

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Douglas Brown
9 years ago

I can attest to the professionalism part. My job requires a lot of written communication, including text and email, and the first red flag with anyone is their writing ability (or lack thereof). A little proofreading can go a long way. This is excellent advice.


[…] company that provides insurance pre-licensing courses in 26 states via online learning programs, says on their website, “Customer service often sets competitors apart from one another in highly competitive […]

Larry Weaver
6 years ago

I really like how you mentioned that insurance agents should avoid talking negatively about other clients, insurance agencies, and organizations. Personal insurance agents that give honest opinions that are fact-based are the best type of agents, I believe. Agents that are easy to connect with is also a trait that I think is really important for an agent.