Customer Service Techniques for Insurance Agents


In order to become a licensed insurance agent, individuals must learn a lot of technical details and take an insurance agent exam to show that they have the education needed to provide their clients with the right services. While this education is the basis for becoming a qualified insurance agent, it is also important for them to learn the techniques that will help them build a successful insurance business. To do this, they need to build a wide customer base by providing the right solutions to each customer, encouraging repeat business. Mastering some important customer service techniques can provide the agent with the tools needed to get the best resolution in every situation.

Essential Customer Service Techniques to Learn when Becoming an Insurance Agent

  • Know the names of your customers and use them. Make sure that you know their specific needs and take every effort to accommodate them. This will make them feel more secure at trusting you with important decisions, and make it easier for you to know which avenues to pursue and discuss with or about them.
  • Keep it positive, even if you have your doubts about what the customer is asking for. You want your customers to trust you and to have faith that you are dedicated to finding the right answers for their needs. Don’t tell them you don’t know the answer to their questions. Instead, tell them you know where to find out.
  • Know the products you are selling inside and out. While many customers will have a general idea of what they want or need, few understand the specific details that set different insurance products apart. Make sure you know what your agency offers and what the differences are between each.
  • Be an active listener when the customer is talking to you, whether it is about their insurance needs or to vent about a problem they have had in the past. Make it your goal to understand exactly what they are saying, so that you can find a resolution to their concerns or a solution to their needs.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit when you have made a mistake. Insurance is a complex business that is riddled with rules, regulations, and exceptions. Apologize for the incident and tell the customer what you will do to correct the mistake.
  • Speak their language. Most of your customers have no idea what the insurance terms are that make up their policies. When explaining the details to them, use terms that they will understand. Remember that they didn’t come to you to become an insurance agent. They came to you to get the best possible solutions for their insurance needs.
  • Respond to their requests as quickly as possible. No one wants to feel like they are being ignored or that their concerns are not important to you. Respond quickly with a sympathetic response, leaving them feeling confident that you will make things a lot better for them.
  • Go the extra mile. When you go out of your way to do something for one of your customers, they will likely let their friends and families know how much your help meant to them. Nothing is more effective at growing your customer following and driving repeat business than the personal recommendations of other customers.

Once you have gone to the trouble and expense to obtain an education and take your insurance license exam, the techniques you use to deal with your customers will be the factor that determines your personal success. Outstanding customer service is the most valuable asset you can have in your business.


Customer service is one area of insurance sales that an agent must master to succeed at his or her trade. Although becoming an insurance agent requires you to pass an insurance exam, building and retaining a customer base will determine the agent’s success.

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