Insurance Careers for Veterans

America’s servicemen and women are some of the hardest workers in the world, and they learn many valuable skills during their time serving our country. Once their tour of duty is over, they face a hard transition, including finding a new career outside of the service that can challenge them and give them the fulfillment they need to find success as civilians.

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If you’re a veteran or reservist struggling to decide what to do next with your life, we’ve got some good news for you: Not only are the skills people learn in the military perfect for work in the insurance industry, but the insurance industry loves to recruit former service members. In fact, some insurance companies have specific outreach programs for former soldiers and reservists, aimed at helping America’s warriors find well-paid, fulfilling work in their civilian careers.

What Skills Can Veterans Use in the Insurance Industry?

Many of the skills that men and women learn in the military are also applicable to a career in the insurance industry, such as:

  • The ability to plan and execute strategies in high-stress situations: While being an insurance agent will never be as high stress as walking into an active combat zone, the insurance field is one of high stakes and constant pressure, where the ability to keep a cool head and get things done while under the pressure is the best skill one can have. Selling insurance, especially, is a high pressure job where success is defined by the ability to perform under stress.
  • Risk management skills: At the end of the day, insurance is about risk. It’s an industry where companies and consumers alike make decisions by determining whether or not the risk involved in a transaction is worth the potential payoff. An industry like that is one that calls for levelheaded people who know how to make quick and accurate decisions about risk and reward.
  • The ability to perform complex tasks independently: Insurance agents usually work as part of a team, but the majority of their success is dependent on their ability to take initiative and work independently to find customers, make sales, and work with clients to keep them on board. Insurance agents need sound judgement and high levels of independence to do their jobs well, which are skills that everyone who’s ever served in the military has almost certainly learned.

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Communication skills: Another important skillset that people in the insurance industry need is the ability to communicate quickly and clearly. Whether it’s keeping your team updated or explaining the nuts and bolts of a policy to a new customer in a way they can understand, the type of communication skills people learn in the service will also serve them well during a career in the insurance industry.

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