Preparing for Your Exam: Best Studying Tips and Techniques

Passing your state’s insurance agent exam is no small feat. In addition to the hours spent in class listening to lectures and taking notes, prospective insurance agents need to spend lots of time studying the material if they ever hope to pass their exam. Fear not, though – we’ve put together a list of great studying tips and techniques to help insurance agents make the most of their study time. Read on to learn more.

Avoid Common Distractions

One of the easiest ways to ruin a good study session is to let yourself get distracted. If you find yourself drawn to your phone or browsing online when you should be hitting the books, it’s a good idea to shut down any distracting devices and remove any objects that might pull your attention away from the task at hand:

  • Shut off your phone so you can’t receive any texts or calls, and to stop yourself from playing games, web surfing, or going on social media.
  • Close all browser windows that aren’t relevant to studying.
  • Close any instant messenger platforms you have open.
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Shut off the music – while some people think music helps them concentrate, it’s just as likely to distract you from your studies.

Insurance exam study tips

Study in Short Rounds

Studying is hard work, even if you are sitting the whole time. The longer you study, the more mental energy you use up, the harder it gets to concentrate, and the less you will remember. The best way is to study for short periods of time, taking breaks every hour or so to walk around, stretch, and let the material you’ve gone over settle in your brain. By scheduling your study times into short, frequent rounds, you’ll get the most out of your efforts.

Review Past Material

Repetition is one of the most important parts of learning. Going over a chapter once or twice isn’t enough for most people to truly grasp the material, especially when that material is something as complex as insurance laws and regulations. In addition to studying current material, go back to older subjects as often as possible to refresh your memory of them.

Even just scanning over old study material and reviewing the most important parts can help give you a better grasp on what you have learned, and help you make connections between old and current subjects.

Eat Healthfully

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how their diet might affect their mood or ability to concentrate, but what you eat before a study session can have a big impact on how well it goes. Nuts and fruits contain nutrients that can help increase concentration and improve mood, both of which are essential to getting the most out of a study session. On the other hand, eating a heavy meal before studying is a bad idea; the more energy your body has to spend on digesting and processing food, the less energy it has to spend on concentration and memorization.

Reward Yourself

After a successful study session, give yourself a reward by going online, responding to a text message, or grabbing a small snack. Rewards like these can be a great motivator; never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement.

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