Sales Tips and Techniques for Insurance Agents

Being able to close sales isn’t something they teach during insurance agent exams, but it’s one of the most essential skills for every insurance salesperson to have. If you’re having trouble getting new customers to sign up for coverage, try using these sales tips for insurance agents.

  • Create interest in what you have to sell: When first approached, many people may not initially be interested in purchasing insurance, or feel like they don’t need it. Alternately, they may be interested in insurance, but aren’t happy with the options that are available to them. One way insurance agents can create interest in their product is to use the power of storytelling. By giving potential clients a theoretical example of how insurance coverage can be of use to them, it’s possible to make disinterested potential clients willing to consider the possibility that they may need insurance, after all.
  • Provide solutions to the customers’ needs: Insurance agents shouldn’t look at what they’re selling as a product to be marketed, but as the solution to consumers’ wants and needs. Consumers are much more likely to be convinced to buy by a description of how insurance coverage fulfills a need they have by hearing what discounts you can offer them.
  • Listen to what the customer has to say: Insurance agents should be good talkers, but they need to be even better listeners. When a salesperson listens to what potential customers have to say to them, he or she is better able to respond specifically to their customers’ needs and offer them coverage that they are likely to be willing to spend money on. In other words, the best insurance agents are the ones that let their customers do most of the talking.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale: Being too aggressive can drive potential customers away, but being too timid can keep otherwise good insurance agents from being able to close the deal. If a potential customer has been convinced of the value of insurance coverage and is interested in a plan, an insurance agent shouldn’t be afraid to move in and ask them to sign up right then. Not everyone will say yes, but many will.


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  • Ask for referrals: Some salespeople are shy about asking their current customers to provide them with referrals. They shouldn’t be. Existing customers are not only a great source of potential leads, they often help insurance agents close the deal by telling their friends, family, and coworkers about how buying insurance coverage has helped them.
  • Show appreciation to your customers: One of the best ways insurance agents can endear themselves to their customers (and thus increase the likelihood of future sales, either from repeat business or referrals) is to show their clients that they are appreciated. Following up with new sales the next day and sending out cards for special events are simple, effective ways to let customers know they are valued, and to keep them thinking about the value of the service you provide.
  • Set regular sales goals: One of the best ways to stay motivated as a salesperson is to set weekly, monthly, or quarterly goals for yourself, and then do your best to meet or exceed them. Do you think it’s reasonable for you to make $10K in sales every month? Then push yourself to meet that number, or higher, every month, and keep track of your progress to keep yourself on track.

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Rebecca Gardner
8 months ago

It stood out to me when you explained how existing customers can be used as a source of new leads for insurance agents. In my opinion, it’s also a good idea to work with a marketing organization to get quality leads for new insurance agents. My brother is looking to become a Medicare insurance agent soon, so I appreciate you sharing this advice I can pass along to him soon.