How to Prepare for the Insurance License Exam

Obtaining a license to sell insurance in your state is a requirement for all future insurance agents, which means passing the appropriate insurance agent exam is a must for anyone looking for a career in the industry. To help people getting ready to take their insurance license exam course, we’ve put together some helpful tips to use when preparing to take the test.

Insurance exam prep


The first tip is the most obvious one, but it’s still something that people need to be reminded about on a regular basis. If you stop looking at your training material after the first read through, and never look at the notes from your pre-licensing course again after you’ve written them, chances are you’re not going to know the exam material well enough to pass the test. Review your notes and educational material regularly until you are familiar enough with them that you can walk into the test confident that you will pass.

Don’t Overdo It

“Cramming” is practically a ritual among college students and other test-takers, in which they spend the night before a test furiously trying to review everything that will be covered all at once. As popular a studying choice as it is, though, cramming is a very poor method for learning material, and only makes a high pressure situation even more tense and demanding. Instead of spending 12 hours before the test desperately trying to learn everything, spread your studying out as much as possible so that you can mentally digest the material, as opposed to quickly memorizing it, and then forgetting it once the test is over.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Another reason not to leave studying to the last minute is so that you can get a good night’s sleep before the exam, instead of staying up into the early morning and showing up to the test frazzled and sleep deprived. The less stressed you are before the test, the more relaxed you’ll be going into it, and the less likely you’ll be to freeze up when the time comes to take the exam.

Reward Yourself

Studying regularly and knowing when to take a break takes discipline, and maintaining that level of discipline can be hard when there aren’t any incentives to stay on schedule. One of the best ways to reinforce your studying schedule and good pre-test behavior is to set up a system of rewards for yourself for when you achieve your goals. Once you’ve studied four hours straight, take a break and have a small snack, or spend some time relaxing online. After you’ve successfully studied every day for a full week, treat yourself to a movie. Whatever you look forward to doing during the day, use it as an incentive to give yourself once you’ve hit the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Before you can take your exam, you need to find a reliable insurance pre-licensing course that will effectively teach you the basics of the insurance industry. America’s Professor offers online video courses taught by instructors with decades of insurance industry experience. Sign up today by calling 800-870-3130.


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Luke Smith
Luke Smith
4 years ago

I really appreciate that you put the simple advice of getting a good night’s sleep before the exam instead of staying up into the early morning and being sleep deprived. I imagine that having a brain functioning at 100% would make a bigger difference in your test results than almost anything else! I would also think that taking an insurance licensing course would also be a good idea to make sure you’ve learned everything you will need to know for the exam.