Opportunities for Insurance Sales Leads in 2016

It’s the struggle every insurance agent knows – finding people to talk to. No matter how great your pitch is, or the value of the policies you have to sell, these things don’t amount to much if you can’t find potential customers to whom you can peddle your wares. What can insurance agents do to find leads in a crowded marketplace catering to an economically cautious customer base? Here are a few ways insurance agents can find new leads in 2016.

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Tap into Customers’ Desire for Legacy Planning

One of the secrets to being a great insurance agent is understanding what your target customer base wants, and then presenting them with insurance coverage options that give it to them. Here’s an example that applies to life insurance agents, in particular. Most Americans desire to “leave something behind” for their families when they pass – being able to offer loved ones a financial cushion, even a small one, in the event of one’s death is seen as a sign of success and caring. Many Americans believe that this is a goal that’s outside of their reach, but a savvy insurance agent knows better.

Unbeknownst to the average American consumer, there are plenty of life insurance options through which it is possible to leave loved ones with a surprisingly large windfall. By educating consumers about the possibilities of life insurance coverage (and the benefits of that coverage to their families), a proactive insurance agent can tap into a surprisingly lucrative and underexploited market.

Tap into the Power of Electronics

The internet has sped up the pace at which business transactions happen, and has instilled in consumers an expectation that sales will happen quickly. As anyone who works in insurance can tell you, though, some industries are seriously lagging in taking advantage of electronic platforms to improve processing and application times. This may be an annoyance for customers, but it’s also a great opportunity for enterprising insurance agents to stand out from the rest of the competition. To consumers in need of insurance, the speed with which they can obtain coverage is a part of the cost-value package of making a purchase. Any insurance agent who finds a way to use the internet and mobile devices to increase the speed of their transactions is likely to benefit.

Putting Your Insider’s Perspective to Work

Working with an insurance agent gives consumers access to a benefit they can’t get anywhere else: the knowledge of an industry insider being put to work for them. Consumers can do plenty of research on insurance options on their own, but, without the training it takes to become an insurance agent, they’ll only be able to understand so much of it.

Insurance agents are able to explain the benefits of individual policies by breaking down the complex language and regulations into easy-to-understand terms. For insurance agents, that means being able to explain to customers why the least expensive policy isn’t always the best policy. This benefits both consumers and agents – consumers get better quality coverage that meets their needs, while agents get to make higher value sales.

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