How to Make a Personal Connection in a Digital World

The internet has done wonders in making the world a more convenient place. The cost of that convenience, however, is that the world now often feels like a much less personable place. Face-to-face meetings have been replaced by email chains, and it’s harder than ever to make a phone call and have a human being answer on the other end.

In this kind of environment, where everything can feel so impersonal and detached, it’s more important than ever for insurance agents to learn how to make a human connection with their customers.

How can insurance salespeople connect with customers in a digital world? It’s not always easy, but using the following steps will help:

  • Use an email signature: Email is an incredibly convenient form of communication, but it’s also a highly impersonal one. Seeing that the average person receives dozens of sales pitches in their email accounts every day and probably has several ongoing conversations sitting in their inbox, it’s important for insurance agents who want to make a connection with their customers stand out from the rest of the plain text messages. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add a signature to your email account, which will be attached to every outgoing email. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – just your name, business, contact info, and maybe a (work appropriate) quote that inspires you or makes you laugh. A little touch like this will help your emails stand out and give your messages an additional touch of professionalism.
  • Be authentic: People can spot inauthenticity very easily, even in a digital format. If all of your online language sounds like it came from a form letter or was the product of a dozen marketing meetings, it’s not going to make the human connection needed to encourage new customers to work with you. If you sound like a bot, you’ll be ignored like a bot. You want to maintain a professional tone, but let a bit of your human side show in your emails and other online posts. It will go a long way toward making people feel like they’re dealing with another human being.

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  • Build your online brand: In the age of social media, branding isn’t just for big businesses. Once you’ve introduced yourself to a potential customer, there’s a good chance they’re going to be Googling you to find out more about you. When they do, the best thing is for them to find an online presence that communicates knowledge, passion, and genuine interest in serving your customers. That can mean a web page with your picture and personal messages from you to them, a Facebook account where you post about insights about insurance and the industry, or the testimonials of many happy clients, or all of these things.

The important thing is that when someone looks you up online, the information they find about you helps solidify the image of an insurance agent who knows what they are talking about, and one who is ready to help them find the best insurance coverage for their particular needs.


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