Selling Insurance in the 21st Century

There has never been a better time to become an insurance agent. 21st century insurance agents have access to tools that their predecessors could only dream of, giving them unprecedented opportunities to increase their personal efficiency, improve customer outreach, and provide higher quality service to their customers. Below, you’ll find just three examples of how things have changed for the better for insurance agents working today.

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Increased Efficiency

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of selling insurance in the 21st century is the number of tools available to insurance agents that help them perform their job more efficiently. Back in the old days of paper files and no internet, processing insurance applications and keeping track of important data was an almost entirely manual process; one that could be incredibly time consuming and distracting for insurance agents, keeping them away from making sales and speaking with potential clients.

Now, however, things are quite a bit different. Thanks to the growing ubiquity of smartphones, cloud-based platforms, and other 21st century technology, the file shuffling and timekeeping aspects of being an insurance agent are much more efficient. That’s good news for people who make a living selling insurance, since it means they can now spend even more time doing the parts of their job that make them money.

Customer-Oriented Service

The growth of digital technology hasn’t just made things more efficient for insurance agents. With the arrival of mobile apps, social media, and other online platforms has come the expectation from consumers that insurance companies, and the agents representing them, will offer features that better tailor their services to them and make shopping for insurance a more convenient and personalized service.

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Insurance companies have responded to these demands in several ways. Some have started using advanced predictive analytics to create their products, which allows them to better predict their customers’ needs and better tailor plans to their individual needs. Additionally, insurance agents are starting to make use of apps, websites, and other online tools to streamline their services, making it easier than ever for consumers to shop for insurance.

Better Customer Engagement

The best insurance agents are the ones who can build a personal relationship with their clients. When customers trust their insurance agent, they are more likely to purchase additional coverage, listen to the agent’s suggestions, and share personal information that can be used to determine the best plans for their individual needs.

In the past, building this kind of customer rapport required lots of time spent face to face with customers. Today’s insurance agents have it much easier. Online tools such as social media and personal websites are the perfect resources for personal branding and customer outreach, and savvy insurance agents all across the country use them to build trust with their customer base and make new contacts. For a fraction of the time it used to take building a personal relationship with one customer, today’s insurance agents can create trust between themselves and dozens, even hundreds, of people they’ve never met face-to-face.

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